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Trigger Point - Season 1

Trigger Point - Season 1

Trigger Point is a thrilling television show that will leave you on the edge of your seat with its suspenseful storyline and incredible cast. Released in 2019, this action-packed series takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride as they follow the lives of a group of individuals deeply entangled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

The show centers around a specialized team of undercover agents known as "Trigger Point." Led by the fiercely intelligent and cunning Emma Parker, portrayed by the talented Michelle Rodriguez, the group is known for their ability to infiltrate criminal organizations and dismantle them from within. With her exceptional combat skills and strategic thinking, Emma always has the upper hand in any situation.

Emma's team comprises a diverse group of individuals, each bringing their unique talents to the table. Jason Clarke takes on the role of Ethan Anderson, an ex-marine with unparalleled marksmanship and a troubled past. His mysterious persona adds an intriguing layer to the series, keeping audiences guessing about his true motivations.

The tech genius of the group is played by Emma Thompson, who brings her quick thinking and expertise to the forefront. Her character, Samantha Carter, enhances the team's abilities through her high-tech gadgets and surveillance techniques.

Rounding out the team is Liam Harris, portrayed by the charming Chris Pine. Liam is an expert interrogator with an uncanny ability to read people. With his excellent observational skills, he can easily extract information from even the most guarded individuals.

Together, this dynamic team faces their most challenging mission yet when a notorious criminal organization threatens to plunge the world into chaos. As they uncover a complex web of corruption and betrayal, Trigger Point must navigate through treacherous waters, where one wrong move could cost them their lives.

What truly sets Trigger Point apart is its ability to seamlessly blend heart-pounding action sequences with deep character development. The show delves into the personal lives of its protagonists, exploring the sacrifices they make for the greater good. It illustrates the toll their dangerous lifestyles take on their relationships and mental well-being, adding a human touch to an otherwise adrenaline-fueled narrative.

The series also boasts a phenomenal soundtrack composed by the renowned Hans Zimmer. His haunting melodies and intense instrumentals perfectly capture the tension and emotion of each scene. The theme song, performed by a captivating collaboration of artists including Dua Lipa and Kendrick Lamar, is a powerful anthem that mirrors the show's gripping intensity.

If you're looking for an electrifying television show that will keep you on the edge of your seat, look no further than Trigger Point. Bursting with adrenaline, heart, and a stellar cast, this action-packed series is a must-watch for any fan of the genre.

You can play and download the captivating soundtrack of Trigger Point from our website. Immerse yourself in the incredible world of Trigger Point, and experience the thrill firsthand. Get ready for an exhilarating journey you won't soon forget.

A ball ache, I tell ya
A booby trap detected at the bomb factory was neutralised by EXPO,
A couple of days ago
A former member of the English Flag
A group slash persons unknown are placing London under threat
A guy owes me a favour at the lab.
A Halal butchers? Idiot!
A jar, with nuts and bolts. Right
A little bit of trouble with the robot
A long term parking violation. Come, follow me.
A mosque, and now the Five Oaks pub, an LGBT venue.
A mosque?
A pressure plate was rigged under his seat,
A remote controlled IED,
A right wing activist, ex English Flag,
A single shot could trigger the device.
A Special Forces forward operating base
A sports hold all with red wires sticking out
A targeted attack by an Islamist group
A targeted attack by an Islamist group
A vehicle borne IED was detonated outside of the cordon
About 50 metres. Right
About Billy. I know, Wash, I..
About HMX 319?
About military operations that used HMX, OK?
About possible Islamist attackers between ourselves
About the second Crusader who killed Randall?
According to Micky, him and John started on the flaming sambucas
Address Westhaven Estate
After all you've been through,
After Nut died...
After Nut's wake,
After we left, nearly set the bar on fire
After what's happened to Nut, we, er..
Again, my condolences
Against an active white supremacist
Agatha Jack tried to take English Flag into the mainstream
Agatha Jack, English Flag,
Ah, right.
Ain't that right, Wash?
Ali Hussein was the Muezzin. It's an important role in the community
All by us moving an illegally parked car
All clear, sir. Roger that.
All clear! Danny!
All clear! You're up.
All devices neutralised. Site secure
All good? Yeah
All I have to do is let go of my hand
All residents are leaving their properties
All right
All right
All right, all right
All right, all right, all right
All right, all right, move up. Point taken
All right, all right.
All right, carefully open the door
All right, get ready, lads.
All right, get the Jameson!
All right, hang on, hang on. You got it?
All right, here we go
All right, it's gonna be fine. Stay really still for me, yeah?
All right, let's go for a walk, OK?
All right, let's push on
All right, mate
All right, mate, all right. My hands are shaking.
All right, me duck?
All right, OK
All right, OK.
All right, see you later. See you in a bit.
All right, Wash? Brew?
All right, Wash? Stick the kettle on
All right, Wash? Yeah
All right, Wash? Yeah, just give me a minute.
All right, well, what's the lifespan of it?
All right! See you in a bit
All right?
All right?
All right?
All right?
All right?
All right?
All right? Mm, yeah
All right? Yeah
All right. Deal
All right. Do you want me to hold your hand?
All right. I'll see you in a bit
All right. I'm gonna go sort out the rest of the equipment
All set
All set
All set, Lana.
All the tough things in life by yourself. I get it.
All yours, Washington
ALL: Chin chin
Almost as bad as you
Also, despite the device functioning,
Always making a snide comment about Muslims
Amburiq Mosque with the tilt switch in the bag,
An accident involving probable explosives.
An encrypted message claiming responsibility
An EXPO can quickly check for damage
An extra 50 yards at least
And a man can be seen moving equipment,
And an individual named Frank over the course of the last week
And around Ayesha Campbell Khan. OK, everyone.
And as of 9
And as of 9:00am this morning, the death toll now stands at 18
And as you can see, everyone has been evacuated
And at the highest possible MOD security classification.
And attach it to a secondary wouldn't use a low explosive charge
And before that, the Army.
And boom, we're all dead.
And check the gas meters
And court martialled me for deserting my post, for cowardice.
And don't eat my biscuits
And every single major news station, on an encrypted service
And everyone has been taken beyond the cordon
And examining CCTV and comms for any new associations
And found on the main charge at Westhaven
And from the nature of them, we believe Frank is connected to,
And give them a bigger target out here in the open
And he fits our working profile.
And he got arrested
And he was just lying there.
And he's gonna strike again, soon and probably bigger than ever.
And high grade explosives, like the one at Westhaven
And how does it feel, carrying that responsibility?
And I can't afford to not play it by the book.
And I couldn't take the risk of being caught before I was ready.
And I failed him. I failed his family
And I just wanna protect you
And I thank my colleagues in the Lib Dems and the Greens
And I want you to give me the chance to do the same for you
And I was wrong about John,
And I'd like to have progress on that ahead of the 5.00pm meeting
And I'll sort out the handover to forensics?
And I'm really ashamed, so please will you just let me pay for it?
And in to the gas pipes. So it's a gas bomb
And into the gas pipes
And it contains the same HMX mix
And it seems that he was in the advanced stages
And John Hudson is up and awake now.
And left those boys behind.
And maybe their war and my war were different,
And move towards the crowd with an operational device
And no one could have done any more.
And now you're out here in front of these people talking about
And Nut's luck ran out
And planted evidence to make it look Islamist. That stain proves it
And see if he can help. Yeah.
And set up a 100 metre cordon around a suspected VBIED
And shows me this reddy brown colour
And thanks
And that went up and took out a school we were passing.
And that's why you think it was one bomber for all three?
And the chair of the committee back then was Ayesha Campbell Khan.
And the Home Office.
And the pressure plate under Billy's car seat.
And the way the cables are cut.
And their security. Tell them we're on our way
And their security. Tell them we're on our way
And then a det charge on the petrol tank
And then he slips out with the crowd, and from there
And then placed into the boot of his own vehicle
And then set off on public transport to an address in Brixton,
And there's more
And there's still no sign of his keys,
And they still armed the suicide vest
And they were so full of rage and anger.
And three, with the reconstruction of the devices,
And to groom them for political ends
And twists their wires like that. That's how I do it.
And was there anything attached, a mobile phone or a watch?
And we came up with this fake one.
And we have evidence that he might be on the premises.
And we know they meant for us to trace their getaway van
And we need to check all the gas meters
And we tracked him heading into North London.
And we would all like to pass on our condolences
And we've been alerted to one that appears to be
And we've got no idea which direction it's gonna roll out
And without blowing my own trumpet,
And you were at O'Hara's Pool Hall. You didn't say who you were with.
And you'll need ongoing support from occupational health.
Andrew Phelan
Andrew Phelan was chosen as the unwilling victim
Andrew Phelan was strapped into a suicide belt,
Andy Phelan. It's Phelan
Andy Phelan's name was given. We have to find him.
ANDY SOBS Bend your elbow for me
Andy, can you tell me if there's another device on you, please?
Andy, is there anything there?! No! Got it
Another trigger, so there has to be another power source here somewhere.
Answering the door at 3am.
Any evidence at the scene confirming their involvement? Hi
Any luck tracing the device from the brewery van? No, not yet.
Any police officer on this side of the cordon
Any record of explosives training?
Any time you don't wanna talk
Any visuals on suspect?
Anyone he knew inside, anyone else who was in the EF with him,
Anyone who knows how to rig up a pressure plate
Anyone who knows how to rig up a pressure plate and attach it
Anyone with information to come forward
Anything about the vic that appears significant?
Anything about yesterday we need to know?
Anything that you can see that might be unusual.
Arabic? Yeah.
Are the ones that are happy to blow 'emselves up
Are you OK? Are you OK? Yeah, yeah. Are you hurt?
Are you seriously thinking about your career at the moment?
Are you sure? Yeah
Aren't released to the public.
Argh! Please help me. I just..
Armed police!
Armed police!
Armed police!