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Winter's Bone (2010) Soundboard

Winter's Bone (2010) Soundboard

Winter's Bone is a captivating and haunting movie that was released in 2010. Directed by Debra Granik, this gripping film takes us on a journey through the dark and desolate landscapes of the Ozark Mountains in Missouri.

The plot revolves around Ree Dolly, a strong-willed seventeen-year-old girl played brilliantly by Jennifer Lawrence. Ree is responsible for taking care of her mentally ill mother and her two younger siblings, as her father has disappeared, leaving behind a dangerous secret. Ree's world is turned upside down when she learns that her father put their house up as collateral for his bail bond and has now gone missing.

With an impending deadline to find her father or face eviction, Ree embarks on a dangerous journey through the poverty-stricken and methamphetamine-riddled underworld of her community. In her quest, she encounters a cast of memorable characters, each with their own unique storylines.

Teardrop, played brilliantly by John Hawkes, is Ree's charismatic and enigmatic uncle. He is a drug addict, but his love for his niece is powerful, leading him to assist Ree in her search against all odds. Dale Dickey portrays the unyielding and intimidating Merab, leader of the local women known as the "Missouri Mountain Women," who have a reputation for protecting their own.

Winter's Bone offers a glimpse into a harsh and unforgiving world, where survival is a constant struggle. The chilling atmosphere and bleak landscapes beautifully reflect the inner turmoil and desperation of its characters. The haunting cinematography is accompanied by a captivating soundscape, enhancing the overall experience of the film.

The score, composed by Dickon Hinchliffe, skillfully complements the dark undertones of the story. The music employs a mix of acoustic and electronic elements, creating an atmosphere of tension and unease. From the haunting strings in "Hardscrabble Elegy" to the somber piano melodies of "Back Turned, Yellow Leaves," the score transports the audience into the heart of Ree's struggle.

Winter's Bone also incorporates the sounds of nature to enhance the atmosphere. The crunching of snow underfoot, the howling wind, and the crackling of a fire add depth and realism to the film's setting. These subtle sounds immerse the viewer in the cold and isolated world of the characters, intensifying the emotional impact of the story.

If you are intrigued by the atmosphere and sounds of Winter's Bone, you can now play and download these sounds to relive the experience. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the haunting score or transport yourself to the desolate landscapes of the Ozark Mountains, these sounds will allow you to delve deeper into the movie's captivating world.

Winter's Bone is a powerful and thought-provoking film that leaves a lasting impression. Its gripping storyline, exceptional performances, and atmospheric soundscape combine to create a truly immersive experience. If you haven't seen it yet, make sure to add it to your must-watch list. And if you have, now you have the opportunity to re-experience the haunting world of Winter's Bone through its compelling sounds.

A covered dish event, that's coming up here
About four days.
About us we've been having to hear.
Ain't nothing left to do..
All right, now.
All right, put your finger right there.
All right, well I guess you didn't have nothing to tell him then, did you?
All right, you guys want these fried or stewed?
All right?
All right.
And ask for a talk with Thump Milton.
And I still make damn sure I never piss him off none.
And I'll tell Thump you're here.
And now he's a runner, it looks like.
And pissing me off
And some stuff for a good stew, anyway.
And that's how I know Dad's dead
And there ain't nothing I can do?
And when that's lined up in the middle,
And you know this how?
Ashlee Dawn, come inside.
Ashlee, you remember when Dad made that for you?
Asking them people about shit they ain't offering to talk about.
Back off a little. You're making me nervous.
Because who's going to be there to take care of them
Blond Milton said him and Sonya would take Sonny in.
Blood don't really mean shit to the big man.
Both of you need to get over here and watch how I make it.
Bred and buttered. I told you.
Burnt it down to nothing almost
But don't take it lightly, and don't do it just for the money.
But he was my cousin.
But I don't know where he's at,
But I need to.
But start with two and build from there,
But then this fella comes in the office one evening,
But where you all come into this is,
But you're going to have to go on up the hill
But you're still supporting the head.
Child, you might know where you are.
Clip. Thank you.
Come on now.
Come on, already.
Cook them taters till they're brown, then turn the stove off.
Could be running around with Little Arthur and them, you think?
Could I have your attention, please?
Dad is dead.
Dad signed over everything to his bond.
Did you tell him I'd spring for gas?
Do we eat these parts?
Do you mind me asking, what happened to your...
Do you see one?
Does that money mean you're leaving?
Does your arm hurt?
Does your mama know what's going on?
Don't get all excited, Teardrop.
Don't go running after Jessup.
Don't move.
Everything all right?
For lots and lots 'a years he wasn't.
Forsyth, Missouri chapter
Forward, march!
Found ya!
Get her, Alice.
Go on, put her in his truck.
God, I hope that ain't the way it goes, Sweet Pea.
Got the truck off him.
H O...
Hang in.
Having balls is good, boy.
He ain't deep.
He ain't here.
He ain't likely to have time for you, child.
He does stuff I hear about.
He hopes this helps
He just says no
He knew it, I know it,
He looked square at me
He never says why not to me, Ree
He put this house here,
He should be right there.
He started talking to that fucking sheriff.
He wasn't, he wasn't, and one day he was.
He won't let you do something and then you don't do it.
He's known for never fucking up labs or cooking bad batches.
He's lying in a crappy grave somewhere
He's my own grandpa,
He's pals with Little Arthur, and I gotta find him.
He's somewhere.
He's sweet.
Here's a doobie for your walk.
Hi, how you doing? Sergeant Schalk.
Hold on.
How are you today?
How long before we get kicked off our own property?
How long's it been since the horse ate?
How old are you?
Hunting Jessup, is he?
I ain't going anywhere.
I ain't said a thing about you.
I been in your dreams, ain't l, little Ruthie?
I don't know how you did that.
I don't talk about you, man, ever.
I don't think so.
I fell off my bike.
I got a little brother and a little sister, 12 and 6.
I got two kids that can't feed themselves yet.
I gotta get down to the Arkansas line.
I guess she couldn't help anyhow.
I just heard.
I know it's a lot to handle.
I know that's the charges you laid on him, but you ain't proved it on him.
I know who.
I know you do,
I know your family.
I need to talk some with your mama.
I need to talk to you.
I put the hurt on her,
I reckon you all got this place about another week.
I said shut up once already with my mouth.
I seen your woodpile's low out front.
I told him. He still won't
I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions.
I'll get mine in
I'll tell you that right now.
I'll wait.
I'm not scared. I just don't want to.
I'm not sure.
I'm only out to find Dad.
I'm Ree.
I'm tired of waiting around for shit to come down.
I've got to talk to him.
If he knows, it's from somebody else blabbing, 'cause I never.
If I see the dude, I'll tell him you said that.
If you would like to attend,
Is that why you need the $40,000?
Is this gonna be our time?
It ain't about you.
It must have been a year since that place blew.
It really must be because you ain't never used to eat no shit.
It was nice meeting you.
It's about your brother.
It's always a bad deal when these things blow.
It's his truck
It's Ree, you asshole.
It's so on
Jessup and me may have had our tussles,
Jessup Dolly is dead.
Just teaching them a little bit of survival.
Just to stay home, you know,
Kill me, I guess.
Kneel down like you're praying.
Leaves you all hurting over there.
Let's get out and poke 'em where they're at,
Let's go, Alice.
Let's keep it quiet.
Maybe he's been left out plain in the open.
Maybe you two been getting into stuff together again
Me and my sisters.
Mike Satterfield, A 1 Bonds.
Mom, look at me.
My ass you will.
My dad's Jessup.
Never ask for what ought to be offered.
Never point this at each other, not ever.
Nice meeting you.
No, ma'am.
None of them's gonna be in a great big hurry to tangle with you.
Nope. Listen
Not Ashlee, I don't reckon, but we could take Sonny
Not at 17, you can't.
Not bad.
Not from us.
Not so far.
Now, get in there and get them guts out.
Now, something might change here in the next year or so.
Now, the most important thing is
Now, you gotta turn it this way.
Of the Family, Consumer, and Career Leaders of America...
Oh, hell
Oh, Lord.
Oh, yeah?
Or become piles of shit in a hog pen.
Or I could just stay out here and talk to you.
Or sure as shit they'll say he cut one off to keep from going to prison.
Or wishing you was.
Our relations get watered kind of thin between here and Little Arthur's
Peanut Butter.
People you ought to listen to.
Play it through.
Probably a clerical error, or it just wasn't on there.
Ree, I know losing Jessup
Right now I'm feeling like blowing me a clean hole
See what happens.
See what you want to keep?
Seemed like somebody needed him sprung in a hurry.
She don't talk much.
She keeps takin' them, but they ain't working
She was warned, and more than once.
She's now yours to answer for.
Shit, no.
Shooting him likely settled it
So I'll be collecting her now
Somebody dead?
Somebody set fire to it last night,
Someone flung them up on the porch last night.