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The Bling Ring (2013) Soundboard

The Bling Ring (2013) Soundboard

The Bling Ring is a gripping crime drama film released in 2013. Directed by Sofia Coppola, the movie is inspired by true events that took place between 2008 and 2009, involving a group of fame-obsessed teenagers who targeted the homes of Hollywood celebrities. With a talented cast comprising Emma Watson, Katie Chang, Israel Broussard, Claire Julien, and Taissa Farmiga, The Bling Ring explores the dark side of celebrity culture and the allure of material wealth.

Set in Los Angeles, the film unravels the story of a group of affluent teenagers who become infatuated with the extravagant lifestyles of their favorite celebrities. Led by the charismatic character Rebecca (Katie Chang), the teenagers embark on a spree of stealing from the homes of famous personalities like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Orlando Bloom, among others. Intriguingly, the crimes were made easy due to the celebrities frequently posting their whereabouts on social media.

Emma Watson delivers a standout performance as Nicki, a ditzy and fame-hungry socialite wrapped up in the allure of fame and material possessions. Her portrayal captures the essence of the character's shallowness and her desperate need to be a part of the glamorous world she idolizes. Israel Broussard shines as Marc, a seemingly innocent teenager who gets pulled into the dark world of theft and decadence. Together, the cast successfully portrays a group of aimless and morally misguided teenagers who are consumed by their desire for wealth and recognition.

One of the film's strengths is its ability to immerse the audience into the luxurious world of the celebrities, juxtaposing it with the darker reality of the teenagers' actions. The lavish homes, designer clothing, and extravagant parties serve as a backdrop to the crimes committed by the Bling Ring. Sofia Coppola's direction skillfully captures the fascination that compels the teenagers to commit these audacious burglaries and the sense of invincibility that surrounds them.

The Bling Ring is not just a straightforward crime film; it also explores the psychologically complex dynamics of the group. The characters become addicted to the adrenaline rush that theft provides, blurring the lines between right and wrong. As their crimes escalate, the teenagers come face to face with the consequences of their actions, leading to a reckoning that forces them to confront their own greed and upended values.

The film's soundtrack, curated by Brian Reitzell, perfectly complements the narrative, enhancing the tension and intensity of the story. Composed of contemporary pop-infused tracks, it captures the essence of the celebrity-obsessed culture that drives the characters. With songs from artists such as Kanye West, Azealia Banks, and Sleigh Bells, the soundtrack encapsulates the allure of fame and the glamorous lifestyle the Bling Ring aspires to achieve.

If you are intrigued by crime dramas with complex characters and intense narratives, The Bling Ring is a movie you do not want to miss. You can immerse yourself in the lives of these fame-obsessed teenagers and experience their thrill-seeking adventures through the superb performances, captivating story, and alluring soundtrack. To fully relish the sounds of The Bling Ring, you can play and download the movie's energetic and mesmerizing soundtrack, indulging in the pulsating beats and catchy tunes that perfectly capture the essence of the film.

So, sit back, relax, and allow The Bling Ring to take you on an enthralling journey into the tantalizing world of celebrity obsession, crime, and consequences.

All right. In a second.
And how'd she look?
And I like the Dime. I like, um..
And said the police had done a search warrant on his home.
And tell you who has it, how would that help me?
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law
Based on the philosophy of The Secret...
Bitch, you're just jealous.
Bobby. Downstairs.
But I just really kept to myself...
But I was always self conscious that I wasn't, you know, as good looking as other people.
But it's kind of showing America has this.
Can I get you something to drink?
Can you see where she lives?
Chloe Tayner, you are found guilty...
Come on. Can you find her house for me, please?
Come on. Let's get the fuck out of here.
Cool. Who's playing?
Did you know Rebecca was leaving the state?
Did you speak to any of the victims?
FEMALE NEWSCASTER: Lindsay Lohan is fighting back against accusations...
Got it.
Her attorney addressed the matter for the first time.
His dad has a production company that he helps style for.
Hurry up. (CHUCKLES)
I accepted them all. I mean, I didn't even look at them.
I can't wait to get out of here.
I could see.
I don't know
I don't know.
I don't know. Just gonna stay with my dad until things calm down with my mom.
I have to pick up trash for fuckin' forever
I heard you went to Paris Hilton's.
I just have to graduate so I can go to FIDM.
I look forward to my day in court.
I want some Chanel.
I want to go to Rachel Bilson's.
I'll be right back.
I'll explain everything to you before we're done. Nicolette?
I'm her mother, but she's staying with her father in Nevada.
I'm really sorry about what I did.
If you guys want to come over later.
If you have any information, please contact the L.A.P.D.
INTERVIEWER: Why do you think Rebecca was so obsessed with these women and their clothes...
L.A.P.D. Open the door!
Let me see that.
Let's go shopping.
Look at all her Louboutins.
Look at Sam. (CHUCKLES)
MAN: Remain seated. Come to order.
Marc Hall, you are found guilty on four counts of first degree residential burglary.
Marc thinks so.
MARC: I don't know. You'd never wake up though. (CHUCKLES)
MARC: I loved her.
MARC: I think the biggest problem was after the Audrina thing, nothing happened.
MARC: That's Kirsten Dunst. (NO AUDIBLE DIALOGUE)
MARC: Uh, looks like you could get in going up this hill by her house.
My butt look good in these jeans?
NICKI ON PHONE: Hells yeah. Text me where.
NICKI: Oh, my God. Jude Law totally keeps texting me.
Nicolette Moore, you are found guilty..
No, I... I got..
Now, were you nervous being next to her?
Oh, okay. I'll watch out. Thanks.
Oh, really? For what?
Okay. Let's try it with this.
On four counts of first degree residential burglary.
On one count of first degree residential burglary.
Ow. (SOBS) Ow.
Party foul!
Really? What did Lindsay say?
REBECCA: How long's Evan in Jamaica?
REBECCA: Lindsay has this one.
REBECCA: Yeah. She's here a lot.
See? Look.
So we are going to make vision boards...
Sure, kid.
Thank you for respecting my privacy.
That there were circumstances that happened...
That's disgusting.
That's so cute. I love that dress. I love Chanel.
These Chloé sandals could work with it too.
They were showing the story on TVs inside...
Totes, and then have my own line and fragrance, host my own show.
We're going to Rachel Bilson's. Wanna come?
Well, I got kicked out of my last school for having too many absences, so
What do you think?
What's your goal, or life plan, if you have one?
When's he coming?
Which is based on the laws of attraction.
WOMAN: ♪ He told me ♪ ♪ Move that ass around ♪
Would this be good on me?
You know it doesn't look good on you.
You're blind to everything.
be found in any of the victims' homes? No.
But I was away for a year, so did home school. Bummer.
Do you want to check some cars? What's that?
Dog, what's up? Thought you might want one.
Going to, uh, Carly's later? Uh, maybe.
Hey, guys. She has real diamonds. Dinner's on me.
Hey. Ready? Right.
How about this? That's amazing.
How was it in there? It was not good.
I don't know, and I don't want to know. So just put it away. It's kind of heavy
I got this. (GASPS)
I got you a present
I think you might want to meet them. For sure.
I'll let you know. Bye
I'll probably meet him later. Yeah, I bet you're really gonna hesitate on that one.
It'd be too noticeable anyway. Okay. I guess
It's good. Guys, they have real diamonds.
It's great. It's chill.
Let me see. Ooh!
Look. That's crazy.
Mm hmm. It's called the Agape Church.
Mom, this is my interview. Okay.
Mom? Mom? MOTHER: Excuse me. Sorry
My homey Marc. Hey.
Nicki. Nicki.
No way. Let's go.
Oh. How old are you? Thirteen
Okay, Nicki. Hey, Nicki, Nicki. Can we get a comment? Nicki.
Really? Yeah.
Right. I'll see you guys. Right.
Shit! Ooh. That one's weird.
Show me a different top. All right.
So, basically you took her in. NICKI: Yes.
This is so cute. WOMAN: ♪ Sunshine ♪
Wait, wait, wait. Let's see what's behind here. I love bathtubs.
Wait. Who are you? It's my little sister Emily
What is she doing? I don't know. (CHUCKLES)
What? Stop talking. She's praying.
Where'd you get them? Uh, we found them.
Xanax. Oh. Good
Yeah, we got a few things on the list. Right on.
Yeah. Really.
Yes? Ma'am, we're the police.
Yo, sluts! Chloe!
You fucking serious? Come on
You got Jamis for English? Yeah
(CAMERA SHUTTERS CLICKING) Right here. Right here. Nicki. Nicki.
(CHUCKLING) Shh, shh
(FEMALE REPORTER) What are your favorite hot spots in L.A.?
(POLICE OFFICER) Keep going. Keep going
(WOMAN) ♪ And when I hit that dip, get your camera ♪
♪ A hundred more will never do ♪
♪ Ah, ah ah, ah ah ♪
♪ All I do is crack a smile when they fall through ♪
♪ And used the shit for batting practice ♪
♪ Baby, please, can't let her grow up in that ghetto university ♪
♪ Bet ya you won't do much See, even if you do want to bust ♪
♪ But you do like to slumber, don't you? ♪
♪ Close my eyes and feel the crash ♪
♪ Doin' something mean to it Do it better than anybody you ever seen do it ♪
♪ Drop it low, girl Drop it, drop it low, girl ♪♪
♪ Drop it, drop it low, girl Drop it, drop it low, girl Drop it, drop it low, girl ♪
♪ Fuck 'em like you do want to come ♪
♪ Fuck you gon' do? I want you to make bucks ♪
♪ Girl, I like the way your booty, booty, booty ♪
♪ Go and get your... ♪
♪ Gonna let these know ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪
♪ He say he like the way my booty, booty, booty drop ♪
♪ He say he like the way my booty, booty, booty pop ♪
♪ I guess every superhero need his theme music ♪♪
♪ I say I'll jump I never do ♪
♪ Just give me, give me more ♪
♪ MJG, bitch I got 8 balls ♪
♪ Now your boo up too, hon I'm a ruin you, cunt ♪
♪ On the ground, and ah ♪
♪ Panicking, patch me up ♪
♪ Parents ain't around enough ♪
♪ Set, set that crown ♪
♪ Set, set that crown ♪ ♪ Set, set that crown ♪
♪ Set, set that crown on the ground, and ah ♪
♪ Set, set that crown, crown ♪
♪ Shoe box No shoes in 'em ♪
♪ Start my day up on the roof ♪
♪ The market's down, like, 60 stories ♪
♪ The school line, checkin' all the boys ♪ You need a pair of these.
♪ This shit been mine, mine ♪
♪ Too many bottles of this wine we can't pronounce ♪