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Spotlight (2015) Soundboard

Spotlight (2015) Soundboard

Spotlight is a gripping and critically acclaimed drama film that was released in 2015. Directed by Tom McCarthy, the movie delves into the real-life investigation carried out by the Boston Globe's "Spotlight" team. The film captures the events that ultimately led to the exposure of systemic child abuse by Catholic priests in Boston.

The ensemble cast of Spotlight is remarkable, including some of the industry's most talented actors. Michael Keaton leads the pack, delivering a strong and nuanced performance as Walter "Robby" Robinson, the head of the investigative team. Mark Ruffalo shines as Mike Rezendes, a passionate and determined journalist who becomes deeply invested in the investigation. Rachel McAdams portrays Sacha Pfeiffer, an empathetic and relentless reporter who uncovers crucial information. Liev Schreiber and Brian d'Arcy James round out the main cast, complementing the brilliance of their co-stars. The chemistry among the cast members truly enhances the authenticity of the story.

The film takes the audience through the step-by-step process of the investigation, as the "Spotlight" team meticulously uncovers hidden documents and interviews survivors, lawyers, and experts. Spotlight masterfully captures the complexities of journalism and the moral dilemmas faced by the team as they discover the far-reaching and deeply disturbing implications of the abuse.

One of the most significant aspects of Spotlight is its ability to shed light on the power dynamics at play within institutions. The movie not only exposes the failings of the Catholic Church but also explores how corruption and secrecy can prevail when confronted with the truth. The narrative is rich with tension and suspense, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as each vital clue is revealed.

The subject matter tackled in Spotlight is undeniably heavy and distressing, but the film never sensationalizes or exploits the victims' pain. Instead, it handles the subject matter with the utmost care, focusing on the importance of unearthing the truth and giving a voice to the voiceless.

If you're interested in experiencing the emotional depth and power of Spotlight, you can play and download the sounds and music from this incredible film here. The haunting melodies and poignant compositions will transport you back to the powerful moments that unfolded on the screen. The soundtrack perfectly captures the weight and significance of the story, immersing you in the world of the "Spotlight" team.

Spotlight remains a profound and resonant film that continues to shed light on the importance of investigative journalism and the pursuit of truth. It is a testament to the power of cinema to shine a spotlight on societal issues and provoke meaningful conversations.

A list of names and you buried it.
Actually had my eyes closed, by the way
Actually thinking he has a shot of winning this thing?
All the guarantee is that abuse stays under wraps.
Alright, call me after yo do
And butcher the story.
And have you settled cases against Father Shinley?
And he can bury it.
And he said he could only get me a small settlement, so..
And I attach them to my motion.
And I want you to know that you'll have...
And if you're not happy, you can kill it.
And legal acts is aside, Ben, I mean...
And no one did a thing.
And that's when I have him.
And the Church dismissed the claim.
And these guys are predators, Robby.
And thing went on from there.
And you think this documents are...?
Anyone picking The Globe?
Are you married?
Aren't you saying none of them?
At St. John the Baptist in Haverhill.
At the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.
Barry Liam, I can't read this, look for Liam Barry there
Because when I call Benzevich in to give a deposition...
Bigger? I don't know what that means.
Bradlee. Yeah. Ok
But he has no problem helping...
But I never felt gratified myself.
But if you don't mind me asking... Do you?
But now you got a secret together.
But the trial Court of ruling...
But then he backed out and he shelved it.
But they said that they weren't interested.
But we don't have a choice, Robby.
But we got to go with this now.
But, Robby here has known Stewart...
C'mon. 5 minutes.
Call down the power of God on the Globe.
Can I help you?
Can you tell me specifically what happened?
Can you tell me where and how you fooled around with these boys?
Canellos started a pool of 10 bucks to get in.
Cause we're writing one of them.
Come on in
Confirming all those priests?
Couple of weeks?
Darling, who are you talking too?
Deep background, but he's a solid source.
Did you see him again after that?
Dilemmas Robby and a friend.
Does Jack Dunn work for the school?
Don't be sorry. It's ok Joe, it's ok.
Donna Morrissey says she calls with quote from Law hours ago.
During the Porter investigation, he'd literally...
Even if I've been involved in those cases...
File a motion and Sweeney will..
Find any cases he settled against the Church.
For guy like Geoghan, goes after boys, not because he prefers them...
From my friends.
Geez, I'm sure you don't. Listen, listen Mitch.
Get this upstairs
Gives me something else to focus on.
Go and have dinner with Hansi.
Good question.
Guy breaks down.
Having said that, Cardinal Law and...
He doesn't live here any more.
He offers to take me to get icecream.
He said all we have to do is...
He said one of the victims father...
He wasn't here.
He's obviously been through a lot, but he's smart and...
He's part of a victims organization.
He's wearing over the goddamn newsroom.
Hey by the way, I've been reading about this priest...
Hey Mitch, please.
Hi there, I'm Sacha Pfeiffer, with The Boston Globe
His hand just... slides right up and...
Hola Mitch, how you doin'?
Holy shit!
Holy shit! Robby?
How about you?
How do you think that's gonna play down front?
How many members are in your organization Phil?
How many of these cases you've been involved with?
I actually really liked going to Church when I was a little kid.
I asked you to write me that motion Bill,
I do.
I don't know, Jim.
I don't wanna say who,
I find that the city flourishes...
I guess it doesn't matter.
I had 20 priests..
I have always been fascinated with the newspaper business.
I hope I'm not late. Phil told me 1 o'clock.
I just got so angry.
I just talked with Phil, he said Macleish...
I know.
I like to think it already is
I mean they be idiots not to.
I never even told my wife.
I shouldn't talk about this shit.
I talked to Sipe.
I think it's safe to assume so, but..
I think Robby is wrong.
I thought you should see it first.
I thought you were watching a game, Steve.
I vote yes
I want to be clear, I never ****d anybody.
I want you to stay focused on the victims right now.
I was close with the Everist brothers,
I... just got a call from Cardinal.
I'll book the flight now and go straigth to the courthouse tomorrow
I'll get to him, I just need more time.
I'm just saying, we did.
I'm just watching the game. Omerta.
I'm more concerned about the phones at reception.
I'm not asking if the PD is lying, I know they're lying
I'm not writing a profile here, I'm working on something bigger.
I'm out of time, Jim.
I'm sorry about it.
I'm working on it.
I've been talking to you so long I didn't eat lunch
If I had been President then, I would have known.
If it came from the top down? Yes.
In Boston alone.
It is. Especially...
It really needs to stand alone.
It really pisses me off.
It takes the village to abuse one.
It's a major First Amendment victory.
It's a real kick in the ass
It's a shitty feeling.
It's every priest in Massachusetts.
It's like God asking for help.
It's not a class action, you should get your facts straight.
It's not the whole story
It's really good
It's safe to say we were all raised catholic, but now...
Jesus. Should be Manning on the ball in field.
Jimmy says he could be back this year,
Joe, I think that the language is going to be so important here.
Just get your shit out of here, alright?
Just like Geoghan and Porter. I think there's a pattern.
Just melted down my arm
Just wrap up whatever you're doing...
KIDS. Stay away from this house at 276 Pelton Street.
Let me talk to the couple of victims.
Let's keep it that way.
Like Eric Macleish?
Like who, a priest?
Listen to me.
Look it...
Look Mike, the Church wants us to believe that..
Looks like the Church bought him an ....
Major abuse scandals have been uncovered in the following places:
Marty, in past Spotlight's had success in large part ..
Matt wants to put the letters online, so that the readers...
Maybe I should tell The Herald that story.
Mitch, it's Mike. I've been trying to reach you.
Most reverend John M. Darcy...
Mr. Macleish, are you familiar with the priest named Paul Shinley?
New boss coming in to make some cuts?
No freaking way.
No one wants to read about kids getting ****d by priests.
No, but his knowledge on this is on a whole other level.
No, but I got a cousin in Queens...
No, he is...
No, I wouldn't do that without asking.
No, rode the bench in college. Yeah.
No, that's for Mike
No, the meetings weren't really about that
No, we are not doing a story on the Church.
No, we should set that aside for now. Listen.
No. It's not.
No. Who is he?
Nobody wants to admit this kind of thing, so..
Not directly, no.
Nothing on Shanley either, Sacha.
Now, you know I'm bringing this up to you...
Occasionally the Church would bring in another defence attorney to help out.
Of the priests that Saviano mentioned
Oh, yeah. Good idea, buy a round. I'll be right back.
Ok. And did you know that you were gay at that time, Joe?
On refiling... Hold on?
Once you refile, they're public.
Only 50% of the clergy are celibat
Our argument to make this documents public rest...
Our family is rooted in the Church.
Over few bad apples.
Over the seven boys in our family...
Pete's a bigger lump, but I called Bill directly...
Phil you know why we were taking off of this story...
Phil, what's a treatment center?
Really? Why?
Receiving some kind of therapy.
Reduced to just weekend work while...
Related to this problem.
Religion counts for a lot.
Rezendes needs time to write the story.
Robby, you know I can't tell you that.
Ruling against the Church.
Said he's on sick leave.
School across the street from The Globe.
Ser, I'd just like to ask a few...
She's the one who introduced me to Father Shanley.
She's thrilled. And...
Sick Leave
Sick leave