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Farscape (1999) - Season 3

Farscape (1999) - Season 3

Farscape is a science fiction television show that aired from 1999 to 2003, with its third season airing in 2001. Created by Rockne S. O'Bannon, the show revolves around an astronaut named John Crichton who gets instantly transported across the universe through a wormhole during an experimental mission.

Season 3 of Farscape takes viewers on an exhilarating journey filled with twists, turns, and complex character relationships. The cast of the show brings these captivating storylines to life, each actor contributing their unique talent.

Ben Browder portrays the charismatic and resourceful John Crichton, whose wit and determination make him a central figure in the show's narrative. Leading alongside Browder is Claudia Black as Aeryn Sun, an ex-Peacekeeper pilot torn between her loyalty to her former profession and her growing feelings for Crichton. Black's portrayal captures both Aeryn's vulnerability and her fierce warrior spirit.

Anthony Simcoe gives a memorable performance as Ka D'Argo, a Luxan warrior haunted by his past and seeking redemption. Gigi Edgley plays Chiana, a Nebari rebel who adds a mischievous and unpredictable element to the crew. Wayne Pygram portrays Scorpius, a villainous character with mysterious intentions and a chilling presence.

Other notable cast members include Virginia Hey as Zhaan, a priestess with a calming spiritual presence, and Lani Tupu, who portrays both Captain Bialar Crais and the voice of Pilot, the sentient spacecraft that becomes an integral part of the crew.

Season 3 delves deeper into the intricate mythology of Farscape, introducing new alien species, intergalactic politics, and exploring the love and friendships that develop amidst the crew's constant struggle for survival. The show's unique blend of action, drama, and humor keeps audiences engaged and invested in the fates of these complex characters.

Listeners can further immerse themselves in the world of Farscape by exploring its soundtrack. Filled with atmospheric and emotional compositions, the music enhances the show's gripping storytelling. From epic and adrenaline-fueled tracks to intimate and introspective melodies, the Farscape soundtrack captures the essence of this beloved sci-fi series.

Fans of Farscape can now play and download these sounds, reliving their favorite moments and experiencing the show's magic whenever they desire. Whether it's the iconic Farscape theme or the tense and heart-pounding battle sequences, the soundtrack brings forth a sense of nostalgia and excitement. It serves as a reminder of the incredible journey audiences embarked upon during Season 3 of Farscape.

So, join John Crichton and his extraordinary crew as they encounter strange worlds, navigate complex relationships, and face both external and internal battles in Season 3 of Farscape. Immerse yourself in this captivating sci-fi universe and let the Farscape soundtrack transport you to the furthest reaches of space.

A beacon will attract our flight command.
A beautiful animal.
A bomb exploded at the Refreshment House.
A brave hero.
A circuit blew, but I had it off line.
A clone, so... I'm...
A couple of arns ago. Gone now.
A fugitive.
A gift of spiritual energy.
A Han jee? I don't believe you.
A Kampek!
A living ship...
A long shot at best, John.
A major artery's been cut. He's lost a lot of blood.
A mote upon your winds...
A Prowler detail is on it's way to pick us up.
A Scarran. We have no weapons so I suggest a tactical retreat.
A Scarran... Why?
A time to be born and a time to die!
A Vigilante with an immobilizer pulse.
A witness saw a wounded Crichton being taken out after the explosion.
A... a... impotent wraith buzzing in your ear.
Abbott and Costello and the House of Horror.
Aboard a command carrier.
Aboard this Marauder is information that will help us defeat the Scarrans.
Aboard this ship
Aboard this ship
Aboard this ship this living ship
Aboard this ship... this living ship of escaped prisoners...
Aboard this ship... this living ship...
About charity... and ah...
About time!
About time!
About us.
About what?
About what?
Above us... above us...
Accelerating, now.
According to some witnesses, he has nothing to apologize for.
Actually it's quite sore. Thanks for asking.
Actually, yes.
Adrenal secretions
Aeryn can use that time to try and free the trapped girl.
Aeryn can use that time to try and free the trapped girl.
Aeryn died so that you could live, John.
Aeryn just told me that, uh... whatever you did to bring her back...
Aeryn Sun?
Aeryn, either way... he dies.
Aeryn, he's dead. Moordil's dead.
Aeryn, hurry. You must get back here! Moya's free,
Aeryn, I'm going to Command. You stay with Captain Crunch.
Aeryn, I'm nine tiers below Pilot's Den.
Aeryn, it's easy... the exits are clearly marked, and you're better with Moya.
Aeryn, listen to me. This is John it's John.
Aeryn, untie me.
Aeryn, wake up.
Aeryn, what do you see?
Aeryn, you gotta fly this baby.
Aeryn, you want to hold off?
Aeryn, you're life was not an accident.
Aeryn! Just get in here
Aeryn! Maintenance Bay!
Aeryn. Where's Aeryn? Aeryn?!
Aeryn... we get him back to his lines and this war's over... you know that.
Aeryn's death hit him pretty hard.
Aeryn's gone... want to die.
After that... force is authorized.
After you.
Agreed, he claims to have seen Earth again, and I'm sure he's still talking to Scorpius.
Ah, ah, ah. I don't think so.
Ah, hell. I can't see a thing in this soup.
Ah, I'll give the ah, I'll give the Soccherins another try.
Ah, look. Do you think anyone here cares about Jool?
Ah, may be of assistance to you.
Ah, no, we're not together anymore...
Ah, no... we only get one chance, I can't have it go wrong, and it needs to land right near their camps.
Ah, once we start spinning...
Ah, we'll be leaving soon, yes.
Ah, Who are you hitting?
Ah! Not again!
Ah. At least maybe now I won't die of shock.
Ah. Crichton...
Ah... I don't want to.
Ah... I was right!
Ah... it's back.
Ah... nothing, just what will happen to us if we don't pull ourselves together.
Ah... nothing. Have you got One Eye working yet?
Ah... well get Jool, and her mate...
Ahem... where are you going? We still have business.
Ahh... are you boys... a couple?
Ain't gonna happen, not unless we can replace that stuff.
Airborne Defense says, not yet.
Airborne defense... this is Sarova...
Airborne defenses... stand down.
All I know is... they spiked our drinks and took our money.
All I need is more, what... food? Family?
All modern research...
All of our brandar tiles were stolen last night.
All of us, dead!
All of your soldiers must be gone.
All over the ship.
All perfect reasons to be on her ship, strapping in for the ride.
All right
All right then, we are being scammed.
All right, all right. You don't have to push me.
All right, here's the deal: Our Pilot says that the storms are being attracted...
All right, I'll check them out.
All right, Moordil.
All right, Moordil. Short incline, and then it splits off.
All right, no weapons. Let's figure out what's going on here.
All right, now they're jamming all pulse weapons,
All right, on my count...
All right, Pilot, Narium coils... where are they?
All right, start up the pod. We're leaving.
All right, tell Chiana and Jool what to do, I'm heading back to Talyn.
All right, that's it, everybody out!
All right, we're headin' for that ship. That's it.
All right, well, open the gills on her head, and carefully remove some of the needles.
All right, you can hit me just once! Just once!
All right, you two out!
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. I'm coming with you.
All right. Two for two
All right. We know the layout, right?
All right. You and Jool are coming with me.
All right... You know the Scarrans are after you...
All the comforts.
All the confor... very priv...
All the connecting walkways are crushed.
All the outer chambers are sealed. How'd you go, Heavy D?
All the time you two spent in here was... ultimately productive.
Allien penetration of our vessel
Allow me.
Allow us this simple transaction, and you'll never see us again.
Allowing me to construct a statistical model...
Allowing notorious criminals onto our planet was a worse error.
Alright. Alright.
Always together.
Am I on Moya?
Ambush convoy...
Amidst our misfortune. I'm pleased for you, John.
An anaesthetic that numbs Leviathans.
An animal's last batch always is.
An astronaut...
An astronaut...
An astronaut...
An astronaut... shot through one wormhole
And 'you'... are the clone.
And act as a three dimensional image of everything that happened in the bar
And again. And again. Look at the Peacekeepers.
And almost impossible to control.
And as for you Do NOT... make me tongue you.
And be accepted to her bosom.
And daddy can't keep him leashed?
And easily controlled.
And figure out... that I'm the real thing, and he's the wannabe.
And get us a cease fire.
And he counterattacks. Proving to Pop that he was right all along.
And he dislikes offworlders.
And hers as well.
And hopeful.
And I don't need your emotions.
And I have convinced Dacon into offering a complete and total surrender.
And I heard that you were the guy to see.
And I just want to do that first, okay?
And I know Zhaan did too.
And I never cried.
And I should have listened to Kreetago and destroyed you when I had the chance.
And I should...
And I suggest you sue for peace now.
And I why should I do your selfish and unnecessary work?
And I'll get you out of here.
And I'm gonna need a comms channel.
And I'm lookin' for somethin' a little special
And I'm not inclined to wake them.
And I'm too weak,
And I've also sworn that killing their general was a tragic mistake.
And I've never harmed a child in my life.
And if I stay...
And if the Horde gets in here, they're going to slaughter every single one of us!
And if we can keep him alive, we might find out what happened.
And is out there now... convincing the other generals to offer a cease fire.
And it wasn't an assigned birthing to fill the ranks.
And it's been trained to kill... when it detects a lie being told.
And it's finger lickin' good!
And it's sweeter than a sweet thing... sweet thing.
And know that if patient,
And ladies, I have so much cash in my pocket that I can assure you that the three of us...
And loyalty.
And make it up to you both.
And millions will die.
And Moya's sensing a Peacekeeper scan.
And my father... was he...? Did you?
And my suggestion to you both... is to forget this folly.
And Neeyala's vessel will be the one ejected directly into space.
And now on Farscape:
And now on Farscape...
And our only option is to go on Neeyala's ship.
And point the weapon away from both of us.
And put you on top.
And remember, ten steps down the hall.
And since when do you make decisions for me?
And so valued, and so wise.
And soon
And stop screaming.
And Subofficer Dacon is one of our greatest heroes.
And suck this bitch out!
And Sustenance Preparer.