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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All right, this isn't it, guys
And dig a little deeper
And that fear is my ticket home.
And that's when the fun really began!
And you put her in the infirmary.
Are they dead?
But that's not it.
Can you get us back to Westin Hills?
Can't you see I'm busy here?
Come on, come on, let's dance
Come on, it's not funny anymore.
Come on, Lori. Let's go
Come on. Come on!
Cop let it slip
Daddy! No, daddy, don't!
Did you know they were coming over?
Do the doctors use?
Do you guys think I should get a nose job?
Don't start with that dream demon shit again.
Five, six, grab a crucifix
For the whores that live in this house.
Freddy died by fire, Jason by water.
Freddy! It was you!
Freeburg, come on!
Fucking gutted Trey like a Goddamn turkey, man
Get in the house!
Get out of the van
Gibb, l
Gibb! Oh, my God!
Go back where you belong
Go! Go, go, go!
He's the expert in all of this
Help me. Come on. We gotta get her up
Help us! Help us!
Hey, Mark.
Hey, turn that up, man.
Holy shit.
How in the fuck did I let y'all talk me into this?
I I didn't get much sleep last night..
I do some consulting there now, but..
I don't know!
I don't know.
I don't want to go to sleep, Dad.
I got a kink in my neck.
I gotta stay awake
I know you are, but what am l?
I mean, it's been four years since I've seen 'em, you know.
I'll have to pass that message myself, won't l?
I'm disappointed in you, Jason
I've been away from my children for far too long
Iike it's some kind of security blanket, man.
Iike its some kind of Columbine thing or something.
Iike, give him mouth to mouth or something?
Invite only, cornpoke, and you weren't invite
It makes sense in a way
It was Freddy.
It's it isn't what you think
It's gotta be him, right?
It's like he's drowning or something.
It's Lori.
It's OK to be afraid.
Just go get help, OK?
Just make sure Jason's waiting for him
Let's go check it out. Let's go
Let's go! Let's go, come on!
Lighten up. They're menthols.
Look who's here
Look, he has taken everything from us!
Look, you can do this, OK?
Lori, get the tanks!
Maybe there's some down here
My God!
No, wait, wait!
No, you're not
Not meeting a boy at the lake.
Not my arm!
Now do what I say!
Now there's a face..
Now we're getting somewhere
Now, that big ass mother fucker back at the cornfield..
Oh, my God!
Oh, shit.
Oh, that's right!
Oh, this
Oh, you should see her bedroom!
Ohh, noooo!
OK, but I'm gonna be back as soon as I can
One, two, Freddy's coming for you...
Only you weren't there.
Ooh! Ooh..
Open this door
Out of town
Pass on a little message for me, will ya?
Please. Thank you.
Remember in group when they told us...
Rise up, Jason!
Same old Gibb!
Same with his dad.
See you there.
She had the same dream, Will.
Shit! They're all empty!
Show me a death certificate
Stop and think about it, assuming, of course..
Thank you.
Thank you. That's sweet
That was somebody else!
That's better.
That's what they called me.
That's why I needed Jason to kill for me..
The children still feared me...
The counselors weren't watching him...
The only to fear is fear himself!
Then the parents of Springwood came for me...
There's gonna be a whole lot of loving there for you...
Think you're so smart, huh, bitch?
To offer Freddy a sacrifice
To punish whoever returned to the camp
Up here!
Was that him?
We already know who did this.
We can't trust any of the adults.
We need to get you to bed!
We need to lock this down now.
We'll talk about it in the morning!
Well, even if all you're saying is true...
What do you want?
What is with the butter knives?
What kind of faggot..
What letters?
What the fuck?
What the hell were you doing over there?
Why don't we just try and do it here?
Why won't you die?
Will Rollins! Mark Davis!
Will, I'm gonna go inside now
Y'all, something's wrong
Yeah, well, you sure as hell...
Yeah. I brought Blake. Where's Linda?
Yes. Of course she did.
You didn't understand
You kids need some assistance?
You must be tripping.
You tear me down to make yourself feel better..
You were supposed to be watching your sister
You're not even scary.
Your back door was open.
OK, thank you! No!
'cause somebody's definitely breaking..