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The Spanish Prisoner (1997) Soundboard

The Spanish Prisoner (1997) Soundboard

The Spanish Prisoner is a thrilling movie directed by David Mamet and released in 1997. This psychological thriller weaves a story of deception, betrayal, and suspense, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end.

The movie follows Joe Ross, a talented and idealistic inventor played by Campbell Scott, who is on the verge of a breakthrough with his mysterious creation known as "The Process." Joe finds himself caught in a web of deceit when he becomes entangled with a charming stranger named Jimmy Dell, brilliantly portrayed by Steve Martin. Jimmy claims to be a wealthy business mogul interested in investing in Joe's invention, but as the story unfolds, Joe begins to suspect that there's more to Jimmy than meets the eye.

As the tension builds, the cast also includes Rebecca Pidgeon as Joe's assistant, Susan Ricci, and Ben Gazzara as Mr. Klein, a shady businessman with ulterior motives. These talented actors bring their characters to life, adding depth and complexity to the movie's intricate plot.

The Spanish Prisoner is known for its clever dialogue, engrossing storyline, and unexpected twists. David Mamet, who also wrote the screenplay, expertly crafts a narrative that keeps the audience guessing until the very end. Through a series of carefully constructed scenes and masterful direction, Mamet creates an atmosphere of uncertainty and paranoia, highlighting the thin line between truth and deception.

One of the film's notable aspects is its atmospheric and suspenseful soundtrack, which perfectly complements the unfolding story. The haunting melodies, composed by Carter Burwell, enhance the movie's tense atmosphere and contribute to the overall sense of unease. These captivating sounds immerse viewers deeper into the psychological maze, heightening the cinematic experience.

If you're a fan of thrilling movies that keep you guessing, The Spanish Prisoner is a must-watch. Its intricate plot, superb performances, and skillful direction make it a standout in the genre. It's a film that lingers in your mind long after the credits roll, leaving you questioning the boundaries of trust and the power of secrets.

If you're interested in experiencing the gripping soundscape of The Spanish Prisoner, you can easily play and download the soundtrack. By accessing the provided link, you can immerse yourself in the movie's mysterious and captivating melodies. The haunting notes and mesmerizing compositions will transport you back into the film's thrilling world, even from the comfort of your own home.

So, prepare yourself for a gripping journey into the world of deception and suspense with The Spanish Prisoner. As you watch the intricate plot unfold and become entangled in the web of lies, its unforgettable soundtrack will heighten your experience, making it all the more exhilarating. Don't miss the opportunity to delve into this thought-provoking masterpiece and discover the true nature of trust and betrayal. Enjoy the movie and the soundtrack, and be prepared to be captured by its intriguing storyline and compelling performances.

A conservative projection is we're gonna generate for the company...
Actually, I had a rather interesting one.
All right. I'm going to give you an address.
And hide behind them?
And I don't want your fingerprints all over it. That's enough.
And if they're not, you can be pleasantly surprised.
And then was returned to Aston Martin.
And these were all room and beverage.
And we'll be rewarded according to our just desserts.
Any time to the Caribbean island of St. Estéphe.
Are you kidding? You did good in there. I'm not gonna forget it.
Aston Martin and Lagonda merged in the mid '40s.
Because money makes the mare go
Both the room charges and the incidentals
But I'm so low down on the food chain. I've only been there a month.
But please bring it back to me.
But Swiss law prohibits the bank from revealing the balance
Can you get him for me, please, Cathy?
Can't go around mistrusting everybody. You mistrust everybody?
Do you need a couple of bucks for your rent?
Do you think it's all Irish and charming to behave this way?
Don't need a passport for St. Estéphe
Frankly, I'm here to enjoy myself. That's why we brought you fellows down.
Good night.
He left his fingerprints on the tennis book.
He's an attorney for the company. He's my friend.
Here is my album of my one day in the sun. Some photos.
Here's what he wants to do. Meet us In the park.
How dare you, after all I've done for this company?
I don't know.
I don't understand.
I enjoy doing it, actually. But thank you for your concern.
I knew you'd be back, sir. For a tennis player, right?
I know you'll understand when I say that's neither here nor there.
I think she'd qualify as young and pretty.
I told you, look. Believe me, look
I was wrong to offer you money. It was gauche...
I'd like to speak to you too. I'll get back to that.
I'm calling about the man in the islands, the fellow with the seaplane.
I'm sorry.
If they are indebted to you morally but not legally...
If you want, as long as we're here thank you you could call me Joe.
In front of the world's monuments, taking pictures of each other.
In the cheap seats. I'm just thrilled the company sent me here at all.
Is that your signature?
It happens I have a very fine autograph of him at the French Open in, uh
It's 8:00 in the morning, you are drunk and you forgot the tickets!
It's a work for hire. They own it, but
It's ringing
It's still all we have.
Let me help you with that.
Look here. It certainly is.
Look, here's the thing.
Lot of it goin' around.
Lovely, romantic spot.
My understanding was, you asked me to drop it off.
Next time be born Italian.
Not gonna be looking for you in Boston.
Oh, yes, Erin go brag.
People aren't that complicated. Good people. Bad people.
Please don't take it personally, but I, uh
Plug him in
Scream at me.
See if you can get him to tell you where the process is.
So come over.
So here's what I wanted to say.
So, what are you doin' for the weekend?
Sorry, I gotta catch it before they close.
Take the camera. Get a picture of the girl who played the princess.
Tell her tennis tomorrow will be fine. 2:00?
That is, my participation in it.
That's right.
The important thing is to enjoy yourself.
The pool's too warm.
The statistics
There's nothing to be afraid of. Nothing in the world.
They keep me in the dark too. Yes, they do.
This is Mrs. Emma DeSilva.
This is purely a formality.
Ticket, please.
To take advantage of you.
To which you are entitled.
Want to hear a sad story?
We need to put Teddy through the machine. Thanks
We would suggest you simply think of it..
We'll just do our jobs...
We've been after him some time. We're very grateful for your help.
Well, look...
Well, then it'd be back to the range for me
Where are we going?
Who is she, the young lady on the beach?
Why would someone do that?
Why would you want to go there?
Why would you want to go there?
Yeah. The problem?
Yes, that's right.
You got it written all over you.
You had my sister waiting for you all afternoon.
You know, in the older days you didn't have to worry
You left it for her.
You must have a file on him.
You? Did you? Where'd you hide 'em?
You're a hell of a one to talk about courtesy.
You're a real gent. See ya.
You're asking us to consider making a vast investment.
You've been watching the whole time?
You've got to start listening to me.
Young Mrs. DeSilva. The tennis player
And this process is complete? It's near completion.
But if we turn this over What do you mean?
Compared to this Bentley The Bentley isn't synchro meshed.
Do you have your ticket? Thank you.
Excuse me. This is so nice of you, really.
Good morning. Morning.
He has special knowledge of this case? Yes, he does. And when you see him
He's gonna get you straightened out. I appreciate it.
How are we gonna do that, Mr. Ross? Some information is in front of you.
I got Thank you. You're welcome.
I haven't told him anything. How much have you told him?
I think I'm going to dinner. Big date?
I'm just a working man. Uh huh.
Just like flies. Ship comes in!
May I help you? I'd like to leave a package.
Mr. Klein. Yes, found him.
Near completion? Very near. This team, which Mr. Ross
No message. He said he'd call back. Yeah.
Oh, my God
On company business? No, from me personally.
She was waiting? She waited all afternoon.
Tell me when and where. Tomorrow. Lunch, the Plaza.
That's the thing to do. You thought of everything.
The board members are here. Let's go somewhere else.
Three? Three to five years.
To refuse? You have to refuse. What's this?
We're developing a new Put it in the bank.
What'd the chef have? The venison.
Will you put that thing away, Joe? Just a minute.
Yes, I'm very sure. All right.
Yes? That any uncertainty about
You got 'em handy? I sure do.
You invented it? Well, I
You okay? I'm fine
You want some coffee? Sure.
You were what? Showing off.
Your mother's sick or somethin', huh? No.
10:00 a.m.? And listen.