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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A guy I know was just drafted.
A man is a dick is a man is a dick is a chicken...
A wrist banger.
All right, fine. Be stupid.
All right.
Ambivalence suggests strong feelings in opposition.
And everybody knows.
And I'll be seeing Sonia twice a week.
And my discharge sheet reads, 'recovered.'
And you're just throwing it away.
And you're very lucky.
Are we going to have a problem?
Are we going to have a problem?
Are you stoned?
Are you stoned?
Aspirin fragments and vodka, I think.
Back off! You've been gone for two weeks.
Be careful.
Because I have a chance.
Because it's...
Because she wouldn't have believed me.
Big questions, big decisions.
But I know what it's like to wanna die.
But my father knew that I deserved my own apartment.
But not with you.
But you've got to tell some of this to your doctors.
By then, they'd come back.
By then, they'd come back.
Bye, Ruby.
Call me a cab.
Can I bum one?
Can I just, for just a second? Not today, honey
Checks. It's 7:00.
Come on.
Come on. Please.
Cynthia Crowley.
Cynthia Crowley.
December 30th
Dios fucking mio!
Do you see purple people?
Don't be sad. Don't be sad.
Don't do this!
Don't they know
Dr. Wick's office.
Eating his fucking chicken? Fattening up like a prize heifer?
Everybody knows that he fucks you.
Everyone hates it.
Everyone hates it.
Excuse me. Susanna!
Fix the light bulb at night?
For now
Get her feet!
Give her five milligrams of Valium, IV.
Go ahead.
Go get a cup of coffee.
Go get a cup of coffee.
Good morning, Susanna. Good morning.
Good thing this place has a sliding scale.
Good thing this place has a sliding scale.
Got any hot fudge?
Groovy box.
Guns aren't lawful; nooses give...
Has anybody ever watched you shave?
He was shot as he stood on the balcony of his hotel room.
Heading off to Tulane University.
Hey, Dais, let anyone in your room yet?
Hey, Lisa
Hey, open the door.
How'd she do it?
I can breathe! And you...
I don't have any.
I don't have any.
I don't know.
I got two kids and one bathroom
I gotta go. Dr. Wick.
I gotta go. Dr. Wick.
I had a headache.
I have a borderline personality.
I have a borderline personality.
I just like you.
I plan to write.
I see.
I think it's perfect.
I thought we were going to Florida!
I wanna make pancakes.
I was at graduation.
I was at graduation.
I was changing her diaper...
I wish you were getting better, though.
I worked in state hospitais. This place is a hotel.
I would...
I'd rather be fucking in it...
I'll make a note of that. Good.
I'm a pathological liar.
I'm fine.
I'm free!
I'm going to sleep now.
I'm gonna be an ethnobotanist.
I'm not in your room. I'm right here.
I'm sick, Daisy. We know that.
I'm so sorry
I'm Susanna.
I'm ugly! My face!
I've seen his office but haven't met him.
If talking did shit, we'd be out of here by now.
If they are, I am.
In the meantime, we'll agree to disagree.
Is that it?
It was a one.time thing, okay?
It'll be less emotional if we do it this way.
It's been a while...
It's okay. It's okay. Come here.
It's so fucked up that if some...
Jamie, I have to get out of here.
Janet Webber
L don't know what will happen now.
Last night, he said this
Last night, he said this.:
Let me see yours.
Linger on the sidewalks Where the neon lights are pretty
Lisa said you got into Daisy's room.
Lisa, we need money, don't we?
Look at your own arm, asshole.
Look, Susanna, the world is fucked up, okay?
Look, Susanna, the world is fucked up, okay?
Looks like a wrist banger.
Lt ended when you said
Margie, Polly was in the art room by herself.
Mary, you remember Susanna. Yes, I do.
May I ask what you plan to do?
May I see?
Maybe I'm the liar.
Maybe it was the '60s.
Melvin thought that I should live in a halfway house.
My dad got me an apartment.
My face!
My face!
My face! Why? Open it.
My veins bulged
Nice coat.
No appreciable response to meds.
No drugs?
No, I don't.
No, no, no. I've only done this once in my life.
Oh, God.
Oh, lordy, pick a bale of cotton
Oh, my God.
Okay, you're a cab.
Or thought your train moving while sitting still?
Peace, man, peace.
Peppermint clit!
Phone call, booth one.
Polly Clark.
Polly could be Minnie Mouse and then...
Polly freaked out last night and we stayed up singing to her, Lisa and I.
Prune juice!
Put her in restraints. Withdraw blood for tox.
Reach your arms, girls. Reach. Really lift.
Read this?
Remember me when you shave your legs.
Same problem.
See you.
See you.
Seems to help, l know
She got a pussycat.
She's staying with Polly tonight.
Shut her up.
Shut up, I'm reading. Shut up!
Shut up, Polly!
So Daddy buys you a private, and no one gets in, huh?
So I did that.
So what's with that, huh?
Some l've seen...
Some l've seen...
Some time went by...
Sorry, too cold?
Tell me how your daddy helps you cope with that.
Teresa McCullian.
Textbook promiscuous?
That's great. You know, I know all about you...
That's the kind of thing you talk about in therapy, honey. Not here.
The doctor put her in a body cast, but aiso strapped her down.
The French Resistance smoked them, I think.
The institutions we once trusted no longer seem reliable.
The length of Susanna's stay isn't fixed.
The point is control.
Then you'll have to eat something, won't you?
There's a market on the corner.
There's a market on the corner.
There's strength in those branches.
There's way too many, begging to be pressed
They can be, dear, for some.
They didn't release you because you're better.
They just gave up.
They mean promiscuous.
They still fucking with you?
They still fucking with you?
They're insane.
This is how Lisa gets out when she escapes!
This is our ward.
This is the women's ward, also known as South Bell.
Those aren't courses of action.
Those aren't courses of action.
Though I missed Lisa, life was easier without her.
To make a call, pick up the handle, tell the nurse...
Trying out your new silver? Get the fuck off me.
Turn her head so she doesn't aspirate.
Very good.
Wanna see mine?
Was I ever crazy?
We came all the way here. Come on!
We don't need your daddy's money.
We get to mingle with the lock.picking trash.
We gotta split.
We live in a time of doubt.
We're opening the presents!
We've got some difficult days ahead.
Well, everyone's sad.
Well, everyone's sad.
Well, I'll go home, take a nap.
What are you doing?
What are your plans this fall?