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Close Enough (2020) - Season 1

Close Enough (2020) - Season 1

Close Enough is a hilarious animated television show that first premiered in 2020. Created by J.G. Quintel, the mastermind behind the popular series Regular Show, Close Enough follows the lives of a young couple and their daughter as they navigate the hilarity and challenges of adulting while trying to hold onto their youth and freedom. The show beautifully captures the essence of young adulthood and the struggles of finding "the balance" between being responsible parents and still wanting to have fun.

The cast of Close Enough is truly talented, bringing the animated characters to life with their incredible vocal performances. The main cast includes J.G. Quintel himself, who provides the voice for Josh, the protagonist of the show. Gabrielle Walsh lends her voice to Emily, Josh's wife, and Jason Mantzoukas gives life to the eccentric Alex, Josh's best friend and roommate. Additionally, Kimiko Glenn portrays Bridgette, the couple's quirky roommate, while Jessica DiCicco voices Candice, the couple's daughter. The entire cast does an excellent job of capturing the wit and charm of their characters, making Close Enough a delight to watch.

What sets Close Enough apart from other animated shows is its ability to seamlessly blend sitcom humor with fantastical and absurd elements. Each episode is filled with hilarious and relatable scenarios that young adults face on a daily basis, from dealing with annoying neighbors to navigating the challenges of working from home. However, it takes it a step further by incorporating surreal situations, such as time-traveling pterodactyls or clones gone wrong. This unique blend of real-life experiences and extraordinary events creates a truly entertaining and captivating viewing experience.

One of the standout aspects of Close Enough is its brilliant writing. The show expertly tackles various contemporary issues such as relationships, career aspirations, and the struggles of parenting while infusing each episode with clever jokes and witty banter. The writing showcases J.G. Quintel's talent for crafting entertaining storylines with heartwarming moments. The combination of relatable situations and comedic genius makes Close Enough a show that appeals to viewers of all ages.

The animation style of Close Enough is reminiscent of Quintel's previous work on Regular Show. The characters are fluidly designed and visually appealing, while the vibrant color palette adds to the overall liveliness of the show. The animation perfectly complements the fast-paced and energetic nature of the storytelling, making every scene visually engaging.

Close Enough also has a killer soundtrack that perfectly complements the on-screen antics. Its catchy tunes and upbeat melodies add an extra layer of enjoyment to the show. Luckily, you can easily play and download the sounds of Close Enough online, which allows fans to relive their favorite moments and enjoy the music long after watching the show.

In conclusion, Close Enough is a must-watch animated series that beautifully captures the joys and struggles of young adulthood. With its talented cast, clever writing, and unique blend of humor and absurdity, the show offers a refreshing and entertaining experience for viewers. Whether you're a fan of J.G. Quintel's previous work or simply looking for a new animated comedy, Close Enough is sure to leave you laughing and eagerly waiting for more.

A Are you... Oh!
A big Food Corps community garden project,
A Clooney vibe here?
A family bike! Emily!
A few quick questions before you go.
A glow stick, maybe?
A happy family like yours must have lots of visitors.
A hot date? What?
A literary agent said that he'd read "Future Viking 3030,"
A new bike! Cool!
A prepo what? [ Buzzer sounds ]
A quick brain scan told me that she was annoying.
A serving wrench, just like in "Cable Guy".
A ta dow done list. Where's my list?!
A toilet plugs into the sewer system,
A van with a dog's head?
A word from our sponsors.
A young thing.
A, B, C, D, E, F, G. D...
Aaaaaaah! Ungh! Aaaaaaaaaah!
Aaaand this parent teacher meeting is done.
Aaah! [ Glass shatters ]
Aaah! Ugh!
Aah! [ Crowd gasps ]
Aah! [ Gunshots ]
Aah! Aah!
Aah! Aah!
Aah! Aah! Oh! Fly higher!
Aah! Ah, no, no.
Aah! Candice, be careful!
Aah! Creepy giant snail!
Aah! Do you know what this means?
Aah! I just wanted a Gotye parody!
Aah! Me daughter teacher?
Aah! My T zone!
Aah! Oh, geez!
Aah! Oh, my gosh. So, the robots enslaved you, too?
Aah! Stupid game!
Aah! Ugh!
Aah! Ugh!
Aah! Ugh!
Aah! Uh oh.
About Candice. About each other.
About the greatest widow maker of all Zeus!
About whether you care if I stay at this school or not.
Acquisition of child, and may cause anal leakage.
Across the street?
Act? I'm nice. I'm a nice guy.
Acting, better Ugh!
Actually, don't answer.
Actually, I need to get back to...
Actually, me name Tory.
Actually, no. I can't be in that early.
After keeping our security deposit.
After them!
Again, I'm not so into hiking.
Aggression is natural. You just got to get it out.
Ah, Bridgette, I am so proud of
Ah, come on, man! Nerd?
Ah, cool.
Ah, do you make any references past 1998?
Ah, geez.
Ah, no matter, I'm password protected.
Ah, room parent stuff.
Ah, thank God.
Ah, yeah, that's the stuff.
Ah, you really get me, Dog Boy.
Ah! A surprising love
Ah! Dude, is this milk?!
Ah! Dude, is this milk?!
Ah! Not sexy, not sexy!
Ah! Oh, sorry.
Ah! People make too big a deal about test scores.
Ah! That should be enough.
Ahh, it is so cram jammed.
Ahh! Oh, my God! I'm so sorry!
Ahhhh, the Calabasas Urology Center.
Ahhhhh! Please don't murder us!
Alex and Cameron: Especially because
Alex and I had better production value
Alex was taking up the whole living room.
Alex, what are you doing?
Alex, what we have is nice, but...
Alex: "Mother's End Home Of The Secret Nudist Temple
Alex: "The Joys of Almost Dying"?
Alex: Ahh! Thanks for introducing me to your friend.
Alex: But every time that boulder got to the top of the mountain,
Alex: I remember Blockbuster Video!
Alex: Look at these smartphone idiots.
Alex: Okay, so the circus was in town last week,
Alex: So, Icarus took the handmade wings
Alex: We saw a guy get killed tonight.
Alexi good character with much to live for.
All [ chanting ]: Hot and Hard! Hot and Hard!
All because you lost your spark.
All he cares about is his book and...
All he ever did was point at his watch angrily.
All I can say is that when we thought
All I could think about was that I'd never see you again.
All kids get sick. You just clean it up.
All levels are complete.
All right Candice, this guy right here is Teddy Ruxpin.
All right, Candice, you ready to go in?
All right, Candice. Choose wisely.
All righty then!
All righty then.
All thanks to Candice's mom.
All to ourselves.
All your sweet little asses.
All: Aah! [ Gasps ]
All: Bye, Dog Boy!
All: Nice!
All: Surpri Oh.
All: Ta da!
Almost as soft as the llama I met hiking Machu Picchu.
Alright, I'm just gonna go over here
Also, at home, my kids write on the walls with shit.
Also, for an extra $50, I can make a custom design!
Also, I let Mia drink beer.
Also, I've got a lot of credit card debt now,
Also, Medieval Times is not historically accurate.
Always happens...
Am I crazy, or do those kids look just like me?
Am I just drunk or is that the sounds of evil robot drones?
Am I right, buddy?
Amazing. I'm only feeding her superfoods.
America is so cool.
America's only respected comedy songwriter...
An at home cation.
An opportunity.
An orphan, what?
An unboxing video, Candice?
And a bucket of hummus.
And a kid! And a husband!
And a wormhole to another dimension?!
And after that, I sharpen a narwhal tusk,
And all we ask for in exchange
And as many shifts as you can give me.
And became heli rich.
And by the way...
And decides not to press charges,
And Delicious Little Sex Boy.
And do something for Candice.
And doing the 'do!
And each student will present their patches to the class
And even though you're retired,
And everyone'll think I'm just some dumb Josh!
And for me I stole this from UCLA before I got fired.
And get in the shell?
And give each other nicknames, like Nik Nak
And go!
And guess whose buttholes
And have them on my desk ASAP. Mini tuxes?
And he changed his class to Stunting Through History
And he hopes you find happiness.
And he literally shit all over it.
And he said, "Wait for it."
And he's totally a human boy.
And I Wait, get off from what?
And I am totally going to focus!
And I brought you some carnitas tacos.
And I can't find any plugs.
And I can't throw it away because I feel bad for it.
And I definitely know what those are.
And I do not want to go back to the dark ages.
And I don't throw that stuff around easily.
And I don't usually like being that harsh.
And I got myself something, too.
And I got steak shaped like sushi.
And I hate to say it, but there's nothing wrong with you.
And I love you like a half sister!
And I made a little deposit at Balls Fargo.
And I met some clowns who never back down from a bet.
And I met some clowns who never back down from a bet.
And I need another drink.
And I need my job back
And I need your help.
And I remember your need for approval from female randos!
And I shall dip them by mine self!
And I signed her up for a lesson.
And I think family gets in the way!
And I want to masturbate alone.
And I want to send it to him by the end of the day
And I was wondering if I could borrow that hat again?
And I will be there for you!
And I would have gotten away with it,
And I'd brag about it to my friends.
And I'm going to make a fortune off the backs of these hybrids.
And I'm in way over my head at the dinner,
And I'm not married anymore!
And I'm not saying it 'cause you're "Mexican,"
And I'm trying to be a different type of dad for Candice.
And I've not even been there.
And I've ruined everything for Emily and Bridgette.
And in return, you give me a free pass to...
And in return, you give me a free pass to...
And initial here acknowledging that you will shit your pants.