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Rocky IV (1985) Soundboard

Rocky IV (1985) Soundboard

Rocky IV is a classic sports drama film released in 1985, directed by and starring Sylvester Stallone. This iconic movie follows the continuing journey of boxer Rocky Balboa, played by Stallone, as he faces his most formidable opponent yet – the Soviet Union.

Set against the backdrop of the Cold War, Rocky IV explores themes of patriotism, determination, and the power of the human spirit. The film opens with Rocky defending his heavyweight title against the colossal Ivan Drago, portrayed by Dolph Lundgren. Drago, trained with relentless precision using cutting-edge technology, becomes a representation of the indomitable force of the Soviet boxing machine.

Tragedy strikes when Rocky's dear friend and former rival, Apollo Creed (played by Carl Weathers), challenges Drago to an exhibition match. This results in a devastating outcome, as Drago pummels Creed to his untimely death in the ring. Consumed by grief and driven by revenge, Rocky decides to take matters into his own hands and challenges Drago to a showdown in the Soviet Union.

Supported by his unwavering wife Adrian, portrayed by Talia Shire, and his brother-in-law Paulie, played by Burt Young, Rocky journeys to the snowy landscapes of Russia to train for this fight of a lifetime. He undergoes an arduous training regime, consisting of intense physical workouts and soul-searching moments. This portrayal of Rocky's grit and determination captures the audience's imagination as they witness him pushing his limits in pursuit of victory.

Accompanying the powerful storyline is an exhilarating soundtrack that embodies the essence of the film. One of the most iconic songs from Rocky IV, "Eye of the Tiger," serves as a musical motif throughout the series. Performed by Survivor, this chart-topping track perfectly encapsulates the spirit and determination that Rocky and his fans embody.

Other notable tracks include "Burning Heart" by Survivor, which pulsates with energy and motivation, and "No Easy Way Out" by Robert Tepper, a moving anthem that resonates with Rocky's internal struggles. These songs, along with a host of other exhilarating tracks, elevate the emotional impact of the film, immersing the audience into the high-stakes world of Rocky's final battle.

To fully experience the soundscape of Rocky IV, you can play and download these iconic songs through various music platforms. From the electrifying guitar riffs to the inspiring lyrics, these tracks will transport you to an era where determination and perseverance reigned supreme. Each note and beat will fuel your motivation and ignite your fighting spirit, just like Rocky Balboa himself.

In conclusion, Rocky IV is a gripping sports drama that captivates audiences with its intense storyline, powerful performances, and unforgettable music. The film showcases the relentless pursuit of victory and the resilience of the human spirit, intertwining it with the political tensions of the Cold War era. With a talented cast led by Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, and Carl Weathers, and a soundtrack that has become synonymous with cinematic greatness, Rocky IV continues to inspire and entertain audiences around the world. So, sit back, hit play, and let the sounds of Rocky IV transport you into a world where champions are made and legends are born.

(Note: It is not possible to play or download sounds through this text-based platform, but the soundtrack of Rocky IV can be found on popular music streaming sites.)

Age versus youth in a goodwill exhibition match...
All your strength! All your power! All your love! Everythin' you've got!
And will you remember one more thing?
As you can see, Drago averages 1850 pounds.
Bring the cake in and we can get this celebration under way.
Come on!
Creed is against the ropes! I think they may stop it
Creepy? I wish I had one of these when I was growin' up.
Do what you gotta do! Stay with him!
For me!
Get outta that corner!
Get outta there! Get outta there!
Get up!
Good luck. I hope after we can be friends.
He's really putting on a show for this capacity crowd.
Hey, Apollo... Can I, uh, ask you somethin'?
Hey, Paulie.
How can you do this?
How the heck is he supposed to train around here?
I don't know.
I don't think I need it any more, Paulie.
I don't wanna change! I like who I am!
I like who you are, too, but look at that.
I tell you, Apollo, you'd better go slow. You ain't as young as springtime no more.
I've seen Drago fight when he was an amateur. He's big and strong, but clumsy.
In case of a knockdown, go to the corner and stay there until I tell you to come out.
In the blue corner, weighing 221 pounds...
It is absolute pandemonium!
It seems the booing crowd has absolutely no effect on the man.
It's unbelievable, the... the condition of both men.
Just be patient, would ya?
Let's say I postpone. I pull out, somebody else steps in and whips this chump.
Like I was sayin', I don't want this chump to come over here with all that hype..
Listen to them...
Look at the expression on the face of lvan Drago.
Maybe the only thing I can do...
Maybe you don't know what I'm talkin' about now, but you will when it's over.
Neither fighter ready to throw a punch. A left jab there... and once again.
No matter what.
No pain. No pain.
No pain. No pain.
No room service, I bet. I hope they got my comics here.
No sparrin', no TV, nothin'?
No, maybe I can't win.
Oh! So now you just gotta prove it to yourself, right?
Remember what I said about wanting to be you?
Rocko, knock his head off!
Rocky taking punishment. Trying to get inside. He's completely exhausted.
Soon... I defeat real champion.
Suddenly Moscow is pro Rocky!
Take it straight to him, and be a rock for me, you understand?
The Italian Stallion: Rocky Balboa!
This is not for the title. The American Boxing Commission has not sanctioned it.
This is not just an exhibition fight that doesn't mean anything.
Tie him up now!
To the body! To the body!
Today the Soviet Union has officially entered professional boxing.
Tremendous end to the first round by the Russian, and a very bloody Apollo Creed.
We talk later.
We wait any longer, it'll be my next birthday.
Well, wouldn't you be?
Whatever he hits, he destroys
When I'm in that ring and I'm really gettin' hit on...
When will you be going to Russia?
Why can't you change your thinking? Everybody else does!
You don't stop this fight, no matter what.
You get that big chump in the ring right now...
You gotta remember: You fight great, but I'm a great fighter. You ready?
You have everything I have been instructed to provide.
You know me, Stallion.
You shut up, and all these puppets you brought with you! You're history, chump!
You wanna help me put out this forest fire?
(Apollo) I'm ready to rock 'n' roll. (Rocky) You gotta get your equipment.
(Duke) Keep choppin' away! Chop him down! Chop him down!
(Rimsky) Yes, of course. It's a matter of size...
# Dallas # Dallas!
# How does it feel? # When there's no destination
# Kansas City # Kansas City!
# Livin' in America # Yeah!
# There's no easy way out # There's no easy
# There's no shortcut home # There's no shortcut home
# There's no shortcut home # There's no shortcut home
How did I do? A little loud for me.
I just wanted to get away from things. The equipment you requested is in barn.
I should've slipped that one. You definitely should've slipped that.
If I've told you once, I've told you... Hey! Hey!
Is he OK? Somebody get a doctor in here!
Is that a fact? Yes! And it could be a painful one!
It's his dream. (man#4) Dream? How do you mean?
Look at him fly. Look out now.
Lose, and lose royally, he's gonna do. How can you be so sure?
My God! (Stu) Creed is down!
No pain. No pain. OK! Take it to him!
Right! Hit the one in the middle! Yeah.
Same friend. That's weird. Better hurry, Dad.
See you. Paulie, who taught it to talk like that?
She loves me. Oh.
Think you got enough names? Be patient. Almost done.
This is very crazy, Apollo. Stallion, when you won that last fight...
Where have you been? Oh, uh, gettin' punched.
Who are they? They?
Yo! (man) Yo. It's about time.
You gonna take care of everythin'? OK.
... but I don't want to sound too confident.
...and this promises to be the most watched event in boxing history.
...and widespread distribution of anabolic steroids in the Soviet Union
...and... I didn't know...
...everybody can change!
...have now made their way to their seats high above the ring here in Moscow.'s your prize.'s almost been nine years since you've been married to me, so...
...that defines the word courage.
...that if I can change...
...the Count of Monte Fisto...
...the Siberian Bull...
...wants to take more, that wants to go that one more round...
(# Burning Heart by Survivor)
(# Eye of the Tiger by Survivor)
(# Heart's on Fire by John Cafferty)
(# No Easy Way Out by Robert Tepper)
(advert on TV) # Oh, golden dishes from Church's and catfish at Church's
(Al) The Russian just threw Rocky Balboa into his own corner like a rag doll.
(announcer speaks Russian)
(Barry) And a big right hand by Rocky Balboa!
(Barry) Balboa goes down again from a right hand! Bounces right back up.
(Barry) Balboa trying to stay in the middle of the ring against the big Russian.
(Barry) Rocky woke the sleeping giant, and now he's paying the price!
(chanting) Drago! Drago!
(distorted) No!
(Englishman) He can't seem to touch the Russian.
(Englishman) It's unbelievable. I have never seen such a hostile crowd.
(Englishman) Roaring for their champion! The two men are walking to the centre.
(Englishman) Which of these magnificent fighters will be standing at the end?
(knock at door)
(man#1) What made you decide to put on an exhibition fight with Drago?
(man#2) You think he can fight someone as seasoned as Balboa?
(MC translates)
(Paulie) No sparrin'?
(Stu) The two fighters come to the centre for instructions from referee Lou Filippo.
# All the way with your bad self
# And removes the light of self control
# And thinkin' about what used to be
# Back on the street
# Bravely we hope against all hope
# Burnin' with determination
# Can any nation stand alone?
# Catfish from Church's!
# Cos some things are worth fightin' for
# Deep in our soul a quiet ember
# Does the crowd understand?
# Easy to get anywhere
# Fever's risin' high
# Givin' in can't be wrong
# Got to have a celebration
# Have no meaning anymore
# Heart's on fire
# Heart's on fire
# Heart's on fire
# Heart's on fire
# I live in America
# I'm not askin' for another chance
# In the burning heart
# In the burning heart, the unmistakable fire
# In the darkest night...
# Is it East versus West
# It's here
# Just about to burst
# Knock it out! Dig!
# Livin' in America
# No
# Or man against man?
# Ow! Get up!
# Rages deep within
# Rages deep within
# Revenge and guilty passions are your swords
# Risin' up
# Risin' up to the challenge of our rival
# Silent darkness creeps into your soul
# Station to station
# Strong desire
# That's too far
# The cage that holds you captive has no doors
# The moment of truth draws near
# The moment of truth is here
# There's no easy way out
# There's no easy way out
# There's no easy way out
# There's no easy way out
# Time will not allow you to stand still
# We're not indestructible
# Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet
# You stepped out of the night...