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Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989) Soundboard

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989) Soundboard

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids is a beloved science fiction comedy film that was released in 1989. Directed by Joe Johnston, this family-friendly movie captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with its fascinating story and incredible special effects.

The film centers around Wayne Szalinski (played by Rick Moranis), a quirky and absent-minded inventor. Wayne creates a shrinking machine in his attic, but when his children and the neighboring Thompson kids accidentally stumble upon the machine, they are inadvertently shrunk to a fraction of an inch. As the kids find themselves lost in their own backyard, they must navigate the dangerous world of insects, sprinklers, and other oversized elements to find a way back to safety.

Rick Moranis delivers a charming performance as Wayne Szalinski, the father who initiates the chaos with his invention. His portrayal of a well-meaning but eccentric scientist brings a sense of humor and warmth to the story. Opposite him, Marcia Strassman plays his wife, Diane Szalinski, providing a level-headed and caring counterpart to his quirkiness.

The ensemble cast of child actors also shines in their roles. Thomas Wilson Brown portrays Russell Thompson Jr., the rebellious teenager who learns important lessons about responsibility during their tiny adventure. Robert Oliveri plays Nick Szalinski, Wayne's son, who is the brains behind the mission to return to normal size. Amy O'Neill and Jared Rushton round out the cast as Amy and Ron Thompson, the other two kids caught up in the miniaturization mishap.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids explores the imaginative potential of a micro-sized world in a backyard full of looming dangers. From being stalked by a menacing lawnmower to battling a relentless ant colony, the kids encounter numerous obstacles on their journey home. The movie captivates audiences with its stunning visual effects that make the audience feel like they are right there with the tiny adventurers.

The film's success can be attributed to its engaging storytelling, heartwarming family dynamics, and the creative vision of director Joe Johnston. With his background in visual effects, Johnston was able to blend live-action sets with groundbreaking use of green screens, animatronics, and other innovative techniques to create a world where viewers could believe the kids had indeed been reduced to insect size.

The popularity of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids led to two sequels, Honey, I Blew Up the Kid (1992) and Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves (1997). While these films did not reach the same level of critical acclaim as the original, they continued to provide entertaining adventures for fans of the franchise.

If you are a fan of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids or simply curious to relive this classic family film, you can easily find it to watch or download. With its timeless appeal, engaging performances, and imaginative storyline, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids remains a beloved favorite among audiences of all ages. So grab some popcorn, gather the family, and prepare to be shrunk into a world of adventure and laughter. You can play and download these sounds here to enhance your viewing experience and immerse yourself fully in the excitement of the movie.

Ah, don't worry about them. They got the Thompson kids with them.
Amy, don't let go.
Amy, he could take us all.
Amy, when's Mom coming home?
Amy. Russ.
And if we can proportionally reduce the amount of empty space...
And it'd look like a river to us.
Antie. There.
Attila the Hun was 12 once, too, you know.
Baseball? Good, honey.
Because sports build character. No, they don't. They build muscle.
Come on, Russ.
Come on, you guys.
Come on. Just start walking. He'll get the idea.
Come on. This is what's wrong with the American system of justice.
Cool it.
Diane, you take the spoon. I'll get the machine.
Don't. Stop. Stop, please. We're on the bee.
Everybody in my family's a comedian. Everybody except you.
Find my kids.
From the top of that flower, we could see over the grass.
Get back here, Nicky. Watch out.
Get him. Get him.
Get in there.
Go on through the house. It's safer.
Gotta mark those trespassers, Dad.
He He'll get killed.
Help. Help.
Help. Nicky.
Help. Somebody.
Here it comes. Fastball. His bread and butter.
Here's Dad. Thanks.
Hey, Dad, wanna go play some baseball?
Hey, Ron, this is a lot better than those nature hikes Dad drags us...
Hey, Szalinski.
Hey, you wanna use my chain saw? Do we have butter?
Hey. Hey, maybe we can use this.
Hi, baby. He's pointing at something.
Hold it, Szalinski.
Hold on to me, Russ.
Hold on, Nick. We're goin' down.
Huge insects.
I didn't force him to join the team. I know.
I don't think we're in the food chain any more, Dorothy.
I know.
I mean, your dad's a real nice guy
I mean...
I need a couple minutes here.
I think we'll be safe in here
I thought you didn't believe him.
I wanted to go fishing, Dad. I didn't mean to mess everything up.
I was right, wasn't I? It was the ball, wasn't it?
I was stupid.
I'll fix it up. It'll be no trouble. No, no. Do it on me.
I'll go up with them.
I'm scared, Russ.
If the machine had blown up the kids, there'd be piece of them everywhere.
If you see them, would you send them home right away?
It's construction, honey. You of all people should understand that.
It's my thinking couch.
It's okay, sweetie, it's okay. Here. Why don't you go home.
Just have Amy call me if you hear from her. Thanks.
Let's eat. Honey, make a toast.
Let's get higher up.
Mm hmm.
Mrs. Thompson? Hello?
My chair.
My knee.
Nature calls
Nice ant. Come on, you guys.
Nick, don't you ever pick up your toys?
Nick, hold on. Russ.
Nick, what happened? We're all the size of boogers.
Nicky, get away. Ron, get on.
No, Dad.
No, I couldn't sleep.
No, it's my fault.
No, no, it's not that
No, no, no, no. Oh, no. No, no.
No. Dad. Run, Nicky.
No. No.
Oh, sure. Uh, same thing if you see mine.
Oh, there must be some mistake. Ours are in the backyard. Right, honey?
Oh, we got cake for dessert? Yeah.
Oh, you got me so excited Still it's not enough
Okay. See, I was playing with my ball, right?
Okay. You have a good weekend.
On the other hand, we've come up with an interesting way of making applesauce.
Oof. Looks like he started up again.
Ow. Watch it. Look out.
Please, shrink.
Quark, what's gotten into you?
Quark. Here, boy.
Right there. Nicky, hurry
Ron, if you had a corn dog, it would be the size of a truck.
Run, Nicky. Keep up.
Russ, are you okay? Yeah. Why?
Russ. Russ. Get up
Somehow I feel like this is all our fault.
Something's very weird here.
Stay back, boy. This thing works...
Stay here. I'll get the door.
Thanks, Nick. All right, Nicky.
That's great. No, it's not that great.
The baseball.
The Forresters are coming by after lunch, so come on. Quick march.
The moon looks the same size whether you're big or small.
This is all a bad dream
This is all your fault.
Those kids are grounded.
Tommy. Don't go on the grass. Tommy, stop... Tom, get over here.
Until the machine shrunk it.
Up there.
Wait, Wayne, wait.
Wayne. Wayne.
We don't have to sleep on the ground.
We gotta help him.
We'll get it fixed, okay? We'll take it out of his allowance, all right?
We're almost done here.
We're never gonna find Russ now. It's all your stupid Dad's fault
We've got to tell the Thompsons.
Well, our weekend's shot. We'll never get to go camping now.
Well, that's why I watch it at your house. Things'll cool off after today
What am I doing wrong, Spike?
What are you saying, Nick?
What could be taking them so long? I am not missing the mall today.
What is it, Quark?
What? Do it, Nick. I don't...
When we crashed, my entire life flashed before my eyes.
Where's Antie?
Wish me luck. I need luck getting out of this door.
Yeah, I know, Nick.
Yeah, it's Dad's brand. He told us he quit.
Yeah, okay. Okay. Bye.
Yeah, that's why
Yeah, you know that big estate? The Boorsteins bought it.
Yeah. Quark can't hear us.
Yeah. Turn it up, ooh hoo
Yeah. We're saved.
Yee ha.
You can see the marks where Quark chewed the arms.
You did it?
You guys. Nicky
You saved my life.
You were right. You were brilliant.
You're allergic to pollen.
You're not supposed to fink on your own brother.
You're out. You're out. Baseball.
...and activated the machine, and they got in the path of the laser.
...having leftovers for a while.'s not funny.
...need right now is to hear from you.
...right for the house.
...the size of bulky payloads and fuel supplies...
...this time of year.
...with Patty.
'French class'?
644 Sycamore. That's next door.