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A .22 caliber bullet entered the left side.
A .38 caliber, Smith & Wesson revolver.
A .38,
A $3.10 charge for a long distance telephone call
A 1959 Ford convertible.
A 20 mile radius of Marshall City.
A 5 80 60.
A a gun is not my idea of a toy.
A and after lunch?
A and then Miss Whittaker said she would run over
A and there he was.
A and your mother's?
A bad deal.
A Balfour always fights.
A bank account under that name.
A beautiful part.
A big brain.
A big one.
A Bishop in a convertible.
A bit after 11:30.
A blue one.
A box of candy.
A boy named Mark Douglas was murdered last night.
A bullet, which, uh,
A buzzer.
A call came through for Mr. Huxley.
A car just like mine
A car leaving the parking lot and traveling toward Pasadena
A certain Dr. Harris.
A certain kind of wolf who...
A certified copy of a marriage license
A certified copy of your bank account
A chance to become Mrs. Lawrence Balfour?
A characteristic of the touch system.
A cheap and melodramatic anticlimax.
A check for $24, made out to the Barton Stationers.
A child could pick that lock on your vanity table.
A child's bound to be nervous
A civil matter?
A coat?
A cocktail waitress named Louise Dayton.
A copy of the dead man's fingerprints,
A couple of boys from Vegas.
A couple of days, then?
A couple of days.
A couple of minutes later,
A couple of weeks ago,
A couple of weeks ago,
A crime has been committed, an attempt to fix the race.
A criminal lawyer.
A cutter and broker.
A dangerous threat to your business,
A deal came up.
A deer came along after he did.
A desperate hope in gambling.
A detective.
A dewy eyed young girl from Jersey City.
A divorce would have been a lead pipe cinch,
A divorce.
A dozen different confidence games.
A dozen Van Hootens that have never been discovered.
A fake telegram asking for burial money
A fatal hemorrhage might occur in the subdural space?
A fella could barely see.
A few seconds later,
A few suitcases, and have them initialed M.S.
A few thousand, anyway.
A few weeks before the robbery.
A fool to be a diamond cutter,
A forged Van Hooten.
A forged Van Hooten.
A four family flat.
A friend.
A garage with two cars,
A gentle man, a man full of warmth and sweetness
A gentleman by the name of Marshall Scott.
A gentleman stopped
A geologist and a mining engineer.
A girl like Rikki and a man my age?
A girl named, uh, Irene Wallace...
A going away party for my uncle Lawrence.
A gold mine. Make nothing but money.
A good insurance investigator
A guess.
A gun?
A guy with your background and education
A guy'd be nuts to pay him in advance.
A half hour before you went to that motel, did you stop
A highly inflammable paint thinner.
A human being, Carol.
A hundred and fifty thousand dollars.
A hundred and thirty.
A hundred cars a day.
A hundred thousand dollars one moment,
A jeweled cross.
A kind of freedom.
A large sum of money in a couple of days.
A large sum of money soon.
A lawyer. Perry Mason.
A legatee under the terms of that will?
A lengthy examination of your next witness?
A license to steal me blind.
A Lieutenant Tragg.
A likeable dope.
A limit of fish much earlier than that.
A little bird told me.
A little bird, huh?
A little easier for me?
A little later, please?
A little money from the bank.
A little on the tough side, but still pretty,
A little past 5.
A little thing like perjury wouldn't stop her
A little.
A long distance call is being held for me.
A long time to pay for a mistake.
A long walk.
A longtime friend of the defendant,
A lost tribe of rejects.
A lot of money.
A lot of salesmen in our business do.
A man by the name of Frederick Walden.
A man came out of the front door and went down the road.
A man can make a mistake about things like that.
A man in my position hears many things.
A man knows so little.
A man like Huxley isn't fit to live.
A man named Paul Drake will be waiting for you.
A man named Philip Morgan from Sierra City
A man named Wallace Lang.
A man who admitted doping your horse
A man who had no more creative ability
A man who harbored him
A man who was very much interested
A man would have to be deaf to sleep through that.
A man you thought had replaced you
A man? A young ma Young fellow.
A marriage license and certificate,
A mile or two down the road.
A million dollars.
A mind that's not filled with doubt.
A minute, please.
A Mr. Bascomb found him
A Mr. Charles Clark.
A Mr. Ed Garvin to see you.
A Mr. Felix Karr to see you.
A Mr. Horace Selkirk to see you?
A murder was committed
A new scene.
A nice, cold bottle of strychnine.
A no good, low crawlin'
A no good, stinking drunk.
A notorious gangster?
A one man welfare organization?
A package of letters.
A pay phone booth for several hours
A person's life is at stake.
A personal friend.
A picture of him as he arrived at the airport.
A pistol? Uh
A pleasure, Mr. Langley.
A plot so fantastic, and further,
A previous prosecution witness: Mr. Frank Fettridge.
A private detective.
A real ganef, with his hot mitts in anybody's tuss bag.
A regular customer of yours?
A report on John Woodruff Starr. Ready?
A residence in Los Angeles?
A retainer is a little premature.
A run of the play contract?
A sample of his handwriting.
A sharp eye.
A similar call from Mr. Burroughs
A simple "yes" or "no" will suffice.
A Skyline cab picked up the woman
A slip and a pair of stockings.
A square jaw...
A stocking over your face,
A subpoena ordering you to appear as a witness
A swank jeweler on Wilshire.
A sweater and slacks.
A tattletale, you know?
A thousand miles straight, into a brand new world
A tragic ending to a play based on
A trainer who believes in me
A truck had been hired by Walter Prescott
A very difficult stone.
A very interesting situation here, gentlemen.
A very old friend and worker.
A vice president doesn't have any time of his own.
A visit I had with you at your apartment?
A voice answered, and he said it was Mr. Borden,
A wanton disregard of its dignity.
A week after my uncle's funeral.
A whole bunch of stuff like that.
A win like this will give the trainers
A woman about 48, one we could trust.
A woman and a little boy came out of the house.
A woman impersonating another,
A woman knocked at my front door.
A woman was living in your wife's apartment
A woman's slip and a pair of stockings.
A woman's voice called back, "Go away, Frank."
A wound from an ice pick? That's right.
A writ of habeas corpus would force her
A young boy.
A young girl about 28,
A young woman dazed within the grounds,
A...client of yours, wasn't he?
About $10,000, as a matter of fact.
About 1:00?
About 10 minutes of 8.
About 10:15 p.m.
About 100 a day.
About 2:00 in the afternoon.
About 2:00 in the morning. I see.
About 2:00.
About 20 minutes before he left.
About 4 in the afternoon.
About 40,000, right?
About 5:30, but I didn't go in.
About 5'8", blond,
About 6:00.
About 7:25.
About 7:30 or 8, do you recall anything happening
About 7:30 that night.
About 7:30 the night Jack Hardisty was killed?
About 8 that night.
About 9 feet from her body.
About 9:00, I saw the defendant drive up.
About 9:00.
About 9:30 the evening of the murder?
About 9:30.
About a certain painting,
About a certain painting.
About a half an hour, Your Honor.
About a hundred grand.
About a lot of other things too?
About a week after the death of Mrs. Ethel Garvin.
About a week ago.
About a week ago.