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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A bomb exploded on a commuter train outside of Chicago,
A lingering, halo like effect. Have you seen it?
A man named Sean Fentress was on that train.
A news report saying that I'm dead is irrelevant?
A radio listing is saying that I died in a helicopter crash, in country,
Acknowledge end of pattern.
Adjusting your rotation
And he wouldn't talk to me, wouldn't hear me.
And I need to be locked away for a very long time.
And now, up in the sky, we've got..
And source code is going to have its moment in the sun
And that was that
And that's the train that you've been on.
And this will end.
Anyway, listen. I wanted to tell you.
As always, you will have eight minutes.
Being a part of this program an honour.
But first there has to be rubble
But I want to go back in
But it was thwarted, and the suspect was found on board,
But she survived.
Can I get you something?
Can you report at this time?
CAOC N. What is that?
Captain, this is not a simulation. Lives are depending on you.
Captain, you should have found a suspect by now.
Coffee spill.
Damn it!
Dark Star November, this is Gator 6. Return to base.
Did you find the bomb?
Did you ID the bomber?
Don't do that.
Doors are closing.
Doors are closing.
Eight source code projects up and running by the end of the year
Everything else is irrelevant.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Excuse me.
Fifty two callers.
Fifty two of those calls were tethered to the cell tower nearest the train.
Glenbrook Station, next stop.
Glenbrook Station.
Good guess.
Good luck.
Goodwin? Where's Goodwin?
Has anybody been notified that I'm stateside?
Has been reviewed and sanctioned by military court.
He was in Afghanistan and he disappeared, and no one's heard from him since.
He, for all intents and purposes, is now you.
He's late for an audition, right?
He's not gonna send me back in, is he, Goodwin?
Hey, Grandpa, what the hell was the delay back there?
Hey, mister!
Hey, not a good idea, ma'am. Not a good idea.
Hey. Hey.
Holy shit.
How are you doing, sir?
How do you know so much?
How well did you know him?
I asked you a question.
I do, however, ask that you value theirs.
I have to tell you something.
I just want him back.
I need all of you to turn off any personal electronic devices
I need to be briefed.
I said some things I shouldn't have. I don't know,
I took your advice.
I took your advice. It was good advice. Thank you.
I want to talk to your commanding officer!
I want you to concentrate on the passengers in your car. Get to know them.
I was flying,
I was on a mission.
I was unable to find the bomber, but I did save a passenger on the train.
I wish you could have told him that.
I'll be late.
I'm asking you to have the decency to let me try.
If an explosion of that magnitude were to occur in the city?
If the call even went through,
It doesn't have to be.
It wasn't you.
It's a bitter world we live in, my friend
It's good to see you, ladies, up this early in the morning.
It's hard to believe that it was him.
It's not the tertiary cooling, either
It's the same train, but it's different.
Let him die?
Like a convenience store security camera
Lilly awoke in an evening dress and opera cloak.
Look at all this.
Look, I don't know who Sean is. And I don't know who you are.
My mission is in Afghanistan, where my unit is.
Name, please?
No, I don't, Captain.
No, I'm not gonna sit in my seat, all right? He's bleeding.
No, ma'am, please
No, no, no, no
No, no, no, no. No more bullshit sim tests, okay?
No, that's fine. I'll come back later
No, you must've gotten the name wrong.
No. I don't have one.
Not gonna be a next time.
Not many people could build that.
Now approaching Glenbrook Station.
Now approaching Glenbrook Station.
Oh, for God's sake.
Oh, I'm sorry. Sorry.
Oh, yeah, the gun in the strongbox, that was a really great idea. Thanks for that.
Okay. Christina?
One of our fellow passengers has decided to offer me some money to...
Save the world?
Saving people is what you do best.
Sean, what are you doing?
Sean. Sean! Get up! Sean?
So what do you wanna do today?
So? Exciting times.
Sorry, I just dropped...
Sorry. Poor taste.
Stand by for thread one of alpha memory pattern.
Stay out of this, tough guy. It doesn't end well for you.
Terminate your service. Let you die.
Thank you for that moment of Zen, but nobody was talking to you.
Thank you, Captain.
Thank you.
Thank you. It's just a precautionary measure. Nothing to worry about.
That is correct. Welcome back, Captain.
That only records the last portion of the day's activity on its hard drive.
That's the way it works in the real world.
The exercises will assist you.
There's hydraulic fluid all over the floor.
There's not a whole lot we can do from here.
They still move.
They were the queen of spades, the four of clubs...
This can't be legal, what you're doing.
This feels like exactly where we're supposed to be, doesn't it?
We have core temp dropping
We're evacuating as we speak.
What is that?
What is the location and condition of my crew?
What lives?
What you experienced was a shadow.
Who bombed the train?
Who bombed the train?
Why do you look so surprised?
You deserve better than that guy.
You gonna tell me how to disarm this?
You have a Captain Colter Stevens waiting to send on a mission.
You invented this thing, right?
You know what? Actually, I can pay you for it.
You look pale. Everything okay?
You're acting a little strange this morning
You're beautiful. You're kind.
You're gonna move to India, and become a guru.
You're with Beleaguered Castle.
You're with Beleaguered Castle. Are you functional?
You're with Operation Beleaguered Castle. You're safe.
Your attention, please. Train 7140 to Skokie will be leaving in...
Her name was Lilly. That is correct.
Hey, how's the signal in here? It's good.
Hey. Hold on.
I did. Wait. Are you in command here?
I'm in the middle of a very big deal. Sean?
Is this a joke? "They were,"
It's the new me. I like it.
Let me help you with that. No, it's okay.
Sean! Sean! Give me your hand! Get off the track!
Sean? Glenbrook Station, next stop.
Ten minutes. Hey, buddy?
That's her. Born in Wilmette, Illinois.
Ticket? Are we gonna make up the 10 minutes?
We are gonna try, sir. Are you talking about Bryan?
What are you late for? What?
What is that? It's a military patch.
Yeah, he did. He was funny
...we told Captain Stevens