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Primer (2004) Soundboard

Primer (2004) Soundboard

Primer (2004) is a mind-bending science fiction film directed by Shane Carruth. This intriguing indie gem delves deep into the realms of time travel and the consequences it holds for two brilliant and ambitious engineers. With its low-budget and complex narrative, Primer achieved cult status among sci-fi enthusiasts and garnered critical acclaim for Carruth's intricate storytelling.

The film follows the escapades of Aaron and Abe, portrayed by Shane Carruth himself and David Sullivan, respectively. These two friends and inventors stumble upon a mysterious device that allows them to time travel. As they dive deeper into the intricacies of their invention, their lives become entangled in a web of ethical quandaries and convoluted timelines. Carruth's performance as Aaron exudes a sense of urgency and desperation, while Sullivan captivates as Abe, showcasing their growing unease with the powers they wield.

Primer immerses viewers in a world where time is no longer linear, and the consequences of altering the past are both fascinating and disastrous. Carruth's direction, combined with his enigmatic screenplay, keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, attempting to unravel the intricacies of the plot. The film demands a high level of attention and rewards the audience with a deep sense of satisfaction when all the puzzle pieces fall into place.

The atmospheric score, composed by Shane Carruth himself, adds another layer of intensity to the film. The haunting melodies and pulsating rhythms perfectly complement the complex narrative, enhancing the viewer's immersion into the mind-bending world of Primer. You can play and download these mesmerizing sounds from the official soundtrack, further enhancing the experience of this gripping cinematic journey.

Primer, with its minimalistic aesthetics and innovative storytelling, marked Shane Carruth's directorial debut, earning him the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival in 2004. The film's ingenuity and intricate narrative structure have since influenced numerous filmmakers and became a benchmark for thought-provoking science fiction storytelling.

In conclusion, Primer (2004) is a remarkable film that takes audiences on a mind-bending journey into the complexities of time travel and the moral dilemmas it entails. With its compelling performances, intricate screenplay, and haunting score, this indie gem continues to captivate viewers, encouraging them to contemplate the consequences of altering the fabric of time. Immerse yourself in the world of Primer and uncover the secrets that lie within its convoluted narrative. Listen to the captivating soundscape and let your imagination soar as you play and download these mesmerizing sounds here.

Abe, it's my garage, okay? It's not like they're paying rent
And climate controlled
And for some reason, it takes about 1,300 trips before it finally does.
And found the Failsafe running...
And how it meant he could fold one up and take it back inside another
And I'd go over to Gabriel Capital Inc...
And yours already knows what they've built.
Any birthday, anniversary, holiday..
Are you sure you wouldn't?
At least you've got your golf game. I see you've been practicing.
At this continued state of rest..
But as weeks became months...
But if it were smart...
But if it's my turn...
But what is your opinion on how safe this thing is?
But you know I have no interest in that.
Come on. Let's go get a drink or something.
Coming up with innovative ways to make it colder and unusable in the process.
Everything you showed me was so fresh in my head and when I saw this guy...
Good morning.
He didn't the time I was, when I rushed him.
He doesn't fire?
He got out for a second and I thought he was coming over...
He had but to speak aloud the words that came into his head..
He had probably saved lives, after all.
Hi, guys, what's going on?
How do cell phones work?
How small?
How, Abe would ask
I always seem to get a lot more done when I'm not locked out.
I can tell you with certainty what I did that night when it was my turn.
I didn't want to take the chance of running into someone I knew...
I don't see anybody quitting their jobs because of it. Are you?
I don't want to be standing around when they do.
I know he changed this. I know we weren't having this conversation the first time...
I know they have a lot invested in the group...
I thought he was waiting around for it
I thought you didn't like this idea.
I'll start actually taking pieces out of it. It's just a gimmick
I'm positive this afternoon he was clean shaven. I know he was.
If he left a little earlier than they would've liked, he couldn't be blamed.
If we're dealing with causality, and I don't even know for sure.
It cycled down to a tolerable level at about 3:19.
It does have to exit, or else we wouldn't be able to see it afterwards.
It's just how much better will it be if in a few days...
Let's make sure everything's set up right. Hold on, Aaron. Wait.
Man, are you hungry? I haven't eaten since later this afternoon
No, no. It's your friend Robert's birthday.
No, what?
Okay, let's go over this again. Two batteries, right? 24 volts?
One catalytic converter. It's fine.
Or better yet, not even talk to her about the party.
Or exited, depending on your reference.
Phillip and I were talking, and we think it could be good. It'd be fun.
Right, but how did you know?
She said she was there because you told her you would be there.
Slowly and methodically, he reverse engineered a perfect moment
So who knows what that would've done if I'd turned the machine off.
So your meter's jacked up.
So, you believe me?
That's 22...
The actuality, the last revision is what counts, apparently.
The idea was just to get enough information for one good trade
The inner ring is strong enough on its own, so it makes the plate smaller
There he is. I've been calling you all morning.
There is no way I would tell anyone about this. No way.
There were days of mistakes and laziness and infighting.
This guy is crazy enough to walk into a room of people waving a shotgun.
This is Aaron. Hey, babe.
This is how I get protein A out of Aspergillus Ticor. We sweeten it.
Wait, what do you mean "isolate"?
We threw the first couple of batches out. The filter.
Well, I can't either.
Well, it looks like mustard to me.
Well, unless you've got a few grams of palladium lying around
What are you doing here? Come here!
What? No, we foul here, they miss the first free throw..
When you were controlling the feed, did you notice it was parabolic?
Where more than one person could fit in.
Why can't we write like normal people?
Why not?
Yeah. It's mind numbing, all the second guessing.
You feel all right?
You know all that I know.
You still want to do it?
You're talking about making a bigger one.
You're the one he can't get near without passing out.
Your double will say they have to move on to something else.
Aaron, I need the hexagonal set. This is unmarketable.
Abe? It's not a... Yeah, I don't care.
and build up, but it takes a long time. How long?
And how Russia solved the problem? Yeah, they used a pencil.
and they come back with the three. Three points
Big reunion. Exactly.
Can you think of any reason you might? No.
Did you flip my burger? You can't call him Mr. Granger.
I already got his. I can't fix it.
I believe you. Okay, look...
I know, okay. I know you know that, but you've got to...
I was just running a test. In and out. I want to do what you did.
I'm just going to hang out with my cousin. Bring him. Rachel will be there.
It looks like a dog digested it. Okay, that's the plate.
It's going to go bad in my car. It'll go bad here. Okay, thanks
Jay? Hey, man. How are you? Good.
No. I'm just putting a little tweak on it. Yeah, I know. No, you're right
Not really. Because I was...
Once you're in, you're fine, though. What?
That's amazing. It's about time. That is so great.
Then I drove to the storage facility. But I need to drop Lauren at school first.
Turn around. You see it?
What are we saying that is? Hopefully, near room temperature.
What are you doing? Let's just see what he wants.
What do they do? What do you mean?
What do you think he changed? Not much.
What? You want to put my camcorder...
You don't understand. No.
Your ear's bleeding. Man. Give me that. I got it.