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The Young Pope - Season 1

The Young Pope - Season 1

The Young Pope - Season 1 is a riveting television drama series that first aired in 2016. Created and directed by Paolo Sorrentino, the show takes viewers on an intriguing journey into the life and world of a controversial and enigmatic Pope.

At the center of the plot is Sorrentino's main character, Lenny Belardo, played masterfully by Jude Law. Belardo becomes the first American Pope in history, taking on the name Pope Pius XIII. Law's performance is nothing short of captivating as he portrays the young Pope's complex and contradictory nature. Belardo is charismatic, unpredictable, and possesses a sharp wit, making him formidable and challenging to those around him.

Joining Law in the cast is the talented Diane Keaton, who portrays Sister Mary, a nun who played a significant role in raising Belardo. Keaton's character provides a counterbalance to Pope Pius XIII's unconventional methods. Her steadfast faith and unwavering commitment to the church serve as a source of stability in a world filled with chaos and uncertainty.

The Young Pope - Season 1 delves deep into the machinations and power struggles within the Vatican. Throughout the episodes, viewers witness the intricate web of politics, social issues, and personal conflicts that arise in this secretive and hierarchical institution. The series presents thought-provoking questions about faith and spirituality, pushing the boundaries of what is traditionally expected in such sacred contexts.

In addition to its mesmerizing storyline, The Young Pope - Season 1 is renowned for its striking visuals and atmospheric sound design. The show excels in creating a unique and mesmerizing atmosphere that draws viewers in, amplifying the intensity and drama of the narrative. From the intricately designed Vatican City sets to the awe-inspiring costumes, every detail enhances the overall viewing experience.

The Young Pope - Season 1 features a haunting and evocative musical score composed by Lele Marchitelli. His compositions perfectly match the tone and mood of each scene, heightening the emotions and adding depth to the storytelling. From solemn and contemplative melodies to tense and suspenseful sequences, Marchitelli's music becomes an integral part of the journey.

Overall, The Young Pope - Season 1 is a must-watch for fans of thought-provoking television dramas. With its stellar cast, mesmerizing visuals, and compelling storytelling, it is a show that defies expectations and offers a unique exploration of faith, power, and human nature in the context of the Vatican. Whether you are drawn to the enigmatic Pope Pius XIII, the brilliant performances, or the captivating storyline, this series is sure to leave a lasting impression.

You can immerse yourself in the world of The Young Pope - Season 1 by playing and downloading the mesmerizing sounds and musical score from the show. Just visit our website (insert website link) to access this unforgettable audio experience. Enjoy the journey!

Are you up for going on? I am. What about you?
Do you know what that means? No.
Does Lenny know? No.
Good evening, Sir. Hi.
Good morning. Good morning.
Good morning. Good morning.
Good morning. Good morning.
He's bluffing. Who?
I feel it. Yes.
I'm going back. I'm sorry, Lenny. Ok.
I've heard the same thing. What, Captain?
Is he a good friend? Yes.
It's all right, nothing happened. I'm such an idiot.
Let me explain something to you, Holy Father. Please.
Nothing happened. Yes, yes you're right, Peter.
Sister Mary will be upset. I don't care.
Thanks. This way please.
When will he come out? I'll tell you right away
Where is he now? He's angry.
Who? Tonino Pettola.
Why did you come here? Because of the Pope.
Will you let me in? Of course.
Yeah. But just imagine,
You think so? Yes.
You too? Me too. apostolicae fidei cultoribus. home.
A dazzling image, so dazzling it blinds people.
A few weeks before the election, it comes an announcement.
A filthy studio apartment upstairs from a tire repair shop.
A friend of mine told me.
A full review of the territorial boundaries of the Vatican State.
A good person is somebody who puts himself last
A Hell you may know nothing about...
A life of hope and prayer that You
A lousy reputation, let me add.
A measure forbidding priests from giving absolution
A measure forbidding priests from giving absolution
A name for a bird.
A photo I thought mattered to them:
A photo of me holding little Pius in my arms.
A politician far cannier than you.
A reopening of discussions on the Lateran Pacts,
A schism?
A speech about love and a pastoral voyage.
A supply of safe, clean drinking water.
A very persuasive speech.
A warm, productive and stimulating meeting.
About how wrong it is to remember them.
Absolute prohibition of abortion in all cases,
Absolute prohibition of divorce in all cases,
Accipite et bibite ex eo omnes.
According to a number of highly respected studies,
According to vox populi,
Adiutorium nostrum in nomine Domini.
Adveniat Regnum Tuum.
After all, you're the Pope.
After just nine months.
Ah, it's true.
Ah, it's true.
Ah, yes. Of course, I know his reputation,
Ah, you'd wind up with a mere 10%.
All I know is everything I do, I do for the love of God.
All intelligent men are uncomfortable on vacation.
All my life I have been infatuated with the world.
All of the cured children
All right, let me think about it. I'll let you know my answer soon.
All the world will be infatuated with me because...
All these Christian virtues the world no longer attributes to me.
All these things are the offspring of the war and violence
All those wonderful monasteries you have in the most wonderful,
Also, even though it was in good faith
Always reassuring and definitive.
Am I cruel?
Am the most powerful man of all.
An easy answer.
An opening.
And a hypothesis isn't the same as reality.
And a hypothesis isn't the same as reality.
And always with the same protagonist, the Madonna.
And anyone who wants to know us has to find out
And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
And cement doesn't move. We are cement without windows.
And do you know what the surveys that you have commissioned tell us?
And don't remember a thing about them.
And don't say a word to anyone.
And drenched in sunlight as she ran and sank baskets.
And especially from women
And for Peter and I would be an honor.
And get yourselves some shoes,
And he does what he can to halt the violence
And he never will.
And he was right.
And he will refuse to perform weddings for their daughters.
And her eyes...
And how could they be afraid, with a Pope as handsome
And how God and I can annihilate that 41% of the population
And I am not a homosexual.
And I don't want any more part time believers.
And I have proof of the existence of God.
And I really lashed out at him.
And I recommend you stop drinking
And I, not Voiello,
And I, not Voiello,
And I'll be happy to provide him with some answers.
And I'll give you God.
And if don't stop playing the idiot,
And in that case, stop talking bullshit
And it is absolutely to be expected,
And it stays outside the church.
And it's not a sure thing that God exists.
And keep it for themselves.
And know that through the love of the Prince of the Apostles
And lustful details of women.
And more fraught than the first.
And moreover he's fragile and emotional,
And neither am I.
And neither do you.
And now it's time for me to bid you all farewell.
And obsessed with your meeting because they say
And peace is God.
And reassure him, there's nothing wrong
And reassuring as Christ?
And right now everything indeed
And seeing them dead is of no interest to me.
And she uses it to control the sick and the nuns.
And sin will no longer be forgiven at will.
And small but dangerous enclaves of Catholic fundamentalism
And so the liturgy will no longer be a social engagement,
And so would I.
And so, in protest, he's moved to a new place,
And thanks very much for giving me this audience,
And that means this Pope does not negotiate.
And that's all.
And the administrative offices.
And the Holy See will send the world the message
And the limitations of the rational.
And the narcotrafficking that infests Honduras.
And the prospect of your first public appearance
And then I'll be around sooner or later.
And there is also another secret.
And there is another problem.
And there's a very specific reason for that:
And they recovered with a smile on their face.
And they should have given you a Nobel Prize for it, 20 years ago.
And they're protesting everywhere.
And this Pope cannot be blackmailed!
And this soft, round mouth.
And threaten to throw him in quicksand?
And to think that there are still people who believe
And vehemently rejected his applications.
And was about to found his own Church.
And we put the whole thing together at the speed of light.
And we're praying, too: that he'll talk to us.
And what else do you know about me, Holy Father?
And what if I were to refuse?
And what is Kurtwell blackmailing you about?
And what's more, several cardinals have told me
And what's more, unrealizable.
And what's more: I, as the vicar of Christ,
And when I do, you'll lose your election.
And where will God eradicate that 41%?
And will be the subject of our next cabinet meeting.
And yet I've already stopped feeling guilty about it.
And you had no interest in him, why all the phone calls?
And you have threatened and terrorized the faithful,
And you were right. But you don't write about motors that purr
And you will try to maintain or increase
And you'll see them again.
And, as you know,
And... impassive,
Andrew Dussolier...
Angelo Voiello?
Anything could happen
Are starting to spring up, just like in Islam.
Are unacceptable in terms of our standards.
Are you a good person?
Are you asleep, Holy Father?
Are you going to resign?
Are you ready to live on the street? Like St. Francis of Assisi?
Are you ready to sleep on the ground,
Are you ready to wage that war,
Are your own doubts and the darkness.
Armed with nothing but bottomless poverty?
As a ferocious torturer and old school dictator
As a source of pleasure, is overvalued in our society.
As Catholics are 87.8% of the population.
As far as I'm concerned,
As for traveling: everyone dislikes traveling
As much as three liters a day.
As soon as they're allowed out into the world.
As the motor that drives the world.
As you wish, Holy Father.
At a point in history when the Church was stronger
At any other point in history.
At night, God suffers from the heat.
At the polls in the next election?
At the polls in the next election.
At times like this
Because all that belongs to me.
Because all you can see before you now
Because God is peace.
Because I am not a man.
Because I didn't make you uncomfortable.
Because I don't want to suffer,
Because I saw it when I was eight years old
Because I won't put up with even the tiniest lie from you:
Because I'm a fan of Inter, Your Eminence.
Because I'm curious to see how it all turns out.