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The Visit (2015) Soundboard

The Visit (2015) Soundboard

The Visit (2015) is a thrilling psychological horror film directed by M. Night Shyamalan. This movie follows the story of two siblings, Becca and Tyler, who are sent to visit their estranged grandparents for a week. However, what initially seems like a simple family reunion takes a terrifying turn when the children begin to uncover dark secrets about their grandparents' house.

Starring in The Visit, we have Olivia DeJonge portraying Becca, an aspiring filmmaker, and Ed Oxenbould as Tyler, her younger brother with a passion for rapping. Supporting the cast is Deanna Dunagan as Nana, who delivers an exceptional performance as the seemingly innocent grandmother with an eerie secret. Peter McRobbie plays Pop Pop, Nana's husband, and Kathryn Hahn portrays the children's mother, who has a strained relationship with her parents.

Set in a remote rural area, the movie plays upon the inherent fear of isolation and the unknown. Becca, armed with her camera, decides to document the visit as she plans to create a documentary about her family. However, the cameras soon capture bizarre and inexplicable events, making the children question the true nature of their grandparents.

Shyamalan creates an atmosphere that gradually builds tension, keeping the audience on edge. The Visit combines found footage elements with traditional filmmaking techniques to provide a unique perspective on the horror genre. The film incorporates both psychological terror and moments of intense fear, resulting in a gripping and chilling viewing experience.

The Visit's soundtrack plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall tension and unease. The background score, composed by Paul Cantelon, transforms the mood of each scene, leaving audiences gripping their seats in anticipation. From subtle, eerie melodies to heart-pounding crescendos, the music intensifies the suspenseful moments throughout the film.

If you're a fan of horror and psychological thrillers, The Visit is a must-watch. The movie offers a fresh take on the genre, with exceptional performances from the cast and a narrative that will keep you guessing until the very end. To fully immerse yourself in the terrifying world of The Visit, you can play and download the sounds and soundtrack here.

Whether you're seeking a bone-chilling experience or a thought-provoking story, The Visit delivers both. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, this suspenseful masterpiece will keep you at the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Watch with caution, as this film may leave you questioning what lies beneath the surface of your own family.

A general worsening of mental symptoms,
Ah, you're strange.
And Dad patted me on the shoulder and then went to the car,
And the creatures have antennas,
Asked to meet their grandchildren
Because they find something they like better.
Come on, come on
Come on, let's go. Come on, enough of that.
Do it again.
Don't answer that.
From the top. Here we go
He gets the first down and runs and runs,
He used to
Her name was Angie
Here I come, Tyler! Here I come!
Hey, kiddos!
I can feel it. There's no tissues left, Becca
I don't want you to touch me
I grew an inch and a quarter again
I just stand there.
I know that!
I may be 13, may not live in the hood
I think I can clean it off.
I used to sing.
I was just cleaning it, really
I was just cleaning it.
I'll make you some bread pudding.
I'm gonna get you!
I'm gonna turn a personal addiction
I'm just doing some chores in the barn. I'll be in in a minute.
I'm sorry.
If you could be any animal, what would you be?
In a garden.
In communication, nothing more
Is everything okay?
Is food okay? I like food
Is it dead bodies?
Isn't it getting late?
It was laughing at us
It's okay. It's all right
It's one week
It's so over the top, it'll be her presence in the documentary.
Just come to accept they're old people and things won't be as weird.
Just listen.
Mom will be home late this afternoon
Must have been a 24 hour thing
Nana and Pop Pop are acting strange. Ow!
Nana, are you okay?
Nana, what do you think
No, but Dad is hilarious. Dad's funny.
Oh, they're fine.
Okay, open it.
Okay, sounds good, sister.
P/9889 leave 8 ITIGSSEQG...
Pierced to the soul with slander's venomed spear
Please answer the question.
Please Open it.
Pop Pop?
Pop Pop.
Ready or not, here I come!
See you in the morning.
She needs the elixir, or all of her relationships will fall apart.
So you don't feel bad?
So, what did you find?
Speak English
Stand by. I've arrived on site.
T Diamond, Nana's sick.
Thanks for doing this. We're leaving soon, Nana.
That smells so good, Nana.
That would mean I forgive him
That you two shouldn't come out of your room after 9:30 p.m.
That's the elixir
The only thing messed up is the computer camera.
The oven's off.
Then they fired me
They think I'm sweet like candy
They won't see you.
This is the last time I'll get to ask you questions
This will be the denouement.
TYLER; okay.
Uh, do you wanna do the interview?
Was the old coot getting ready for the costume party again?
We're even
What am I gonna do? What happened?
What is that?
What the hell, Nana?
What? What are you doing?
What? What happened?
What? Why is she angry?
What's your problem?
With great power and poetry in its movements.
Worked at night.
Would you mind getting inside the oven to clean it?
Yeah, every Tuesday and Thursday.
Yeah. You should go,okay?
You better hide, my ethnically confused friend.
You can sit over there.
You have to laugh to keep the deep darkies in a cave
You're gonna interview him?
Your basic beach cruise
Your grandmother's fine.
I don't know. Come on.