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Pump Up the Volume (1990) Soundboard

Pump Up the Volume (1990) Soundboard

"Pump Up the Volume" is a critically acclaimed movie released in 1990, directed by Allan Moyle. This coming-of-age drama tells the story of a high school student named Mark Hunter, played by Christian Slater, who leads a double life as a shy teenager by day and an anonymous renegade radio DJ named "Hard Harry" by night. Through his pirate radio show, Mark becomes the voice of a disillusioned generation, inspiring his peers to question authority and challenge the societal norms imposed upon them.

Christian Slater delivers a standout performance as Mark Hunter, a character who uses his voice as a vehicle for social change and rebellion. Slater perfectly captures Mark's complexities, showcasing his vulnerability and determination to make a difference. The film also stars Samantha Mathis as Nora, Mark's love interest and fellow outsider, who helps him unveil the injustices prevalent within their school and community.

The soundtrack of "Pump Up the Volume" plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall narrative. Curated with an exciting selection of alternative rock and pop tracks from the era, the songs provide a visceral and emotional backdrop to Mark's journey. Some notable acts featured on this iconic soundtrack include Concrete Blonde, The Cowboy Junkies, Leonard Cohen, and Soundgarden. These captivating tunes perfectly capture the essence of the film, amplifying its rebellious spirit.

For those looking to rekindle the electric atmosphere of "Pump Up the Volume," the soundtrack is readily available for both streaming and download. Listeners can easily find and indulge in the sounds that echoed through Mark's microphone, reliving the raw energy that captivated an entire generation.

Play and download these sounds here.

"Pump Up the Volume" achieved critical and commercial success upon its release, leaving a lasting impact on audiences. Its exploration of teenage angst, censorship, and the power of finding one's voice resonated with viewers and cemented the film's status as a cult classic. In an era before the widespread influence of the internet, "Pump Up the Volume" depicted the potential for social change through alternative forms of media, inspiring a generation to stand up for their beliefs.

Whether you're a cinephile seeking an edgy and thought-provoking film or a music enthusiast craving the alternative sounds of the '90s, "Pump Up the Volume" is an unforgettable experience. Transport yourself to a world where rebellion takes the form of soundwaves, and individuality triumphs over conformity. Don't miss the chance to play and download these sounds, exploring a film that continues to resonate with audiences over three decades later.

A place you just can't trust
After the school received the money from the government...
All you nice people...
And change where I'm at
And don't forget your file is under review.
And how many others did you harass into dropping out?
And I know
And I'm the youngest school commissioner...
And listen to what they've all been talking about.
And my mom sold out years ago when she had me.
And now you are the system.
And the Earth itself are crying out for it.
And you kept the expelled students' names on the rolls.
Are you listening?
But just remember one thing.
By anyone who can turn a dial?
Can't you understand...
Come on, say something.
Come on, you can't do this
Come to me, or I'll come to you
Come walking by
David Deaver speaking
David Deaver speaking
Do you admit it, sir?
Do you have it with you?
Do you know who he is?
Don't be embarrassed of your talent.
Don't do it
Don't listen to any of them! Stay on!
Don't worry. I'm not going to bust you or anything.
Don't worry. I'm not gonna blow up the kitchen
Don't you see that you're the voice?
Especially when you're in it.
Everybody knows
Everybody knows
Everyone listen up!
Excuse me.
Feeling screwed up in a screwed up place..
Five bucks each
Free at last.
Go ahead
Go down on him
Go on the air.
Good night, pal
Gotta recuperate.
Guidance counselors
Happy Harry just happens to have in his very hands..
He just opened up his mouth, and nothing came out.
He sounds like a chronic masturbator.
He's just so unhappy here.
Hector Garcia...
Hey, man, let me see that.
Hey, what's a cock ring? lt sounds cool
Hi, you're on the air...
His three listeners glued with ooey blooey to the radios.
How come it wins all of these awards..
How could he do such a terrible thing?
How you manage to get such great grades...
I can't believe it's as bad as they say.
I don't know
I don't know.
I hate principals
I heard it last night.
I just arrived in this stupid suburb.
I just got expelled
I know I'm into guys, but..
I know she's out there waiting
I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere...
I mean, everywhere I look..
I stand by my record.
I swear to God. Nobody has any idea.
I was just reading.
I was on all the teams and a bunch of clubs.
I work with teenage gangs in the city.
I would like to thank you for turning out in such numbers.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I'm calling the police.
I'm gonna cut out now with this unusual song..
Is that a beer?
Is that your tape? Whose tape is this?
It seems like someone's getting butt surfed by the system
It's been grand
It's cool. We're safe in here.
It's OK. I think they're just dropping off my neighbor.
It's this guy.
It's three days since the death of Malcolm Kaiser...
It's unbelievable
Just before school
Just found the graffiti on the roof of the cafeteria.
Just how I feel
Just leave me alone, OK?
Keep flowing back
Last night..
Lf it be your will
Listen to this
Living will, so just hang on and hang in there
Look, the deal is, I get decent grades..
Lsn't that right, sir?
Lt was never
Mark, have you ever listened to this character?
Maybe he's not that crazy, Dad.
Maybe Mr. Watts can shed some light...
Mine, either
Mrs. Creswood would then proceed...
Never been better.
No, honey, of course not. We think you're perfect
No, not really
No. It's outside.
Not everyone goes to college.
Nothing good comes easily no pain, no gain.
Now, before we begin...
Of course.
Of Hard Harry coming on his own face?
Of the lowest common denominator...
Oh, God, yeah.
Oh, my God, this is the biggest.
Oh, take cover, Arizona!
OK, everybody, ten seconds till Happy Harry Hard on.
Parents have no idea.
People always think they know who a person is...
People are saying Harry is introducing bad things..
Same old rhetoric! What are you doing
Say shit and fuck a million times...
Set off an explosion in her family's home.
Shut off the whole system
Smile on your brother
So many people
So rich, so smart...
So, I guess you think I'm a faggot wimp, right?
Sometimes he's on for five minutes...
Sounds like kids bullshitting to me
Speaking of schools..
Surviving it is the whole point.
Terminal loneliness
That I should be ashamed
That little lech.
That's the thirteenth call tonight
That's the way the story goes
The environment, the government, the schools you name it.
The home phone numbers of every employee...
The usual band of teenage malcontents?
Then he probably lives right around here.
Then they started calling me things..
Then why not do something crazy?
There's the transmitter..
They can't stop you.
They couldn't put it on their first album
They don't go in for stuff like that.
They were losers.
This is Ethan from L.A., and I'm here...
This is good
This is my life you're screwing around with here.
This is the problem with free speech.
Those kids had rights
To getting your message out
To weed out those she felt were undesirable
Unknowingly supplying me with my phone feed
We don't believe you, Donald.
We want to come in for a minute.
We've got spirit
We've got spirit
Well, it's not exactly the best school in the district
Well, then I said "fuck you" to Creswood.
What are we being busted for?
What are you talking about?
What do you say we call Deaver up, huh?
What is this?
What l'd give for a kiss
What possessed him?
Wherever the hell the radio signal's coming from.
Who who who is this
Who makes me feel kind of...
Who's he?
Why can't I fall in love
Why can't I fall in love
Within a thousand yards of here.
Wouldn't that be nice, huh?
Yeah, that familiar feeling...
Yes, I can.
Yes, just for a second.
Yes, sir, I can do it for you. I will give it to you instantly.
Yes, we do
Yes, we do
You don't believe me?
You don't have to say anything...
You don't know how happy we are to meet you.
You ever get the feeling that everything in America..
You flagged all the names with low S.A.T. scores...
You owe twenty five cents.
You really as horny as a ten peckered owl?
You see, I never planned it like this.
You're the one, man
You're the voice that makes my brain burn...
You've been a bad dog, haven't you?
All right, Randy. Check this out
Hey, Paige. Hiya, Paige.
Yeah, I'm going blind. He's doing it.
...still anonymous radio operator.
'cause Hard Harry's feeling kind of rude tonight.
"And then he makes me scratch his back..
"Cheryl refuses to accept suggestions..
"Dear Hard Harry..
"of a more positive mental attitude..
"until there was nothing left of them...