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Pennyworth (2019) - Season 1

Pennyworth (2019) - Season 1

Pennyworth (2019) is a gripping television series that serves as a prequel to the Batman franchise. Set in the British capital of London during the 1960s, the show follows the early life of Alfred Pennyworth, the iconic butler of Bruce Wayne, before he became affiliated with the Wayne family. With its thrilling narrative, exceptional performances, and stunning visuals, Pennyworth (2019) promises an intense and captivating viewing experience for fans of the Batman universe.

The main character, Alfred Pennyworth, is portrayed by the talented British actor Jack Bannon. Bannon masterfully brings the young Alfred to life, showcasing his transformation from a former British SAS soldier to the brilliant and resourceful butler we all know and love. Alongside Bannon, actress Paloma Faith plays the intriguing character of Bet Sykes, a sadistic and unpredictable antagonist who adds a layer of danger and excitement to the story.

The show also features a remarkable supporting cast, including Ben Aldridge as Thomas Wayne, the wealthy American businessman who eventually becomes the father of Bruce Wayne. Aldridge beautifully portrays the complex relationship between Alfred and Thomas, as they join forces to navigate the treacherous underworld of London. Emma Paetz takes on the role of Martha Kane, an enigmatic and powerful character who eventually becomes Bruce Wayne's mother. Paetz infuses Martha with strength and vulnerability, making her a captivating presence on screen.

Pennyworth (2019) creates a visually stunning world, with meticulous attention to detail in recreating the gritty and vibrant atmosphere of 1960s London. The stylish costumes, breathtaking cinematography, and intricate set designs transport viewers to a time when danger lurked around every corner.

The series delves deep into the political landscape of the era, intertwining historical events with thrilling espionage and crime elements. It explores the seedy underbelly of London, where power struggles, crime syndicates, and secret societies collide. As Alfred finds himself caught in the middle of this dangerous world, he must navigate complex alliances, protect his loved ones, and ultimately shape his own destiny.

If you are a fan of the Batman universe or enjoy gripping period dramas filled with suspense, action, and intrigue, Pennyworth (2019) is a must-watch. With its stellar cast, compelling storyline, and stunning visual presentation, the show offers a fresh and exciting take on the backstory of one of the most iconic characters in pop culture. Dive into the world of Alfred Pennyworth and witness the events that shaped him into the legendary butler we all know today. You can now play and download the thrilling sounds of Pennyworth (2019) here.

A a brief joint statement
A a large, illicit transfer of money evidently connected
A barren marriage, is it not?
A battered... somewhat grotesque miracle.
A battered... somewhat grotesque miracle.
A beautiful sight.
A bus ride? Why?
A civilized man of peace and moderation.
A cola, please.
A couple of miles down the road.
A crazed and crippled beggar.
A cup of water, please.
A dancer.
A dark path.
A day.
A death list?
A degree of physical force.
A direct bloody order. Do you hear?
A drink?
A fascist utopia.
A feeling.
A few gunmen to fetch us. A few?
A few stitches.
A five star entry.
A flea.
A foreign intelligence officer. CIA?
A fresh start
A full description of the man
A gallus wee hard man now, isn't he, eh?
A glass door? : How bizarre.
A glass of warm milk, please.
A glittering, mirrored mask
A glorious triumph.
A goat's head forsooth.
A good beating.Such spirit.
A good egg?
A good long walk.
A great British cup.
A great deal.
A great favor.
A great leader prepares for every possibility.
A great service.
A gunman are you, eh?
A hat job.
A hero,
A hero.
A hero.
A high cost.And then,
A high hand, sir.
A hung parliament, martial law, blood and anarchy, ma'am.
A lady. Prefers not to say who she is.
A large iron pot...
A letter, madam.
A liability?
A lifer.
A little bother, but nobody died.
A little bother, but nobody died.
A little fear
A little mysterious, but, uh...
A little one, maybe.
A little.
A lord, in fact.
A lot of front for a door monkey.
A lot of peer pressure on your man.
A lunatic, a murderer.
A man and a woman in a white car.
A man and a woman, they had a key.
A man can't grass on someone who saved his life, now, can he?
A man can't turn down a fresh plunge, now, can he?
A man has to find out.
A man's love's not the same, though, is it?
A marmalado.
A meeting between myself and Frances Gaunt to discuss terms.
A mob. Screaming for blood.
A much better service than that.
A much better service than that.
A national awakening.
A national cleansing in blood would be just the ticket.
A new dawn is coming, my friends.
A nice fry up'll do you good.
A noble and lucrative proposition, you might think.
A pact with Satan.
A pair of cheery fuckers, us, eh?
A place of power.
A plague on both their houses.
A pot of Darjeeling.
A potter. Oh.
A quiet chat?
A reckless fool,
A reckless mistake, perhaps.
A revelation is coming that will shock the world.
A right old pickle.
A royal pardon. Cast iron. How?
A sad story goes with it.
A satanist?
A shade of white? No.
A short woman with a Manchester accent.
A shrewd judge of character, hethinks.
A simple foot soldier.
A slave to a mob of chinless wankers.
A slave to wankers!
A snap wizard, you are.
A spook.
A storm in a teacup. Mm.
A success.
A teacher.
A teddy bear? You in the right house?
A telephone call for the prime minister, sir.
A three day blackout?
A touch of warm water.
A truce and I asked them to arrange a meeting
A true patriot and a man of destiny.
A unanimous gloom.
A very serious accusation.
A vote for equality. A vote for love.
A woman at the table
A woman's love is indeed the great engine of our salvation.
A word.
A young, unmarried female stay the night.
A: Lord Harwood will not accept defeat on any terms
About bloody trains and parking.
About God.
About meeting your parents.
About our plan, but we don'’t know who.
About our work together. Nothing.
About restoring virtue
About the future of our country.
About the organization he represents.
About the serious...
About these people who want you.
Above all things.Absolutely.
Above and beyond and all that.
Absolutely right.
Acting'’s a respectable profession...
Actors call it typecasting.
Actors don't say "good luck."
Actually get their message across and they win.
Actually, I dumped him.
Actually, you're wasting mine.
Adds character.
Afraid for my country, of what you'’ll do if given the chance.
After all I've done for you.
After all that I've done for you?
After this broadcast by the Country Labour Party.
After what you've been through, son.
Against all what?
Against the good name of your regiment.
Agenda? Oh, for God's sake.
Ah, a mystery man, eh?
Ah, a woman knows her worth.
Ah, ah, ah! Where you going? Sit down.
Ah, fuck.
Ah, fuck.
Ah, fuck. Sorry. Ah!
Ah, good luck.
Ah, here she is.
Ah, of course.
Ah, of course. A cook.
Ah, thanks.Cheers.
Ah, yes, the other fella.
Ah, yes.
Ah, you could tell.
Ah! Let go!
Ah! You pig!
Ah. Bollocks.
Ah. I see.
Ah. I think this is the first time we've had
Ah. Jason.
Ah. Looks good to me.
Ah. More of a dean.
Ah. No problem.
Ah. There you are.
Ah. This, uh, was a 50 place service
Ah. Um, does it matter?
Ah. Welcome, Tom, welcome. Join us.
Ah. Yes, this was a a less
Ah. You'’re a hat job.
Ah... gorgeous as ever.
Ah...I thought that was you.
Aleister is a... whosit, a satanist.
Aleister is just a very wise and loving man.
Alfie been in?
Alfie boy.
Alfie says you're fucking children.
Alfie, I wish you every happiness.
Alfie, it's for you.
Alfie, it's me.
Alfie, leave off.
Alfie, man.
Alfie, please just come and talk to me.
Alfie, thank goodness. Where have you been?
Alfie, that's smashing. What's the job?
Alfie, this is mad.
Alfie, what are you doing here?
Alfie, what are you doing here?
Alfie, what is this?
Alfie, words are not enough.
Alfie, you have forgotten who you are.
Alfie, you're looking much...
Alfie? Alfie, is that you?