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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A thousand pardons, my lord.
All right, coming up on the castle, zero....
And we're increasing audio sensitivity.
Bath's down the hall.
But we can insure their safety. Everything's fine.
Do you mind if I finish shaving?
Don't you want to listen?
Get her out of there, and report it to central repair.
Get that power on so we can open these doors.
Get this boy a bib.
Give your name to the attendant.
Grid energized.
Here it is possible to relive the excitement and stresses of pioneer life to the fullest.
Hey, wait a minute!
Hold it!
How many of them are...?
How much do they weigh?
How was it? Wasn't it terrific?
Judge'll be here next week.
Just passin' through?
L don't doubt it.
L love my horse and l love Julie.
L love my horse.
L'm never gonna drink again.
L'm shot.
Leave me now.
Let's make it a lulu.
Lf that's the kind you want.
Look, Pete, this is better.
Look, Sheriff....
Ls that something you've always dreamed of doing, sir?
Many elements of the Delos Resort are potentially dangerous.
Medieval World exists for you, the guest.
Negative acceleration at 22
Now, how are we going to get out of here? All these doors are electrically powered.
Now, we identified some problems with humidity control...
Oh, l'm Ted Mann. l'm a stockbroker from St. Louis.
Oh, thank you very much!
Oh, well, l think it would be...
Oh! lt's fantastic!
One of the castle machines isn't responding.
Please put on your earphones.
Please set numbers to console....
Pretty realistic, huh?
Repeat, l have good telemetry.
Shut down! Shut down immediately!
Shut it all down! Shut it all down!
That is correct. Just give him the badge.
That's part of the appeal. But if they become truly dangerous
That's the kind l want. l think it's probably better for quick draws, you know
The queen!
The way l figure it, anything we want.
There's some pretty rough looking customers here.
We are sure you will enjoy your stay in Western World.
We have sunrise at 0.43.
We're paying $1,000 a day for this?
Well, the kids....
What's his problem?
Yeah, l guess.
Yes, l do.
You don't know. lt might be fun to play bank robbers.
You haven't got a chance!
You really gave me a scare.
You shot a man. That's something.
You talk too much.
You think you can handle things?
You're probably very nice.
Your move.
Your negative deceleration should be 25...
Did you find the trouble? No apparent trouble.
Was the guest injured? Minor puncture wounds.
...and we were fully able to handle it.
...for left lateral weakness and instability for tomorrow.
...his sight is weak in his left eye.
...which will take you to the world of your choice
''And the deer and the antelope play