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Moonlighting (1985) - Season 5

Moonlighting (1985) - Season 5

Moonlighting is an iconic American television show that aired from 1985 to 1989. Created by Glenn Gordon Caron, the series captured the hearts of viewers with its unique blend of comedy, drama, and romance. The show revolved around the unlikely pairing of private detective duo Maddie Hayes, played by Cybill Shepherd, and David Addison, portrayed by Bruce Willis.

In Season 5, which premiered in 1988, Moonlighting continued its winning formula of witty banter, smart writing, and unforgettable chemistry between the two lead characters. The season consisted of a total of 10 episodes, each filled with captivating storylines and exciting cases for the detective agency Blue Moon Investigations to solve.

The cast of Moonlighting not only included the talented Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis but also featured amazing supporting actors who brought their own flavor to the show. Curtis Armstrong portrayed the hilarious and witty Herbert Viola, the agency's research expert, while Allyce Beasley played Agnes DiPesto, the quirky and lovable receptionist. Other notable recurring actors in Season 5 included Jack Blessing as MacGillicudy and Jonathan Ames as Sam Crawford.

One of the standout episodes of Season 5 was "Between a Yuk and a Hard Place," which saw Maddie and David going undercover at a comedy club to solve the mysterious murder of a stand-up comedian. This episode showcased the comedic skills of both Shepherd and Willis, as they effortlessly delivered punchlines while unraveling the case.

Another notable episode was "Lunar Eclipse," which took a different turn by incorporating a surreal dream sequence. Maddie and David found themselves trapped in an alternate reality, struggling to find a way back to their own world. This episode showcased the show's willingness to experiment with different storytelling techniques and genres.

Moonlighting's Season 5 also continued its tradition of featuring unique musical performances. The show was known for showcasing various popular musicians and bands, adding a musical touch to each episode. From jazz to rock 'n' roll, the music in Moonlighting played a significant role in enhancing the overall narrative.

If you want to relive the magic of Moonlighting and immerse yourself in the sounds of the 1980s, you can easily find and download the show's soundtrack. Each episode is accompanied by a carefully curated selection of songs that perfectly complement the on-screen action. The soundtrack captures the essence of the era, with its mix of upbeat pop tunes and soulful ballads.

So, whether you're a fan seeking nostalgia or a newcomer intrigued by the allure of Moonlighting, you can play and download these captivating sounds to transport yourself to a time when television was filled with unforgettable characters, witty dialogue, and serendipitous romance. Indulge in the timeless charm of Moonlighting, and let the music and stories from this beloved series captivate your imagination once again.

A big fat check waiting for you at the end of each day
A blue bow. Oh, this is so cute.
A blue water view and the fireplace he loved so much.
A bonus cheque?
A brand new 14 piece dinette set from Tracyware.
A chance for critics To stalk and steer
A change is beginning, that's all.
A cheque made out to us for 15
A cigar.
A client. She doesn't have an appointment.
A comedian? I knew it. I had a feeling.
A detail that only he and I know about.
A dreadful mistake?
A drone. A robot. A slave. Support personnel.
A dung beetle.
A fine line between reparation and revenge.
A friend of mine who works there, said you were calling about it...
A full twist with a double pike.
A girl like you is gonna walk in and get ogled.
A glass of champagne for Miss Hayes.
A great...
A guy who doesn't take himself too seriously.
A heart attack.
A Lesley Gore song maybe or a Archie comic book...
A little chardonnay. A candlelit bubble bath for one.
A little help.
A little late news, and then off to dreamland all by yourself.
A little white lie, I confess.
A lot of anger for one so petite.
A lot of people take a very dim view of my profession...
A lot of that going on in this episode.
A man buys a gift to show his appreciation...
A mortgage? Life insurance premiums?
A new season, a great season.
A nice little bistro...
A night with David is not gonna be nearly as intellectually stimulating.
A partnership, David.
A passionate woman like Kathleen needs a real man...
A perfect crime was committed.
A quarter day, dragging our fannies...
A rash is an act of nature, like hives.
A rather handfisted job of misappropriation, Mr. Gibson.
A real survivor.
A reason which has nothing to do with a person's soul.
A replacement for the woman he really loves.
A short stint in jail...
A sordid tale of murder and deception.
A Temp for All Seasons.
A testimonial to your skills.
A trip to the little boy's room, a glance at the Sports page.
A very grateful law enforcement official.
A wealth of euphemisms at our disposal...
A while back, I had an unexpected vacation.
A witness saw at the scene of the crime.
A woman who wants to get ahead dresses as Curie.
A" Kill him.
About just who is your father.
About the size of a pocket watch placed carefully between
Accounting ledgers.
Actually, I would have preferred to go with Blue Moon...
Actually, it's what most games are all about.
Addison affliction.
Addison boys really know...
Addison, partner and leg man. Whatever she says goes double for me.
Admirer at 2 o'clock.
Adult male, 5'10", not long for this world,
Advantage, Dave.
Advocacy, public defence.
After all he's been through, it seems so cruel.
After all, a man with no lips can hardly kiss his wife.
After all, we're not the only coffee clatch dialling 976 WETT.
After everything, I wanna know we can talk to each other.
After he got out, he looked her up, passed himself off as me.
After I broke out, I found where her and Charlie were living.
After many years of hard work and diligence...
After moving to Los Angeles in 1957...
After the three of us are done towelling each other off
After we dice our giblets, we set them aside.
After you stopped being intimate. Were you still friends?
After, she and the doctor slip across to the hotel for a little hidey ho.
Agnes has a moral obligation.
Agnes was missing her head.
Agnes, 83 Violas in one place is not just family.
Agnes, about Mr. Addison, when he comes in...
Agnes, be careful.
Agnes, do you have any idea...
Agnes, feed these into the PC when you get a breather, will you?
Agnes, I think there's something you should know.
Agnes, I was not hallucinating.
Agnes, I'm sorry, one doesn't simply slice off a part of one's anatomy...
Agnes, I'm taking Annie shopping and to lunch.
Agnes, I'm three storeys high, stop kidding around.
Agnes, I'm visiting with Mr. Addison and Miss Hayes.
Agnes, I've done some investigating.
Agnes, if you don't come with me right now...
Agnes, it's just me.
Agnes, listen to me.
Agnes, man to man, has this woman got a case of the cases or what?
Agnes, Mr. Addison and I have everything under control.
Agnes, please. This is the first time you've met my family...
Agnes, see if Kooky here wants cream and sugar in his formaldehyde.
Agnes, this is not an anxiety attack.
Agnes, we're talking about different people.
Agnes, what will it take to convince you to go with the crowd...
Agnes, when Mr. Addison gets in...
Agnes, would you give me a hand with these, please?
Agnes, would you mind if I asked you a very personal question?
Agnes, would you see him in, please.
Agnes, you're just so valuable around here.
Agnes, you're too healthy a human for the acting game.
Agnes. How are you and Burt doing?
Agnes. Oh, glad you're okay.
Agree? Never.
Ahoy there, pilgrim. Drink with me.
Ain't it bitchen?
Albeit, well crafted commercial doggerel.
All 72,000.
All he can talk about was a snow fort he built when he was 9.
All he wants is that you're prepared for your birth.
All I can point to is a few hundred broken homes that I helped to create.
All I did was assemble the raw materials for your vision.
All I've accomplished is this deed, this crime. My one success.
All of which have doorknobs.
All right now, this clown came to our office, dies, probably drove here.
All right then, let's have it your way.
All right, Bazooka Joe, put down the land shark.
All right, buster.
All right, but I think you're making a big mistake.
All right, Donegan, you wanna play rough, huh?
All right, good. Now, touch your finger to your nose.
All right, I think that just about does it.
All right, it's
All right, look, Spiderman...
All right, look. This is not my job.
All right, move it.
All right, now, if I were 15 grand where would I hide?
All right, tell us everything you know about this episode.
All right, wait a minute, wait a minute. Okay.
All right, you ready? One, two, three, squeeze.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Go out, get yourself 10 pounds of carrots. Eat them.
All right. Good.
All right. Look, write this number down.
All right. Thank you very much.
All rise.
All that is seen and indeed unseen.
All the fruitcakes in the world are here in California.
All the local newspapers.
All the time. Well, not all the time, but I know how you feel.
All this time, I've just been a substitute.
All this time, Mr. Addison's been a genius and we didn't know about it.
All those minds weighing, judging, evaluating.
All those people who have sat in that chair telling me their stories.
All trappings of material accomplishment.
Almost as if it was I...
Alter all the pre production, the meetings...
Although I am being disciplined...
Although it wouldn't be the first time. Come on.
Always liked my gals tall.
Am I ever gonna see you again?
Am I nuts?
Am I right, Maddie?
An acquired taste.
An attorney, the one I told you about.
An experiment that went wrong, while he pursues his true passion.
An important principle.
An old wives tale, but you've got a great look.
And "us" solve cases.
And "us" used to do it...
And a chance to sneak away with my wife...
And a client's about to walk through that door...
And a feeling that is...
And a pillow.
And a promotion. You'll be the assistant to the president.
And Adelaide Sapperman, Adele for short...
And after years of guilt ridden estrangement...
And all the time he's waiting, he was looking at me.
And also, because I had a visitor last night.
And Archie Leach liked Cary Grant better, big deal.
And as a result of that, Miss Fuller has asked that I accept her resignation.
And because you're the family brown nose...
And being such, you would be the logical choice...
And being the shrewd devil that she is, she probably noticed my absence.
And believe me, around here, a little industry is not a bad thing.
And believe me, I am not the type to sit around waiting for anything...
And both of you have got more holes in you than one of Burt's socks.
And by our very presence here, brothers and sisters....
And by shaving it off, I'm proving something to Agnes.
And call Jake's, get me a cheeseburger.
And cruel and horrible and ulterior and wrong.
And don't forget our new store in Paramus.
And don't you think they might discover that it's a bounty cheque...
And Dr. Brill came into the deli one day.
And everything was my fault.
And for that, by the gods, if I say the moon be the sun than to you...
And get Viola a knackwurst and banana.
And give you the satisfaction of terminating my services. Never.
And Harry.
And he has always discharged his fiduciary responsibilities...
And he is entitled to continue his studies if he so chooses.
And he is one terrific guy.