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Moonlighting (1985) - Season 1

Moonlighting (1985) - Season 1

Moonlighting is a television show that first aired in 1985 and quickly became a sensation among viewers. Its unique blend of witty dialogue, engaging storytelling, and a captivating cast made it an instant hit. The show followed the lives of David Addison Jr. and Maddie Hayes, played brilliantly by Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd, as they navigated the world of private detective work together.

The chemistry between Willis and Shepherd was one of the standout aspects of Moonlighting. Their dynamic was electric, with Willis portraying the charming and mischievous David, while Shepherd brought depth and vulnerability to the character of Maddie. Together, they formed a captivating on-screen duo that kept audiences eagerly tuning in week after week.

Moonlighting was known for its clever and intricate plots, which often combined elements of mystery, romance, and comedy. The show had a unique format, incorporating fantasy sequences, breaking the fourth wall, and even featuring musical numbers. These stylistic choices set Moonlighting apart from other shows of its time and contributed to its enduring popularity.

The supporting cast of Moonlighting was equally talented and played a significant role in the show's success. Curtis Armstrong portrayed the quirky and lovable character of Herbert Viola, David and Maddie's loyal assistant. Jack Blessing played MacGillicudy, another eccentric member of their detective agency. The chemistry among the entire cast was palpable, creating a memorable ensemble that brought the world of Moonlighting to life.

In addition to its captivating storytelling and stellar performances, Moonlighting was also known for its iconic theme song. "Moonlighting" was performed by Al Jarreau and perfectly captured the essence of the show. Its jazzy, upbeat rhythm and Jarreau's smooth vocals set the tone for each episode, instantly transporting viewers into the world of David and Maddie.

If you're a fan of Moonlighting and want to relive the magic of the show, you're in luck! You can now play and download the sounds from Moonlighting, including the iconic theme song, from our website. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of David and Maddie once again, and enjoy the nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Whether you're a longtime fan or new to the series, Moonlighting Season 1 is a must-watch. The show captured the hearts of viewers with its witty banter, compelling storylines, and unforgettable characters. Dive into the world of private detective work, filled with mystery and adventure, alongside David and Maddie.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn, get comfortable, and prepare to be captivated by Moonlighting Season 1. And don't forget to visit our website to play and download the sounds from the show. Relive the magic of Moonlighting today and enjoy the unforgettable journey of David and Maddie, brought to life by Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd.

A ball of fluff? You are calling me a ball of fluff?
A collector, like you two.
A contract, a signed contract? Who? Where? When?
A day?
A day? A whole day?
A day.
A day.
A family portrait studio.
A good sleep on a nice firm sofa.
A good woman, fast car...
A lot of married women don't.
A lot of people don't realize that plastic surgery is not a 9 to 5 profession.
A man came in here, said his name was Farley Wrye.
A man is dead. He's not gonna come to the door.
A man was murdered. He was stabbed to death right in front of me.
A nice meal like this could take two hours.
A person like me.
A pipeline the two of you were supposed to find.
A place for her to be with me.
A place for me to live.
A real client with a real case.
A real partner. A person you can depend on with your life.
A relationship is when two people see each other...
A revolution in modern warfare.
A serious gun for serious business, our business.
A stranger.
A symbol, please?
A terrific man.
A very impressive show, son.
A vibration...
A vital link in nature's food chain.
A well titled pawn.
A wonderful man.
A world of wondrous imagination.
About a month, just after you left for the cruise.
About a night like this, on a train like this?
About a wristwatch.
About a wristwatch.
About how you're laying all this on Laura Boyd.
About how your feelings for this mouse
About what I told you....
About what who told who?
About your son, Brian.
Absolutely certain that no man could love her...
Absolutely. Sebastian never really was part of our group.
Accessories go to prison, Maddie.
Accessories to murder. Unless we call the police.
Actually, I'm working on a little story of my own right now.
Actually, I'm writing a novel of my own right now.
Addison, it doesn't make sense.
Addison, this is not for us.
Addison, wake up! They sent you out to get money from Paul Bunyan.
Addison, we don't belong together.
Addison, we were just set up, made to look like fools.
Addison, we've been over this.
Admit it, you're as surprised as I am.
Admit it.
Afraid so.
Alan, you're a good lawyer and a good friend.
All based on technology developed at SRT under the toughest security.
All he's gotta do is deny Brian approval for his project.
All I do know is that you have to trust me.
All I'm asking for is a chance to talk.
All my friends go to this school.
All right, all right.
All right, Henry Higgins, can we go in now?
All right, if you must know, I spent last evening with Paul McCane.
All right, is the kid a born salesman or what?
All right, it's my shirt. But it's a phoney clue.
All right, let me handle this.
All right, let's go in the back in my office. We'll talk.
All right, look, here it is.
All right, Maddie. Looking good.
All right, so I made one mistake.
All right, two mistakes.
All right, what do you want? Now, you don't belong here!
All right, you might've seen my pictures somewhere.
All right, you wanna get deep? Let's talk about sex.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. A vegetarian. My kind of guy.
All the evidence points to her.
All the stars are on there.
All this is yours?
Already did.
Am I being fair to Rodney?
Amazing observation.
An old fashioned girl. My favourite kind.
And a friend of mine finally directed me to Preston Holt.
And according to Donahue, I'm at my physical and sexual peak...
And all I have to show for my life is....
And also a coward. Cowards don't kill people.
And apparently, she's not a terrific judge of character either.
And because I just have to know how your company...
And deep down inside, I'm an old fashioned guy.
And don't play the radio. It kills the battery.
And even the big M.
And four chicks started hitting on me at once, and I said:
And he would have realized that if only....
And he's a moody guy. He hears you, he's just being difficult.
And heaven help us all.
And I ask you again.
And I guess we also know that you and your husband...
And I know it, because you're kind of long, fellow.
And I remember being shocked the next day to discover...
And I searched in vain for someone who could understand it.
And I see the hole in the centre of his forehead.
And I think it has something to do with Omar Gauss.
And I will expect the prompt return of all company cars.
And I wrote out for him exactly how I thought the killer would use it:
And I'm not gonna do that until I am sure you are calm...
And I'm very sorry.
And if I return, it won't be to threaten you.
And if you don't mind me saying so, you are even more beautiful now...
And in it, I come up with a great idea for a new TV show. I mean, a hit show.
And it can't be the butler, because J.B. didn't have one.
And it would seem one of us killed him.
And it's good! And the fans leap to their feet.
And it's my feeling that this man really will blow my head off.
And it's up.
And just like the corner grocer...
And my guess is, just from what it weighs...
And my name's Paul McCane.
And now, if I may be so bold, I'd like to put you on hold.
And now?
And remember, honesty is the best policy.
And Sebastian fawns better than Bambi.
And she hears...
And she is shaking her head, "no."
And she meets Tony Orlando, and he is playing a sailor...
And so now I'm a private detective.
And something about my sister.
And still a little scared.
And that concludes our testing for this afternoon.
And that the only witness was our buddy at the elevator, Mr. Mohawk.
And that's all he does.
And that's why he invited you up to his estate...
And the dean is looking for me.
And the weird thing is, I wake up and still think it's great. Wanna hear it?
And the whole time, I never turned them out.
And then I see it.
And then one day you wake up, realise you had a crack at some great people.
And then one day...
And there's a woman who stops by once a week...
And this luxuriously thick head of hair.
And this, this is just the beginning
And we lost our biggest client. We lost our only client.
And we've got a nice big slice for Grandpa, how about that?
And what happened then?
And what happened when you got there?
And what I was wondering was....
And what if I don't?
And what you want it to look like.
And when he stops needing you, I stop needing you.
And you don't put pressure on people like that.
And you don't tell a woman like Laura to...
And you have no idea how the knife got in his back?
And you know as soon as I get set up somewhere...
And you shake it all about
And you two don't know who this guy really was?
And you work exclusively for J.B. Harland?
And you're probably going to apply duress.
And, I mean, I got one leg in the room and I see him.
Andre, whatever the problem is, I'm sure it's just some mistake.
Any special reason why somebody would wanna follow you?
Anybody ever gives you a choice between dying slow and dying fast...
Anybody got a light?
Anything. My life is an open book.
Anyway, I press the doorbell, and it goes "ding."
Anyway, I....
Anyway, if you're still interested in this particular case....
Apparently, it's a little crazy over there.
Apparently, the task was beyond you.
Apparently, these investments were maintained as write offs.
Appointment book.
Are those dates correct, Rodney?
Are we not talking?
Are you all right?
Are you all right?
Are you denying that you're not in bed alone every night by 9:30?
Are you gonna kill me now?
Are you having fun so far? You're not saying anything.
Are you just going to glare at them, or are you gonna invite them to stay?
Are you suggesting we turn J.B.'s death into a game?
Are you sure you're using that properly?
Are you sure, Betty?
Are you sure, Elizabeth? Our daughter?
Are you sure? It's awfully big when you're standing next to it.
Are you talking to me?
Are you telling me that I have no recourse?
Aren't any of you curious as to how...
Aren't we giving the murderer a break here?
Aren't you gonna stick around and watch?
Art? Don't make me laugh. What we've got here is life imitating trash.
Arthur was beginning to suspect something.
Arthur wasn't about to give her a divorce.
Arthur wasn't loving, so I had Paul.
As a matter of fact, I'd say it's crushing.
As soon as I got a look at that wimp. All his talk about Orson
As soon as it gets out that I'm alive, I'm as good as gone.
As soon as the world finds out he's got a pulse...
As you all know...
Ask me about plan B.
At my age, the walk from the parking lot
At one point, our house J.B. and I used to own a home together.
Back at my house, that was very brave, what you did.
Back in the 14th century, they invented the crossbow.