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Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) Soundboard

Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) Soundboard

Glengarry Glen Ross is a captivating and intense film that was released in 1992, directed by James Foley. Based on David Mamet's Pulitzer Prize-winning play, the movie delves into the cutthroat and high-stakes world of real estate sales. It features a stellar cast that includes Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Alec Baldwin, Alan Arkin, Ed Harris, and Kevin Spacey.

Set in the early 1980s, Glengarry Glen Ross takes place primarily in a dingy and claustrophobic real estate office in Chicago. The story revolves around a group of four salesmen who are struggling to keep their jobs as their company faces the threat of downsizing. The pressure intensifies when a corporate executive, portrayed by Alec Baldwin, arrives to deliver a ruthless motivational speech that sets the tone for the rest of the film.

Al Pacino gives a standout performance as Ricky Roma, a smooth-talking and charismatic salesman who seems to possess the golden touch. His character is charming and manipulative, always one step ahead of his colleagues. Jack Lemmon portrays Shelley Levene, an older salesman who desperately needs a big sale to stay afloat. Lemmon delivers a deeply poignant and vulnerable performance as he grapples with the fear of losing his livelihood.

Alan Arkin's character, George Aaronow, is a meek and insecure salesman who constantly doubts his abilities. Ed Harris plays Dave Moss, an ambitious and aggressive salesman who is willing to resort to ethically questionable tactics to get ahead. Kevin Spacey portrays the office manager John Williamson, adding an air of authority to the film.

The movie is a masterclass in dialogue-driven storytelling, showcasing David Mamet's signature style of sharp and profanity-laden exchanges. The characters' interactions are gripping, filled with tension and layered with underlying deceit. Glengarry Glen Ross exposes the dark realities of a competitive and ruthless sales environment, where success is measured solely by closing deals, regardless of the cost.

The film's minimalistic cinematography enhances the sense of confinement and tension in the office space. The oppressive atmosphere is accentuated by the dim lighting, worn-out furniture, and cluttered surroundings. The overall aesthetic perfectly mirrors the characters' declining morale as their desperation to secure sales intensifies.

Glengarry Glen Ross received critical acclaim upon its release and garnered numerous awards. Al Pacino was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, while Jack Lemmon won the Volpi Cup for Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival. The film also won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for Drama when it originally premiered as a play in 1984.

If you are intrigued by the raw power and intensity of Glengarry Glen Ross, you can immerse yourself in its sounds by playing and downloading the movie's score and soundtrack. The haunting melodies and atmospheric compositions by James Newton Howard perfectly complement the film's gripping narrative. From the opening notes to the soul-stirring finale, the music serves as a powerful companion to the emotional journey of the characters.

Glengarry Glen Ross is a timeless classic that continues to resonate with audiences today. Its exploration of greed, desperation, and the human condition is as relevant as ever, making it a must-watch for fans of riveting dramas. Experience the captivating world of real estate sales and the dark underbelly of ambition by immersing yourself in this unforgettable film.

All right, Danny. Yeah, all right
An opportunity. To what? To make money?
And that concerns me.
And that's all I have to say to you.
And those things are yours. You needn't feel ashamed.
Anybody who talks to this asshole is a fucking asshole
Anybody's going out, I could use some coffee.
Are you nuts? I'm gonna close for you! Take...
Can you believe this? I got to go back and close again
Come in.
Could I?
Deadbeats. Deadbeats, all of 'em.
Don't fuck with me.
Give me... I'll take two more of the old leads.
Glad I met you.
Grace, I'm gonna need
He went over, he brought us back a drink...
He'd buy them.
Hello? Mr. Levene
How much did you get for them?
How much you just ingested. Oh, what a big man you are!
I don't have too much time and I'm on the midnight plane back,
I don't know why I didn't. I should've, I don't know why.
I don't know, why?
I got bills to pay. I want two sits tonight
I have some rather..
I mean, talk about a fucking beat
I spoke to your wife earlier on the phone.
I suppose I could swing by tonight. Yes. Uh huh.
I was dialing the direct line to my daughter's room.
I wish we could have gotten together at that time
I... you know, they should be insured.
I'd like to speak to you about awarding you your prize.
I'd really like to get it off the books before...
I'll bring it in the office in the morning.
I'm gonna pull another one, and we're gonna speak to your relatives, too.
I'm hired to watch the leads, to marshal my sales force
I'm saying this, Shelly...
I'm sorry, but it's wrong, and you know whose fault it is?
I'm sorry, I...
If everyone thinks one thing, then I say bet the other way
If he needs a new sig, he'll go out himself.
If I have to go in there, and if I get caught...
If you don't like that, I go across the street and speak to Jerry Graff.
It looks like robbery, we take the leads out of the files
Let me ask you this... are you going to turn me in?
Look, I'm here overnight... I have to go home tomorrow,
Mr. Speice? Mr
No, no..
Now how did you know that contract was on my desk?
Oh, "cats and dogs."
Oh, the doctor came by
Perhaps I could assist you. Excuse us, will you?
Phoned to say he already had an offer.
Put that with the negotiable papers, if you would.
Ray was eating at one of his company men's homes in France.
Ray, I got to tell you something. You eat in a lot of restaurants?
See if any of you closed a contract, take the contract..
See, the thing of it is,
Sit down.
So you haven't got a contract to get stolen and so forth.
Tell them he's on the 1:00. I'll see you.
That's why you married her. One of the reasons is prudence
The only stipulation, of course, is that you and your husband
Then go home and tell your wife your troubles
Then I sat 22 minutes by that kitchen clock on the wall.
Then they're yanking us in on some sales conference
They don't give you the leads, they don't give you the support,
Three business days, they mean.
To throw around, "Just go out and sell
Today. Which, in any case, it was not...
Treat people like that
Uh huh
Uh huh. George... when they come to me,
We are going to talk. I want to tell you something.
Well, that was easy, wasn't it?
Well, when do you think Mrs. Nyborg might be back?
Well, when will he be home? Fine, I'll call you back in 10 minutes
Well, when will Mrs. Nyborg be back?
What are you, huh, Bishop Sheen?
What does this mean? What do you want it to mean?
What the hell are you?
What, Jim?
What, what? The leads ain't going to leave?
When we were on Rio Rancho, who was the top man, huh?
Where is Roma? Where the hell is Mr
Who you know, whose dick you're sucking on,
Why are you doing this to me, Dave?
Why? 'Cause they're not going to find the guy.
Yeah, we spoke yesterday
You and me for one night's work, and a job with Graff
You are really beginning to burn my ass, kid
You can't do that! You don't want to do that
You get befuddled by a middle class morality?
You go in the door... I got to close this fucker or I don't eat lunch,
You have a contract with your wife,
You needn't feel that you're being untrue
You told me, "Close thus, and so you get the car."
You want to stick around? I'll pull the memo. I'm busy.
You, Williamson, I'm talking to you, shithead.
You're going to miss me. I swear to you, you will miss me
You've got a big mouth!
Your life is your own.
And what if you don't close? I will
Did I talk to him about this? Yeah.
Do you want to go out today? I don't have to eat this month
For them? For the leads
I could use a leg up. After the meeting
I don't want to hear your war stories. Fuck you, Dave.
It was talent! Yes.
It's worthless. The check is no good?
Jesus. Now wait a second!
Me. Absolutely.
No. You have nothing to hide.
Roma, man... he don't care. He don't care.
so gifted. Gifted, my ass!
that you owe me. They didn't get your contract.
The leads are coming. Get 'em to me.
The magazine! Yes.
They did. They killed the goose. And now...
They'll know when you go to Graff
This shit. It's too..
What do you do? What can you do?
What the fuck does that mean? If the sale sticks it'll be a miracle.
What this? The deal.
What? They'll be upset.
When I talk to police, I get nervous. Yes, you know who doesn't?
Where did you get this from, a morgue? Look, I'm...
Why? Why?
With River Oaks? River Oaks, Brook Farms.
working the premium leads. A job with Graff?
Yes. It's wrong.
...when criminals come and they take... they steal the phones?
"Let me buy you a pack of gum... I'll show you how to chew it."
"Sell 10,000, you win a Cadillac;
# Blue skies smiling at me #
# Blue skies smiling at me #
# In the morning there's bluebirds #
# In the morning there's bluebirds #
# Never saw things going so right #
# Never saw things going so right #
# Nothing but blue skies do I see #
# Nothing but blue skies from now on..
# Now on #
# Singing a song #
# Singing a song #
75? I thought we were splitting five grand.