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Home > Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)...
After all, as you once said so memorably, It's all just a business
After all, you are the daughter of a genius.
And as the planets move into alignment,
And must place an awful burden on your shoulders
Any more at #2,500,000?
But also in time
But I'm pretty sure you've figured out the answer to the problem.
But the origin of this clock
Come on
Come on, Simon!
Come on!
Crouched by the McLaren
Even though it's obviously just for show.
Forgive me
Good evening.
Help me, and you will get what I know you want,
I think I've never seen anything quite so beautiful
I wish you could remember her. She loved you so much.
I'll be calling in a favour.
In, oh, say another 5,000 years
It gave its possessor a power that could be used for good or great evil
It is a crossing
It seems
It was hidden in a secret room
It's a clock.
It's slowing down. It's never gonna make it
Lady Croft, are you on target? Over
Last night during the first stage of the alignment
Mr Powell, your explanation for this, please?
My father once told me
My God
No guns.
No, no, Mr Wilson said you were quite the archaeologist
Oh, that's harsh.
On more familiar ground, if I killed you now?
One week from today.
Or we can all come back in time for the next alignment
Thank you.
That I know so little about.
The clock is the key, Lara
The log must pierce the urn.
Too slow, ladies, too slow. Come on
Two, one,
Very interesting
Was it programmed to stop before it took my head off?
We can't change time.
We will now
Well, I guess she was right.
Well, we can do it my way
Well, you can keep the triangle you have
Who seek to fulfil an ancient prophecy by reuniting the two halves
Why you took the power of the light, but this must not happen.
Will you reconsider?
Yes, but who sits here?
Yes, indeed. One week
Yes, sir, Mr Powell
You got what you came for?
You said it started ticking the night of the alignment
Your coffee, sir. Decaf latte with non fat milk
A lawyer. Isn't it obvious?
Hold this, will you? Thank you.
#2,100,000. #2,100,000, now.
$50 says the piece is inside the sun.