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Emily in Paris (2020) - Season 2

Emily in Paris (2020) - Season 2

Title: Emily in Paris (2020) - Season 2: A Dazzling Adventure in the City of Love

Emily in Paris, the hit romantic comedy-drama series, made its debut in 2020, captivating audiences worldwide with its heartwarming story and charming characters. Season 2 of Emily in Paris promises to continue the exciting adventures of Emily Cooper as she navigates life, love, and career in the enchanting city of Paris. Join us as we delve into what awaits fans in this highly anticipated second season.

Plot and Characters:
In Season 2, fans will be delighted to witness the return of the vivacious and free-spirited Emily Cooper, portrayed by the talented Lily Collins. Emily, an ambitious young marketing executive from Chicago, finds herself in the dazzling city of Paris when her company acquires a French luxury marketing firm. Season 1 saw Emily adjusting to the idiosyncrasies of the French culture while trying to make her mark in the company.

Season 2 promises to bring new exciting challenges and romantic entanglements for Emily. The charming Gabriel, brought to life by Lucas Bravo, still holds a special place in Emily's heart, but his complicated relationship with Camille, played by Camille Razat, adds an intriguing twist. As Emily continues to grow both personally and professionally, she will face fresh professional rivalries and discover that love in the city of lights is anything but predictable.

While navigating the ups and downs of her work and personal life, Emily also develops a delightful camaraderie with her co-worker Mindy, portrayed by Ashley Park. Mindy, with her unabashed humor and unapologetic authenticity, offers Emily a much-needed source of support and friendship in the bustling city.

Furthermore, fans eagerly anticipate the return of other iconic characters, such as Emily's Parisian friend and colleague, Sylvie, played by Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, who is known for her sharp wit and unwavering confidence. Additionally, the ever-charming perfumer Antoine, portrayed by William Abadie, continues to captivate audiences with his charisma and allure.

Season 2 Trailer and Music:
To heighten the excitement for Season 2, the captivating trailer showcases Emily's glamorous adventures against the backdrop of picturesque Parisian streets and landmarks. The trailer is expertly accompanied by an upbeat and catchy soundtrack, featuring popular artists such as Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, and Bruno Mars. The show's music perfectly complements the vibrant energy and romantic atmosphere of the series, making it a must-download for fans.

Fans of Emily in Paris can enjoy the mesmerizing sounds that enrapture the senses throughout the show by playing and downloading the official soundtrack. Whether listeners want to recreate their favorite Parisian moments or simply crave the enchanting melodies that transport them to the City of Love, the soundtrack acts as a melodic passport to the magical universe of Emily Cooper.

Season 2 of Emily in Paris promises to be a delightful continuation of the series that captured the hearts of viewers around the world. As Emily Cooper immerses herself deeper into the Parisian lifestyle, fans can anticipate a blend of heartwarming romance, career challenges, and comedic situations. With a stellar cast and an enchanting soundtrack, Emily in Paris continues to provide an immersive and enjoyable escape into a world of love, dreams, and adventure.

[Play and Download the Official Emily in Paris Season 2 Soundtrack Here]

A big space for a big personality.
A Champère challenge that we hope can go viral.
A drive thru. A quick fix.
A friend of mine opened a motorcycle café in Amsterdam and, uh...
A good friend of mine is having a small engagement party.
A ha. Enchantée. Emily has told me so much about you.
A heart pumping cardio experience
A little bit faster.
A little more crazy? Play the part. Yes! That's fantastic!
A lunch at La Société in Saint Germain.
A major designer is desperate for a new marketing team,
A marketing firm behind my restaurant opening. I mean...
A pact? You don't have to worry about me and Gabriel.
A perfect combination of art, architecture, food.
A perfumery, candle distributor,
A poireau is a leek.
A restaurant opening.
A solution? Well, frankly, I don't know, I don't see the problem.
A strange story popped up on my Instagram.
A very dear friend and mentor
About a cake delivery. BRB.
About the affair?
About us.
Actually, Dad, Emily had an amazing idea.
Actually, I am.
Actually, I was thinking we could maybe eat here tonight?
Actually, it's my birthday tomorrow, and we're planning a little dinner party.
Actually, it's pronounced "Cannes."
Actually, more than people. And I learned that a long time ago.
Actually, no, I never went to Normandy.
Actually, you do look pale.
After all of that drama.
After all the support I have shown you.
After everything that I told you. That my clothes are "amusants"?
After the other night, I'm not so sure.
Ah, an afterlife!
Ah, did I miss the DIY class?
Ah, excellent! I'll be there.
Ah, I warned him this would happen someday. But he doesn't listen.
Ah, it's probably just a little bit of rain.
Ah, no.
Ah, okay.
Ah, so you come here often?
Ah, the champagne has arrived!
Ah, unbelievable!
Ah, yes, yes, yes, but I'm afraid I dream too big.
Ah! Nice to see you again.
Ah! Oh, oh, it's there, I see it.
Ah! Okay, meuf, make a toast!
Ah! Okay, um, good point. Why don't we call it even?
Ah. I've taught you so much.
Alfie and I are having dinner. But maybe we'll swing by after.
Alfie is short for Alfred.
Alfie was born in Hampshire.
Alfie works at a bank and he loves football.
Alfie, can you join me at the board, please.
Alfie, can you write on the board, please, "J'imagine que je suis en vacances."
Alfie, I am an American marketing executive.
Alfie, I wish I could say the same to you.
Alfie, what's going on?
Alfie's at Gabriel's restaurant!
All French pans look alike.
All good. Not bothered.
All I did was talk to my friend in China about you.
All I want is for Gabriel and Camille to get back together. Okay?
All of you, out!
All right, Gérard, let's see it!
All right, go away now. Okay, bye.
All right, just here.
All right, just pose next to it.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Uh... Will you meet us there?
All that growth with Maison Lavaux. She's been head of that account for years.
All the stuff we were writing about then is bullshit?
Allow me to translate.
Also, there is a trendy club in St Tropez that Sylvie has connections to.
Alternating weekends, color coded schedules.
Always being there for each other. No matter who. No matter what.
Always on my birthday.
Am I off key?
Am I screaming?
Am I wrong?
An aperitif that becomes an aphrodisiac.
An everyday luxury.
And a longtime client of Savoir.
And a sterling reputation.
And after almost five years together,
And America is more about health and wellness now.
And as her friend,
And at your two o'clock is Madame Mange.
And before you come after us,
And busking on the mean streets of Paris."
And by the way, it was genius.
And clients?
And compromising Champère with your poor choices,
And created a highly curated guest list for tomorrow night.
And didn't wanna go on vacation with me anymore, which was the right move.
And drink away your guilt?
And Emily told me you were a drag queen.
And even has his initials on it. GTC.
And ever since I moved to Paris,
And every food publication in France.
And for the record,
And for the upper half,
And from now on, it won't get turned up until the dinner service ends at 11:00.
And Gabriel is waiting for Camille to apologize for their fight.
And German and a little Japanese.
And get some behind the scenes footage of you at work.
And get to know your partner better.
And go back to Chicago to the promotion
And Grégory Elliot Duprée is on board conditionally.
And grown women who want to stay friends.
And has a big face on it.
And he didn't call me to say what's really going on.
And he was shortlisted in the Pink Lady Food Photo Awards 2020.
And he's kind of broke,
And he's pretty sweet and funny too.
And I also didn't stand her up.
And I appreciate how generous you were with the butter.
And I can tell when you're in love with your subject.
And I can't stop thinking about you. Okay? But I have to.
And I didn't fall in love with my friend's boyfriend.
And I don't see how we can make Pelotech work.
And I happen to think it's exquisite.
And I have the most amazing way of opening the bottle.
And I have to focus, because I need more oral.
And I just happen to be able to see right through it.
And I just need to say this, okay, before I lose the nerve.
And I knew it would happen.
And I need you to be honest with me.
And I still don't understand how you did that.
And I think Antoine just fired him at the same time.
And I think I know what happened.
And I think we could do it.
And I think we got everything we needed.
And I thought you were going to St Tropez together.
And I want to make sure that you,
And I want you to join me.
And I wanted to invite you all to a dinner party at my place.
And I wanted to let you know that I invited Gabriel
And I'd buy you a beer.
And I'll come join you like Marcello Mastroianni.
And I'll see you tomorrow?
And I'm afraid I've lost him.
And I'm all about doing the right thing now.
And I'm glad she came. It was really fun.
And I'm just really scared
And I'm not going to fall in love with you when we have an expiration date.
And I'm not staying in Paris.
And I'm not sure any court of law in this country would take kindly to that.
And I'm not! You'll just have to come to the bateau mouche!
And I'm only in Paris for a year.
And I'm sorry. I really am.
And I'm staying in Paris, thanks to a job.
And I'm sure London is just the same.
And I'm sure your friends are very lovely,
And I'm sure your friends are very lovely,
And I'm using the money to start a new firm.
And I'm very sorry we won't be working together, really.
And if it isn't the liar who almost cost me my job.
And if she didn't tell you her story,
And if the show's a success, which it will be,
And if you can get through it, you'll wind up closer.
And in the meantime,
And it was a very sudden decision, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.
And it's a disaster.
And it's also been just so incredible and beautiful too.
And it's brought me nothing but bad luck, so I'm returning it.
And it's super fun, so I thought that we could get dinner
And it's time for an executive check in from the Gilbert Group.
And judging by the look of things, that is no longer Savoir.
And let's make a media with him we approve.
And let's not ever let a man come between us again.
And made me watch all the original episodes.
And making a bunch of mistakes along the way,
And more importantly, I do like to have fun. Okay?
And mostly because I don't feel like going to a cafe.
And not including the cheese course.
And not what's gonna make everyone else happy.
And now Benoît just thinks I was playing him.
And now he wants to be the face of the brand.
And now I have to go to Savoir
And now it really belongs to you.
And now Julien will be running point on the account.
And now she's icing me out of her life and her account, so not well.
And now this stranger comes along, and he decides he wants to stay.
And our fees need to mirror that growth.
And our longest partnerships.
And pivot to the event's Twitter impressions.
And pumped music in.
And Savoir has been with you every step of the way.
And say what? Something insane like, "I miss you. I wish you were here."
And scam artists just like any other big city.
And she always had a bikini in her purse, just in case.
And she decided to make it your job.
And she's begging for him to take her back.
And shoved down their throats.
And since you're stuck with me, make an effort.
And so are you! I'm Mindy.
And so do the wheels.
And so far, all the guests who've booked have arrived.
And some gorgeous Italian who always flirts with her,
And some people from the office.