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Gay Purr-ee (1962) Family Soundboard

Gay Purr-ee (1962) Family Soundboard

Gay Purr-ee is a delightful animated musical film that was released in 1962. This family-friendly movie brings together a talented cast and a charming storyline that is sure to captivate audiences of all ages. Produced by United Productions of America and directed by Abe Levitow, Gay Purr-ee tells the tale of a beautiful country cat named Mewsette who dreams of a glamorous life in Paris.

The film features the voice talents of some legendary Hollywood stars, including the incomparable Judy Garland as the lead character Mewsette. Her expressive voice adds depth and emotion to Mewsette's journey, as she longs for excitement and love in the city of lights. Garland's exceptional singing talent is showcased throughout the movie, reminding audiences of her incredible vocal range and stage presence.

Co-starring alongside Garland is the iconic comedian and actor, Red Buttons, who lends his voice to the charming rooster, Jaune-Tom. Button's comedic timing and distinct voice bring a sense of humor and wit to the character, making Jaune-Tom an endearing and memorable companion to Mewsette.

Playing the part of the villainous Meowrice, Paul Frees's deep and menacing voice adds a layer of tension to the film. Meowrice is a conniving and selfish tomcat who seeks to exploit Mewsette's ambitions for his own gain. Frees's performance perfectly captures the sly and manipulative nature of Meowrice, making him a formidable antagonist in Mewsette's journey.

The cast is rounded out by the talented voices of Hermione Gingold as Madame Rubens-Chatte, Mewsette's mentor in Paris, and Robert Goulet as the romantic feline, Jaques. Their vocal contributions elevate the film's musical numbers and add depth to the story's romantic subplot.

Gay Purr-ee is not only noteworthy for its cast but also for its enchanting animation. The film's animation style embodies the timeless charm of classic hand-drawn animation, with vibrant colors and beautifully detailed backgrounds. The Parisian setting is brought to life with lush landscapes and stunning landmarks, transporting viewers to a whimsical version of the city.

The film's music, composed by Harold Arlen with lyrics by E.Y. Harburg, further enhances its enchanting atmosphere. The songs range from heartfelt ballads to catchy and playful tunes, all showcasing Judy Garland's exceptional vocal talent. The song "Paris is a Lonely Town" stands out as a melancholic and introspective piece, highlighting Mewsette's longing for something more. Other notable songs include "The Money Cat" and "Little Drops of Rain," each adding a touch of magic to the film's narrative.

Thanks to modern technology, fans of Gay Purr-ee can still enjoy the film's timeless music and enchanting storyline. For those eager to relive the nostalgic charm of this classic, the soundtrack can be easily found and downloaded for personal enjoyment. Playing these sounds will transport listeners to the whimsical world of Gay Purr-ee, where a brave cat named Mewsette dares to follow her dreams.

In conclusion, Gay Purr-ee is a delightful family film that combines exquisite animation, memorable characters, and a beautiful musical score. Featuring the exceptional voice talents of Judy Garland, Red Buttons, Paul Frees, and more, the film captures the joys and challenges of pursuing one's dreams. With its timeless appeal and enchanting storyline, Gay Purr-ee remains a beloved classic that can be enjoyed by audiences of all generations.

A Dutch painter who has found new inspiration here in Paris...
A man of noble birth is Monsieur Henri Toulouse Lautrec...
At Madame Rubens Chatte's?
Champagne, garcon
Henri Rousseau is an ex soldier with no formal art training.
Here we go again
His subjects often take on the aspects of a still life.
I hope my little protegee is ready for her great adventure, sister.
I won't harm your little friend
I'm really on my way to Paris!
If there was any other way, I would have waited, Jaune Tom
If you ever decide to marry, boys, marry for love..
It's no use, Robespierre.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have some business to attend to
Pointillism is a highly individual style developed by Georges Seurat...
So this time, I want something in advance
Why, old Jaune Tom's probably in Alaska about now.
...must, under the circumstances, be doubled
...of money
...Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A
...where you will make her into the belle of all Paris