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Maná Soundboard

Maná Soundboard

Maná is not a movie, television show, or even a particular song, but rather a renowned Latin rock band hailing from Mexico. Formed in 1986, this internationally acclaimed group has gained tremendous popularity and has been an influential force in the music industry for over three decades. Known for their eclectic blend of rock, pop, and traditional Latin rhythms, Maná has created a unique sound that has resonated with audiences worldwide.

The band consists of four talented and charismatic members. Fher Olvera, the lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, is the driving force behind Maná's powerful lyrics and captivating stage presence. Alex González, the band's drummer, brings a dynamic energy to their performances, creating an irresistible rhythm that hooks listeners instantly. Sergio Vallín's skillful guitar playing adds soulful melodies and electrifying solos to the band's distinctive sound. Lastly, Juan Calleros, the bassist, lays down the groovy foundation that ties the band's music together.

Throughout their career, Maná has released numerous hit albums, producing a wide array of popular songs that have become anthems for generations. Their breakthrough album, "¿Dónde Jugarán los Niños?," released in 1992, marked a turning point in their success. It sold over 8 million copies worldwide and featured hits like "Vivir sin aire" and "Rayando el Sol." This record catapulted Maná to international recognition and solidified their place in Latin rock history.

Another landmark album came in 1997 with "Sueños Líquidos." This critically acclaimed release tackled social and political issues and showcased the band's growth both musically and lyrically. Songs such as "En el Muelle de San Blas" and "Clavado en un Bar" demonstrated Maná's ability to craft powerful, thought-provoking songs that resonated with fans across the globe.

Maná's influence extends far beyond their music. The band has been vocal about their commitment to environmental and social causes, utilizing their platform to raise awareness about issues such as deforestation, global warming, and human rights. Their song "Eres mi Religión" from the album "Revolución de Amor" reflects their spiritual beliefs and highlights the importance of love and compassion.

In recent years, Maná has continued to captivate audiences with their electrifying live performances. Their 2019 tour, "Rayando el Sol," named after their iconic song, sold out stadiums around the world and solidified their status as one of the most successful Latin rock bands of all time. They are known for their high-energy concerts, where fans can experience the band's infectious energy firsthand.

If you are looking to delve into the captivating world of Maná, you can listen, play, and download their incredible sounds from various online platforms. Whether you are a fan of their early hits or their more recent releases, their music offers a diverse and immersive experience that transcends language barriers.

Maná's enduring success can be attributed to their ability to create music that resonates with people from all walks of life. With their powerful lyrics, infectious rhythms, and unwavering commitment to social issues, Maná continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

Mana Friend
Oye Mi Amor
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, amor
Ay, mariposa de amor
Como pudiera la flor crecer sen tierra
Como pudiera un ave volar sin alas
Como pudiera un pez nadar sin agua
Como quisiera poder vivir sin agua
Como quisiera poder vivir sin aire
Como quisiera poder Vivir sin aire
Donde se posan tus amores
Esta pena me duele, me quema sin tu amor
Fácil llegar al sol, que a tu corazón me muero
Facil y ligera de quien te provoca
Mana Iremisa
Mana Janab Ne
Mana Mana
Mana Vivir Sin Aire
Mana Vivir Sin Aire
Mana Vivir Sin Aire Sm
Mana Vivir Sin Aire Sm
Mana Vivir Sin Aire Sm
Mariposa traicionera
Me encantaría cantarte esta canción
Me encantaria quererte un poco menos
Me encantaria tomar tu corazon ...
Me estoy ahogando sin tu amor
Me estoy ahogando sin tu amor
Mi mariposa de amor
Mi mariposa de amor
Pasan los minutos cual si fueran años
Pero no puedo, siento que muero
Que tengas suerte en tu vida
Rayando el sol oeooo desesperación es más fácil llegar al sol que a tu corazón, oh me
Rayando el sol, oeooo desesperación es más
Rayando, ¡uuuh rayando, rayando el sol!
Seduciendo, a los pistilos
Son muchas lunas las que te he llorado
Todo se lo lleva el viento
Trampa que no mata pero no libera
Y no regreses a un lado
Мама тереза Mama