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Home > Bryan Wilks Sounds: Fallout 3
NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
All of a sudden the ants went nuts and started fighting each other.
All you care about is your stuff.
All you care about is yourself.
And don't you dare leave me alone.
Are you like some kind of crazy person?
At first they just crawled around outside our town.
Bad move, Mungo.
Brian Wilkes.
Brian Wilkes.
But he said they were the dumbest fucking ants he ever saw.
But those things, they're gonna get you.
But what about Papa?
Can you protect me?
Come on.
Come visit me sometime.
Crap. This is hopeless.
Did you change your mind or something?
Did you find me a home?
Do you ever dream about monsters?
Do you like being bad or is it just you can't help it?
Don't worry about me. I'll be OK here.
Every time I'd sneak in there, he'd be sitting at that funny looking TV machine with the green words pushing buttons.
Fine, I guess.
Fire ants.
Fuck you.
Get away from me, you jerk.
Guess I accept your apology.
Hanging around this born place as usual.
He always kept staring at us from the windows of his house and typing stuff into his TV box.
He was kind of scary.
Here to make fun of me or something.
Hey there, miss.
Hi there Mr.
Hi there.
Holy moly.
How are you today?
How can I ever trust a grown up again?
How could you do this to me?
Howdy, Mr.
I already knew anyway.
I bet you're so bad because your mom didn't love you.
I can see what you're doing, you know.
I can't remember.
I do.
I don't know.
I don't really like sleeping in a huge cave.
I don't think I should talk to you.
I feel kind of sick.
I guess this is goodbye then.
I hope they get you too.
I hope you found me a place to live.
I just call them fire ants.
I keep having dreams about the ants.
I kind of don't like it in here. I'm going to be really lonely.
I live in grade itch.
I need you to find my paper.
I need you to find my paper.
I remember you. You're mean.
I said it, and I mean it.
I thought you were different.
I understand.
I wish you could stay here with me and Gray Ditch.
I'll get my stuff together and move on out there right away.
I'll head over there and wait inside.
I'm bored.
I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.
I'm scared. I don't know what to do.
If they didn't know that.
Is there any food in here?
It was a nice man but he never wanted to play with me very much and we barely talked.
It was like they were totally crazy. It was really scary, but kind of cool at the same time, You know what I mean?
It's all their fault. They did this to us.
It's lonely. No one really comes by here. Plus, this place keeps reminding me of my Papa.
It's pretty close to the diner, you can't miss it.
Just don't forget about me.
Just help me, promise you'll help me.
Like big, smelly Mungo.
Maybe I shouldn't have eaten that wizard.
My dad used to always say you can do whatever you want in life, but the family comes first.
My house is the one closest to the huge sign and the old diner.
My name's Brian Wilkes.
My Papa is missing, and I think the ants may have gotten him.
My Papa would always say they're fucking ants. Well, that's what he used to call them anyway.
No, go ahead.
No, I can never go home.
No, those things will get me. I can't.
Now that the fire ants are long gone, maybe people will begin showing U here again.
Ohh besides me and my Papa, there was Doc Wesco who stayed with us, and Will Brandis and his Mama and Papa too.
Ohh man, you got me.
Ohh no.
Ohh, come on.
OK, I guess.
Please don't go, please.
Please don't hurt me.
Please find my Papa and make him come back.
Please no.
Rivet City.
Rivet City.
Say you're sorry three times and you better mean it.
See you around.
See you later, alligator.
Something about laying eggs.
Son of a bitch.
Stop it.
Tell me already.
Thank you so much.
That's right, an asshole.
The name's Brian Wilkes, by the way.
Then you can make these things go away.
There were seven of us living there in tall old brick houses. I think I'm the last one left.
They always just say sorry, but then it turns out to be a bunch of lies.
They got huge teeth and skitter around grabbing everything in their path.
They keep coming. They scare me, Make it stop.
They're all over great, Hitch, and they killed everyone.
They're big, ugly things that crawl around on 6 legs.
This can't be happening.
Those monsters they're gonna give me?
Those things that are coming around only in the last few months.
Those things that keep coming, they scare me, Make it stop.
Those things.
We had to get back at these things for killing my Papa. We're just gotta.
We'll keep trying, lady.
We'll keep trying, Mr.
Well, fuck you.
Well, you don't have to be such a media about it.
What are you doing?
What do you want?
What is it weighty?
What is it, Mr.
What you need, lady?
What you need, Mr.
What's going on?
What's the matter with you?
What's your problem?
Whatever that means.
When I was bad, my Papa made me apologize three times, then decided if I was really sorry or not.
While there used to be like big regular ants once in a while.
You can just go to hell.
You can just go to hell. That's right. I said it and I mean it. I never want to talk to you again, Like, ever.
You don't care. No one ever cares.
You don't care. The grown-ups never cared.
You don't have to be such a jerk about it.
You grown-ups are all the same.
You must think I'm pretty stupid.
You need some.
You really found her?
You really found her. Ohh, thank you so much.
You shouldn't have done that.
You want to talk to me about stuff?
You will really. Thanks a whole lot.
You won't leave me like all the other grown-ups. You you can help me?
You're a big asshole.
You're a jerk and I hate you.
You're bad.
You're funny looking.
You're kind of weird.
You're the bad lady that hurts people, aren't you?
You're the bad man that hurts people, aren't you?