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The Man from Toronto

The Man from Toronto

Title: The Man from Toronto

The Man from Toronto is an upcoming action-comedy film that will hit the big screens in 2022. Directed by Patrick Hughes, the film promises to deliver an entertaining blend of thrilling action sequences and side-splitting humor. While specific details about the plot are yet to be unveiled, audiences can expect a concoction of wild escapades and hilarious misunderstandings.

One of the most exciting aspects of The Man from Toronto is its star-studded cast. Leading the charge is the dynamic duo of Kevin Hart and Jason Statham. Known for their impeccable comedic timing and action prowess, Hart and Statham will undoubtedly bring an electrifying chemistry to the screen. Joining them are talented actors such as Woody Harrelson, Ellen Barkin, and Pierson Fode, who will enhance the film's comedic depth and add depth to the characters' interactions.

Despite limited information on the film's specifics, The Man from Toronto promises a thrilling ride that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Whether it's high-speed chases, explosive fight scenes, or laugh-out-loud moments, this action-comedy is set to deliver an adrenaline-fueled and unforgettable cinematic experience. The film's director, Patrick Hughes, has previously delighted audiences with his work on "The Expendables 3" and "Red Hill," showcasing his ability to create action-packed and visually stunning films.

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In conclusion, The Man from Toronto promises to be a thrilling and hilarious action-comedy that combines the talents of Kevin Hart, Jason Statham, and an outstanding ensemble cast. Directed by Patrick Hughes, the film is anticipated to deliver an adrenaline-fueled experience with its action sequences and comedic moments. While specific details remain under wraps, fans can anticipate a captivating plot filled with wild escapades and uproarious misunderstandings.

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Although The Man from Toronto remains a mystery for now, the anticipation for its release grows day by day. With its stellar cast, intriguing plot, and the promise of laughter and thrills, this action-comedy sets the stage for an unforgettable cinematic journey. So, prepare yourself for an adventure that will captivate your senses, and in the meantime, enjoy the incredible sounds that surround you, accessible through online platforms.

A female by the name of Debora, who we believe is his handler,
A good looking man like this, that's gonna obviously be charming.
A little above average for my size.
A lot of stuff.
A new Venezuelan embassy.
A102 conference room.
According to Luis's note,
According to Oscar's phone,
Actually, I do need you to deliver the thumb.
After I finish off this poser.
After I remove your eyes, your ears,
After witnessing his grandfather being eaten alive by a bear,
Agent, stand down.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.
Ah! Ah!
Ah! I'm slipping!
Ah! No, no, no! Don't shoot, don't shoot! I'll do anything.
Ah! Oh, my eye!
Ain't gonna be no dancing.
Ain't that right?
All employees exit the building.
All I had to do was change the damn toner and I wouldn't be in none of this.
All right, I'm ready.
All right, if… if I have to do this,
All right, let's go.
All right, listen, weights are about to be no more.
All right, stop it. Stop it.
All right, stop, don't even panic. That's his way of telling you he's taken.
All right, the meet is on.
All right, we are on the move, people. Let's go! Let's go!
All right, you're good right here. Just get that.
Allow me to introduce
Also envision this new building as the beginning of a new era.
An expert in over 23 martial arts.
And balls, all your sensory organs,
And don't you tell me who I'm not.
And he speaks Spanish. Girl.
And he's got a red hot stack with a two million dollar fee.
And I can't do whatever it is I'm here to do with you on my ass.
And I don't know where you're from either,
And I get the feeling you're about to Teddy that.
And I got a lot of them.
And I just wanna say, I wanna say that that's tough.
And I lost mine.
And I turned around, without knowing who it was,
And I wanna welcome you guys to my first ever non contact boxing class.
And I'll get them.
And it just doesn't seem…
And It turns out a patrol car is missing from the scene.
And it's not about you guys. We're on the same team.
And my thumbprint.
And not who you thought I was?
And now I get to witness it firsthand.
And now Marín believes that you are the Man from Toronto.
And now we got water springing out the damn plane.
And seven views.
And that's intentional.
And that's when the principal came.
And the fact this isn't a big deal to you, it baffles me.
And the Man from Toronto
And the questions are simple. They're like, "What is this?"
And the thumb, please.
And the toner.
And then I saw the kid.
And they never explained that to me in full.
And to understand that we are in trouble!
And toner.
And we ain't got one bite.
And we get up there to the cabin, but the address… address was blurry.
And when I looked back,
And where is Mr. Green?
And you're gonna complete the mission,
Anne's my best friend from college.
Answer me.
Any feeling I once had dried up on that frozen lake long ago.
Anybody hit?
Apart from one known contact,
Appreciate you.
Are you a chef or…
Are you familiar with DARPA?
Are you familiar with reverse psychology?
Are you firing me?
Are you just gonna parrot everything I say?
Are you just gonna parrot everything I say?
Are you kidding? I'm proud of you.
Are you not listening to what I'm saying?
Are you stealing my origin story?
Are you sure you're okay?
Are you talking about your restaurant? How much do you need to do that?
Are you wearing a wire?
Arms here.
Around women.
As if I know what I'm reading!
As in the Mrs. Man from Toronto, your handler.
As you're all aware,
At 30,000 feet.
Autopilot engaged.
Aw, come on!
Aw, come on.
Aw, shit.
Babe, I got you set up for the whole shebang.
Babe, I was gonna tell you. Stop, girl, I was gonna tell you.
Baby, don't worry about it.
Baby, what is this? I can't read this. There's no toner on the page.
Back when I was in school,
Bears have very sharp claws,
Because I got you two hours at a spa.
Because I know my breath doesn’t smell the best after what I just did.
Because now you're wasting my time.
Because on the deck…
Because some pull up bars are just too high.
Because that's gonna confuse everybody.
Because that's how I do business.
Because you, you know who I am.
Because you're about to get a dose of my first contact.
Been like this since I was six.
Before meeting you tomorrow night for dinner in Washington.
Before we begin I'd like to tell you a little about myself.
Behind you.
Being afraid.
Big moment for us.
Bleeding drops of red.
Bleeding tops of…
Blowing up the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington.
Breathe, Teddy.
Bring the asset to the client, and you'll get a big payday.
But after I set the man free,
But Annie can get us into this amazing place.
But because of the low toner, I couldn't make out the address.
But everybody talks to him.
But he and his wife escaped before they were apprehended.
But he trained with French special forces so he's tough as
But he won't eat another dog.
But I don't touch you.
But I know that I come from a frozen lake 50 miles from nowhere.
But I need a dude with some grit.
But I need you to be me
But in some type of, like…
But like gas, like fuel. Right?
But make it look like it came from me, 'cause he got a record.
But the bomb wouldn't have even gone off.
But then I just remember everything,
But we traced him to the R&D department here.
But you know you can't Teddy that one, right?
But you wouldn't know that because you don't know me.
By the way, I've been waiting to check this place out.
Can I use your phone?
Can we dance?
Cheese bag.
Chiquitito ese, me la tiene pelada.
Colonel Marinara, give me a second.
Come again? What'd you say?
Come here. You ready for this one?
Come on, come on, put the guns down!
Come on, look at it.
Come on, man. You're barely fridge material.
Come on, Teddy. Come on.
Come on, you crazy.
Come on! Come on!
Come on.
Come on. I can't do this.
Come on. No, man.
Copy. Follow that truck.
Coughlin and I worked there in the early 2000s
Dammit, did I?
Damn toner.
Daniela Marín.
Davis, are you getting this?
Davis, do you have a visual on Jackson?
Davis, where are you?
Debora wouldn't want this. She wouldn't.
Debora's a 1969 Dodge Charger.
Debora's a car?
Definitely a professional.
Developing seismic explosives, untraceable.
Did it this morning when I was talking to Lori.
Did this grifter leave a signature of any kind?
Did you grab the password on the email address?
Did you hear that, Wendell?
Did you hear that?
Did you talk to Marty about your business idea?
Died at 25.
Digest it.
Dinner tomorrow night anywhere we want,
Do me a favor, grab this box. You know, I got bottles. Get the bottles.
Do me a favor. Give me a little silent treatment
Do you forget how this works, baby?
Do you guys have any idea who you're dealing with?
Do you have any idea how big non contact boxing is?
Do you remember when we met him, how he couldn't even make eye contact?
Dogs don't eat other dogs.
Dogs don't eat other dogs.
Don't be a wuss.
Don't forget the first part.
Don't forget the first thing. I already know.
Don't look at me that way, Deb.
Don't pull that lever!
Don't shoot me! I'm not moving! I'm not moving!
Don't shoot!
Don't worry. It doesn't have to be a date.
Don't… What are you doing? Don't do that to…
Doug used to pop me in the back of the head with fruit cups.
Drive into a trap, you're on your own.
Dropping my utensils on the floor, making me seem incompetent,
Eight mil.
End of the road, Toronto.
Enlighten me. Tell me something about myself I don't know.