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Big Mouth (2017) - Season 4

Big Mouth (2017) - Season 4

Big Mouth is an animated television show that first premiered in 2017. Created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett, the series revolves around a group of middle school students navigating the ups and downs of adolescence and the challenges that come with puberty. With its unfiltered humor and relatable storylines, it has quickly gained a dedicated fan base.

The show boasts an impressive cast of voice actors, bringing the characters to life with their exceptional performances. Some of the main cast members include:

1. Nick Kroll as Nick Birch: The awkward but well-intentioned protagonist, whose experiences often mirror those of the average teenager going through puberty.

2. John Mulaney as Andrew Glouberman: Nick's best friend who is also navigating the confusing world of puberty, often with hilarious results.

3. Jessi Klein as Jessi Glaser: A smart and strong-willed girl who isn't afraid to speak her mind, making her a standout character.

4. Jason Mantzoukas as Jay Bilzerian: Known for his wild and uncontrollable hormones, Jay provides plenty of comedic moments throughout the series.

5. Jenny Slate as Missy Foreman-Greenwald: A sweet and quirky girl who is always there for her friends and has some of the most endearing storylines.

Big Mouth's fourth season, released in 2020, continues to tackle the challenges faced by its characters as they navigate through the angsty world of puberty. This season introduces new adventures and experiences, such as the exploration of different sexual orientations, the pressures of social media, and the emotional rollercoaster of first love.

One of the highlights of Big Mouth is its ability to address sensitive topics with humor and understanding. It's a show that dares to go where others may shy away, delivering insightful commentary on issues such as consent, body positivity, and mental health. By using comedic storytelling techniques, the series manages to spark important conversations while entertaining its audience.

For fans of the show, the sounds and music of Big Mouth are iconic and instantly recognizable. From the catchy opening theme song to the various musical numbers throughout each season, the show's soundtrack adds an extra layer of fun and emotion to the stories being told. Whether it's the Hormone Monster's unique voice or one of the many hilarious songs that will get stuck in your head, Big Mouth's sounds are an integral part of its charm.

If you want to relive the adventures of Nick, Andrew, Jessi, and the rest of the gang, you can both play and download the sounds and music of Big Mouth on various platforms. Immerse yourself in the world of hormone monsters, talking pillows, and shame wizards, and discover why this show has become a cultural phenomenon since its debut in 2017.

A "lost soul"?
A 3, bring up Jessi's life feed.
A big pile of napkins for Steve!
A boy named Soup!
A disembodied spirit.
A famous controversy.
A ghost?
A good chance! You have bad genes!
A good gift for a make out party?
A hundred should be the first number!
A lifetime supply of getting stabbed  by your future self.
A lotion, pump, pump, pump.
A surprise drop by, how unwelcome.
A tiny conditioner from Courtyard by Marriott,
A tissue, two, three, four.
A tissue, two, three, four.
A whorehouse madam with a little gun she keeps in her bosom,
About sneaking away from a field trip!
About those blue balls before he dumps you.
About what a loser and fuck up I am?
About what? How hot and cool and mysterious Michael Angelo is?
According to WebMD, I have turtleneck butt.
Actually, Connie, I'm relieved.
Actually, I have two.
Actually, I think I will actually just stay with
Actually, no.
Actually, Paula, we're more than friends.
Actually, that was an earthquake.
Actually, that's why I brought you, um, Humboldt Fog.
Actually, the most important part is up top.
Actually, yes.
After that fight with Jessi, I had this crazy dream, and now I'm a fucking mess.
After you sign the waiver, get your frosh asses into the common room.
Again, did you say "butt fucking"? Or are you saying "buck fucking"?
Ah doy!
Ah, I'm not dead.
Ah, it's okay. I'm not worried.
Ah, Nick, it's not the size of the pig.
Ah, Nick! Jinkies, he is a ghost!
Ah, this one's got a little head on her shoulders.
Ah, yes, breath is life.
Ah! Come here, Papa.
Ah! My phone is in my pocket.
Ah! Should we...
Ah! That's so hot.
Ah! What can we do?
Ahem. You look good.
Ahh. Smell all that floor cleanser.
Ain't nothin', bro, you didn't even scuff the Forces.
Aka, I'm afraid to leave the group.
Alex Baldwin.
Alison is dead!
Alison was executed at the boot camp
All of 'em.
All right, Andrew, I think I  [grunts]
All right, baby.
All right, buddy, we're gonna give you broad, hairy shoulders
All right, I'm gonna go have sex with poop, then eat it.
All right, Jay, the time has come...
All right, ladies, see you after school.
All right, let's continue with downward facing dick.
All right, let's get you some toe hair.
All right, look at me.
All right, man, but I heard you're bad at sex.
All right, pledges,
All right, show Missy and her little titties her room.
All right, the trick here is,
All right, we got this. Let's make it count.
All right, well, we get it.
All right! Fuck Andrew.
All right. [grunts]
All right. Hey, Gary, come over here.
All right. Now that school's asleep, I'm lifeguard Coach Steve,
All right. Permission granted, sailor.
All right. So, to enter a body,
All the queers got to go to Stonewall.
All we do is talk. You know what? Let's start over.
All your underwear's gonna look like two mice fucked to death.
Allow me to show you the Glouberman method.
Alone together, forever.
Also, Andrew, you can pull up your pants now.
Also, honey, you do not need the cardio. You look fantastic.
Also, I can't work Saturday.
Also, I got rock candy from the gift shop.
Also, I, like, came when he fingered me.
Also, is his hair, like, his skin?
Also, the butt fuckee needs to be awake.
Also, you need a signature move.
Although she said she would.
Am I also supposed to care about Hurricane Katrina or Columbine?
Am I bullying right?
Am I destined to be cold and alone?
Am I really nothing?
Am I right?
America runs on Skumpy.
An emotionally unavailable success junkie with a two handicap.
And a high fucking ass!
And a mean, shitty soul
And a metal spike pierced his skull
And a puzzle's just a picture you haven't met yet.
And a stress zit on your upper lip.
And accidentally switch souls.
And Ace Ventura's not funny?
And after I pissed blood on you?
And all that jumping makes my tush look high and proud.
And all the things you're doing with each other's vegetables.
And also I'm kind of a psycho.
And also that you're mean as fuck, but not to me,
And also, I'm jacked!
And also, you have to dye your hair inky black by the age of 30.
And as soon as he showed up,
And baking in hell for all eternity, because Jesus is watching!
And be so respectful.
And being gay, like... [sputters]
And believe me, the audience wants to see what that is!
And besides, baby, I'm your only choice. So, what are you gonna do?
And besides, hand jobs are only fun if both of us are into it.
And besides, I like Devon being my friend.
And by that, I mean that I've narrowed it down
And by the way, you guys look fucking ridiculous.
And child molesters dressed up as leaf piles!
And Clyde!
And consume his flesh like we were at a human steak bistro.
And deep down, you have to know too.
And did you see his hot little nipples in the Wakanda sequence?
And do not touch my hair with your eyes.
And don't be stingy with the Nicky powder.
And eat it with cocktail sauce.
And eat my dickhole.
And even though I was held back for a really funny reason,
And feel up.
And for you, a charger for my old PalmPilot.
And frankly, it freaks me out!
And fucked up opinions about hair.
And get some details about this cheese girl your dad is dating.
And get to know each other  a little better.
And give in to my enemy?
And God says, "It's Adam and Eve,
And guess what, bitch?
And have you thought about who's going to fuck whom?
And he ditches me?
And he don't wanna be friends with you no more?
And he has those muscles that, like, make a V.
And he seems sad and lost, like something's going on with him.
And he's like...
And he's you from the future?
And his ass is out 'cause we need to get real Nick and jam him back up there.
And I actually think it's gonna pop tonight.
And I couldn't go when Nick walked in on me, carry the one, so four weeks ago?
And I definitely want that recipe for that salad dressing.
And I didn't do them one time, and then Zaide died!
And I don't mean to pile it on,
And I don't respond well to change.
And I guess I'm also really grateful to be back in my old school.
And I had a robot of you that died.
And I have to embrace you.
And I just can't stand the idea of you making these sinful choices
And I just woke up. So...
And I know it's the new thing, but please, please,
And I know you're gonna make some other monster really, really happy.
And I love you so hard, it could make me shit,"
And I love you, but I need to be who I am, not just at school, but also here at home.
And I made my famous Swiss roll!
And I realized that didn't feel right either.
And I really appreciate that.
And I sucked your blood. You gave me herpes.
And I think they're gonna have a pretty sweet life.
And I want it to end.
And I want that for you.
And I wanted you to know how grateful I am to have you in my life.
And I was there teaching gymnastics.
And I, for whatever reason, was jealous of...
And I'll keep getting bigger and bigger
And I'm a little shorter than her.
And I'm grateful for your kind words.
And I'm happy for her.
And I'm not an undercover cop.
And I'm not chubby, I'm prosperous.
And I'm not going to take this anymore!"
And I'm thrilled to get this time back.
And I've already paid this small, insignificant man.
And if I hand jobbed him, my wrist would literally shatter.
And if the wildfires don't get us, the war over water surely will!
And if you do come at me, I will attack you until you're totally...
And if you don't do it, someone else will.
And if you leave, I'll be all alone.
And if you're not ready by then,
And in a pointless twist, we've got a new masked principal.
And it changed me forever, but it's private.
And it doesn't work the other way around.
And it just feels scary.
And it lurks around every corner.
And it was like, "That's who I am."
And it's always been you.
And it's always been you.
And it's causing our instruments to go a little bit haywire.
And it's our duty! Right?
And it's, like, thin and curling.
And Izzy's kind of annoying.
And just go as... as nobody.
And keep 'em coming.
And Luda's passing out the hot apps!
And Marsha P. Johnson, she threw out the first pitch.
And Matthew, well, he's more of a friend at this point.
And maybe bring my sheets 'cause Dad's are burgundy and weird.
And maybe yoidle my doidle.
And medical insurance doesn't exist anymore.
And Michael Angelo dumped me.
And muddy! Guys, help yourself to some snacks!
And my parents!
And Nick, he doesn't like Jessi's boyfriend.
And not in person like a lunatic.
And not in the way that I wanted!
And now DJ has her own kids, and the house is even fuller! Have mercy.
And now gays can fuck wherever they want.
And now I just feel weird.
And now I realize I'm freaking you out more!
And now I'm here, and the boys are dicks, and the girls are also dicks,
And now I'm home,