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Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Blade Runner 2049 is a science fiction film released in 2017, serving as a sequel to the iconic 1982 film Blade Runner. Directed by Denis Villeneuve and written by Hampton Fancher and Michael Green, the movie takes place 30 years after the events of the original story.

The film features an outstanding cast that includes Ryan Gosling as Officer K (the replicant hunter known as Blade Runner), Harrison Ford reprising his role as Rick Deckard (the protagonist from the first film), as well as Ana de Armas, Robin Wright, Sylvia Hoeks, and Jared Leto. Each actor brings depth and complexity to their characters, making the narrative all the more enthralling.

In Blade Runner 2049, the world is still filled with replicants, humanoid robots that are virtually indistinguishable from humans. Officer K is a new Blade Runner, tasked with finding and 'retiring' older model replicants who have gone rogue. During one of his missions, K uncovers a shocking secret that could jeopardize the already fragile balance between replicants and humans.

The story delves into the themes of identity, humanity, and the blurred lines between the two. K's journey leads him to question his own existence, wondering whether he possesses a soul or if he is merely a synthetic creation. The philosophical implications of these questions lend themselves to introspection and contemplation for the audience.

Visually, Blade Runner 2049 is a masterpiece. Cinematographer Roger Deakins creates a breathtaking futuristic landscape that is both dystopian and beautiful. The neon-infused cityscapes, contrasted with desolate wastelands, elicit a sense of awe and wonderment, transporting the viewer to a not-so-distant future where technology is both awe-inspiring and menacing.

Similarly, the film's sound design and score add a layer of depth and richness to the overall experience. Composed by Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch, the soundtrack brilliantly captures the essence of the Blade Runner world. The haunting melodies and pulsating beats perfectly complement the film's atmosphere, creating an immersive audiovisual experience.

Blade Runner 2049 is a thought-provoking and visually stunning film that appeals to both fans of the original and newcomers alike. It successfully expands upon the universe established by the first film, delving into new ideas and concepts while remaining true to the essence of the franchise.

If you're looking to immerse yourself in the world of Blade Runner 2049, you can experience the film's soundscape by playing and downloading the soundtrack here. Whether you're a fan of science fiction or simply appreciate a well-crafted film, Blade Runner 2049 is sure to captivate and leave a lasting impression.

A 30 year old open case finally closed.
A and C and T and G.
A box of bones.
A boy and a girl.
A child can count to nine on fingers.
A child.
A dangerous coincidence.
A fracture through the ilium.
A life of freedom, so long as it's behind glass.
A little boy came through here about 30 years back.
A new model.
A perfect little face crying up at me.
A real boy needs a real name.
A real boy now.
A sentimental skin job.
A sock?
A soul.
A system of cells interlinked within Cells...
A tall white fountain played.
A visitor.
A wooden horse.
All I remember is a group of boys
All our memory bearings from the time.
All right.
All the best memories are hers.
All the courage in the world cannot alter fact.
All these years you looked back on that day,
All trace.
All useful, but with you, I sometimes forget.
Am I the only one that can see the fuckin' sunrise here?
An emanator.
ANA: I promise I hear every word.
ANA: It's illegal to use real memories, officer.
ANA: Someone lived this, yes.
ANA: Subcontract. I'm one of his suppliers.
ANA: There's a bit of every artist in their work.
ANA: Well, there's a bit of every artist in their work.
ANA: Yes.
And all it cost you was everything.
And I encourage play, I do.
And if you have authentic memories,
And if you're not working, I don't need you.
And keep your hands where I can see 'em.
And one more for the road
And salted.
And she is.
And she will lead our army.
And that's it.
And the boy...
And the only place is this dark furnace.
And then we pick you up
And they beat me to tell 'em where it is, but I don't.
And they put me in my cage,
And they were men, at that.
And this, the seat that we must change for heaven.
And very, very good things can come to you.
And we're building an army.
And what's there is (CLICKS TONGUE)
And yet...
And you new models are happy scraping the shit,
And your next baseline test is outta my hands.
ANNOUNCER 1: (ON P.A.) Connect to off world
ANNOUNCER 1: Connect to off world any time, any place.
ANNOUNCER 3: Joi goes anywhere you want her to go.
Another prodigal serial number returns.
Any idea how I could contact him?
Any time, any place.
Anything else you can tell me?
Anything else?
Anything real should be a mess.
Anywhere a good boy might go.
ARCHIVIST: Everyone remembers
ARCHIVIST: Standard issue. Made by Tyrell.
Are they all constructed or
Are you comin'?
Are you Sapper Morton? Civic number NK68514?
Are you satisfied with our product?
Are you telling me no?
Aren't you, Luv?
As human as you want them to be.
Ask him.
Attachment or appeal.
AUTOMATED VOICE: (ON P.A.) Caution, keep clear.
AUTOMATED VOICE: (ON RADIO) Incoming LAPD re codec hash.
AUTOMATED VOICE: 99.9% detoxified water.
AUTOMATED VOICE: 99.9% detoxified water.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Carbon read: 14. 6 GPH.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Drive two down.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Target locked.
Back in the day.
Backup engaged.
Bad dog.
Bank records, too. (CHUCKLES)
Beautiful, isn't it?
Because he told you.
Because that was the plan.
Because we never lie.
Because you've never seen a miracle.
Because you've never seen a miracle.
Because you've never seen a miracle.
Before shipment?
Before we even know what we are,
Bigger than you have tried to shut me down.
Bigger than you.
Bones all dismantled, fully cleaned,
Bones are gone.
Break the antenna.
Bring it to me.
Buckle up.
But I can give you good memories
But I can only make so many.
But I can't do it myself.
But I take my freedom where I can find it.
But I was locked in a sterile chamber at eight, so...
But it's work.
But not like this.
But that's not how memory works.
But there are sometimes fragments.
But there is a child.
But you can still help me.
But you have 48 hours to get back on track.
But you haven't always been a farmer, have you?
But you're not makin' it easy.
But your operation is strictly a drill site, isn't it?
By someone just like me.
Can you tell if something
Can't help you.
Cause of death, Coco?
Caution, keep clear.
Check around.
Check back in after DNAbase.
Closest any of them or any of us is gonna get
COCO: Notching in the iliac crest.
COCO: The cuts are clean. No sign of a struggle.
Come on home before the storm.
Come on home for your baseline.
Confirm your identity.
Confirmation DNA?
Considering I was never a child.
Constant "K."
Couldn't have found the child if I tried.
Cover their tracks.
Cover their tracks.
Creatively repurposed as an ossuary:
Darling, so it goes
Deckard only wanted his baby to be safe.
Deckard, Sapper, you, me,
DECKARD: "Mightn't happen to have
DECKARD: Bleeding.
DECKARD: Deckard.
DECKARD: Her name was Rachael.
DECKARD: I showed 'em how to scramble the records,
DECKARD: It's artificial?
DECKARD: Like what?
DECKARD: Must be expensive.
DECKARD: The whole town was somethin'.
DECKARD: What do you want, Joe?
DECKARD: What'd you do?
Depends. What's your model number?
Designed to do nothing short
Did it never occur to you
Did you help him hide the child?
Did you know this song was released
Didn't happen.
Didn't mind that.
Didn't you hear your friends?
DNA records: children born 6 10 21.
Do not be afraid.
Do they keep you in a little box?
Do they keep you in a little box?
Do you enjoy your work, officer?
Do you ever use ones that are real?
Do you know what that means?
Do you mind if I work while you talk?
Do you remember anything?
Do you wanna dance, or do you wanna open your present?
Do you want a drink first?
Do you?
Do your fucking job.
Don't keep records that far back.
Don't lie.
Don't you know what I am?
Don't you love me?
Dr. Ana Stelline?
DR.ANA: Let it play.
Drunk on the memory of its perfection.
Dying for the right cause
Elevate to 400 feet.
ELVIS: (SINGING) Like a river flows
Empty of information,
Erase everything.
Even he didn't know who he was.
Even the child?
Everyone had a part. Mine was to leave.
Everything about it.
Everything, everything, everything! Huh.
Except company, of course. And I was used to crowds.
Except that I did.
Except you and me
Falling in love with you
FEMALE ANNOUNCER: Joi is anything you want her to be.
Filled it with everything they could to keep me happy.
Find the child.
Fire again.
Follow me.
For I can't help
For you.
Forget your troubles,