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Home on the Range

Home on the Range

"Home on the Range" is a charming and heartwarming animated movie that takes audiences on a delightful journey through the American West. Released in 2004, this Disney film instantly captured the hearts of viewers young and old with its endearing characters, captivating storyline, and memorable songs.

The movie follows the adventures of three unlikely heroines: Maggie, voiced by Roseanne Barr, Mrs. Calloway, voiced by the talented Judi Dench, and Grace, voiced by Jennifer Tilly. These three bovine friends reside on the Patch of Heaven, a picturesque farm that is facing the threat of foreclosure. Determined to save their beloved home, Maggie, Mrs. Calloway, and Grace embark on a daring mission to capture the notorious cattle rustler, Alameda Slim, voiced by Randy Quaid.

As they journey through the stunning landscapes of the Wild West, the trio encounters a colorful cast of characters, each with their own unique personalities. The supporting cast includes Buck, a ruggedly handsome stallion voiced by Cuba Gooding Jr., and the bumbling duo of Lucky Jack, a charming rabbit voiced by Charles Haid, and Jeb, a wise old goat voiced by Joe Flaherty. Together, this ragtag team must overcome their differences and work together to save their home.

One of the most enchanting aspects of "Home on the Range" is its memorable soundtrack. Filled with catchy tunes and heartfelt melodies, the songs add an extra layer of magic to the film. Composed by Alan Menken, who also contributed to Disney classics like "Beauty and the Beast" and "The Little Mermaid," the music brings the story to life.

The film features several notable songs, including the hilarious "Yodel-Adle-Eedle-Idle-Oo" performed by the charismatic trio of Roseanne Barr, Judi Dench, and Jennifer Tilly. The upbeat and energetic "Little Patch of Heaven" beautifully captures the spirit of the farm and its optimistic residents. And who can forget "Will the Sun Ever Shine Again," a poignant and moving ballad sung by Bonnie Raitt, which reflects the characters' longing to restore their beloved home?

If you want to relive the magic of "Home on the Range," you can easily access and enjoy its sounds. With just a few clicks, you can play and download the soundtrack to be transported back to the enchanting world of Patch of Heaven. The lively melodies and uplifting lyrics will surely bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.

Whether you were a fan of this delightful animated film back in 2004 or are discovering it for the first time, "Home on the Range" is a movie that will touch your heart and leave you feeling inspired. With its lovable characters, captivating storyline, and memorable soundtrack, it continues to be a well-loved classic that can be enjoyed time and time again. So gather your family and friends, sit back, and get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of "Home on the Range."

A bovine ain't been born that can resist my charms.
A show cow?
Aaah! Aah!
Aah aah aah aah aah aah!
Aah! Oh! Ow! What did l do?
Aah! Who are you?
ABNER: Hey, Maggie.
Adios, Buck. Take care of Rico now.
Adios! Yee haw!
Ah ah ah. You got three days to pay or get on your way.
Ah, what's the difference?
Ah. Voila.
Ahem. [Thump]
Ahem. Excuse us. My good fellow, we must be on our way.
Ahem. Good morning, uh, Margaret.
Ahem. Ladies?
Ahem. Lowbrow remarks may work for you...
Ahh! That was good.
Ahh. And then, you see...
Alameda Slim and the Willie Brothers gang.
Alameda Slim has already flown the coop.
Alameda Slim, you're under arrest.
All right, all right...
All right, girls. We're goin' in.
All right, then. Mm hmm.
All right, what part of ''cover me'' didn't we understand?
All right!
All right. Suit yourself.
All you gotta do...
ALL: Awesome!
ALL: Awesome!
ALL: New cow! New cow! New cow!
ALL: Ohh.
ALL: Oooh!
Am l correct in assuming that each and every time...
And a holy hallelujah of a curve!
And all of a sudden l lost track of everything.
And buy all the land, you brainless monotone monkeys.
And covering my tracks.
And flown the coop while the getting was good.
And flushed us out like yesterday's oatmeal.
And for extra measure...
And get him to give us more time.
And he's not shy about using it, either!
And help us bring in Slim, we'd be happy to have you.
And it'll be ready directly.
And judging by the ear mark...
And l don't believe what l see.
And l want to get even with Slim.
And l'll stay out of it forever. Deal?
And let's make tracks.
And load these cash cows onto the train A.S.A.P., huh?
And Maggie was gonna make us all winners.
And not only are you gonna be carrying Rico...
And nothing to lose.
And now he says it's his can.
And see beautiful downtown Chugwater
And show Rico l got what it takes...
And sixty bucks don't cut it.
And that, girls, is what makes me and Rico...
And the joker is wild.
And the original Miss Happy Heifer.
And the same way we braved the western wilderness...
And then l'll knock him into the cart...
And then they disappeared without a trace.
And then we'll rope him up and wheel him to justice!
And use the reward money to save the farm?
And we'll have at least sixty bucks in prize money to
And yodeling is an art!
And, Jeb, Miss Caloway knew just what to do...
And, you know, l have perfect pitch.
Anger management issues we need to discuss.
Are out there fighting bad guys and takin' names!
Are the biggest catastrophe to ever hit our farm.
Are the most intelligent, crafty animals in the west.
As a matter of fact, l am. Thank you for checking.
As far as l'm concerned, that's not an option.
As if they weren't sloppy enough.
As soon as he nabs that rustler...
As strange as this sounds, Grace is actually making sense.
AUCTlONEER: And that's the last of the furniture. [Bang]
Audrey, remember when Grace helped you figure out...
AUDREY: Good luck, girls!
Aw, shucks.
Aw, shucks. T'weren't nothin'.
Aw, you've been on the trail too long, you old coot.
Aww, what are you doing here?
Back in the day, l worked...
Bah! Absolutely not.
BARRY: Howdy, darlin'! Down here!
Because l don't like it.
Because l have skills that are essential...
Been waitin' a long time to give you this!
Before l snap it off at the knee.
Big Mike Donald had a farm?
Blocking that choice piece of property from my view?!
BONNlE RAlTT: # Rain is pourin' down #
BOTH: Uncle Slim! Uncle Slim!
BOTH: Uncle Slim! Uncle Slim!
Boy, l remember those days.
Boy, wouldn't that be the life?
Bravo! You stopped Rico cold!
Buck is on the case. You know. Whoo!
Buck, have you gone crazy?!
Buck, l realize you're very upset...
BUCK: Aah! Aah! Ooh! Mama!
BUCK: Make a break for it, ladies! Run!
BUCK: Superstar comin' through!
BUCK: Wow! Bravo!
Buck's fast, all right, but he's kind of a handful.
But if you'd like to join our group...
But it'll be dangerous going after Slim all by yourself.
But it's just a little old dirt farm.
But l don't know how you do it, Rico.
But l'd say the only mano a mano you'll be doing...
But lately he's been doing a little moonlighting...
But not anymore.
But stick with me, and you may get to like...
But that rustler as well.
But those stuck up ranch bosses couldn't appreciate my talents.
But we get our share of excitement.
But we prefer the gentle approach.
But what about catching Slim and collecting the reward?
But who would eat a chicken? Heh heh.
But you, Maggie...
But you've got us here in one piece.
But, Maggie, where are we gonna get all that money?
But...they can't take my place.
Bye! Come up and see us sometime!
Call me crazy, but l think these cows got it in for me.
Can hog! Can hog!
Can't you morons count to yourselves?
Can't you stupid sack of hammers get it right?
Cart, smack, rope, roll, justice. Come on, Jack, focus.
Cattle rustler. [Gasps]
Charge! [Gasps]
Come back here!
Come on, Caloway. lt'll be fun!
Come on, come on! Do it again! Do it again!
Come on, girls. lt's time to lose these ropes.
Come on, Grace. We've got a farm to save.
Come on, guys. There must be something we can do.
Come on, it's your old pal Buck, see?
Come on, Margie! Uh, Gretchen! Miss, uh uh, Hat Cow!
Come on, move your hides, girls.
Come on, Mrs. C. You've got a real good lookin' bunch here.
Come on, now, do l hear two cents?
Come on, you crazy heifers!
Come on! Dagnabit!
Come on! Let the new cow talk!
Come on.
Correct! Heh.
Course, he'd also have to be able to go...
COWBOY: # Ooh ee #
COWBOY: Aw, forget it.
COWBOY: Hold the horse now.
COWBOY: Howdy, sheriff!
COWBOYS: # Out in the land #
Cows only.
Cows only.
Cud chewing heifers.
Daddy, what's going to happen if they don't come back?
Dagnabit, Buck, slow down!
Dancing girls, gambling...
Definitely bipolar.
DlLLON: Oh! That's so cool!
Do it again! Do it again!
Do l hear 425? 425! Do l hear 450? 450?
Doing on a drive like this?
Don't embarrass me in front of my partner. Please!
Don't forget about our secret weapon.
Don't go near any luaus, though.
Don't make me hurt you.
Don't worry, darlin'. l'll protect you.
Don't you heifers get it?
Don't you know a hero when you see one, huh?
Done countin'!
Echo Mine it was called.
Elementary, my dear Grace.
Equal parts of one lean mean crime fighting
Everybody knows that bovines...
Everybody likes yodeling.
Everybody? This here is Maggie.
Excuse me, reject. Coming through.
Excuse me!
Excuse me. Excuse me.
False alarm, Clem!
Fat lot of good it done us.
Feast your eyes.
Five cents for these chicks.
Folks around these parts call me Lucky Jack.
For days without food or drink...
For such a ridiculous plan.
For that big round up in the sky!
For the big man in black market livestock.
Formerly known as Patch of Heaven...
Full house.
Get in there! Come on, you stupid cows!
Get off my case, little cocktail wieners!
Get off my case!
Get on there! Hyah!
Get out of here, you bulls! Head for the hills! Whoo!
Get to high ground!
Giddy up!
Give him back his horse.
Give us two more weeks...
Go get him, Maggie. Look out, Slim!