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Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016) Family

Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016) Family

Alice Through the Looking Glass is a fantastic adventure film that takes viewers on a magical journey through time. Released in 2016, it is the sequel to the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland. This enchanting movie is a perfect choice for the whole family to enjoy.

The cast of Alice Through the Looking Glass is filled with talented actors who bring their characters to life. Mia Wasikowska shines in the role of Alice Kingsleigh, a determined and courageous young woman who returns to Underland to save her dear friend, the Mad Hatter. Johnny Depp captivates audiences with his eccentric portrayal of the Mad Hatter, a beloved character who finds himself lost in a sea of sadness. Helena Bonham Carter is utterly delightful as the Red Queen, showcasing her impeccable talent for playing quirky and memorable characters. Anne Hathaway reprises her role as the White Queen, radiating grace and kindness throughout the film. Sacha Baron Cohen impresses as Time, a new addition to the cast who adds a layer of complexity to the story. These talented actors, along with many others, deliver outstanding performances, creating a captivating experience for the entire family.

The year is 2016, and the sounds from Alice Through the Looking Glass are both whimsical and enchanting. The film's score, composed by Danny Elfman, perfectly encapsulates the magical atmosphere of the movie. From the exhilarating moments of adventure to the tender scenes of friendship, Elfman's score enhances every emotion in the film. The soundtrack also features a delightful rendition of "Just Like Fire" by P!nk, a song that captures the determination and resilience of the main character, Alice. These sounds can transport you back to the magical world of Underland, even when you're far from a movie theater.

You can play and download these sounds here. Immerse yourself in the fantastical universe of Alice Through the Looking Glass from the comfort of your own home. Feel the excitement of the chase scenes as Alice races against time, or let the beautiful melodies of the soundtrack wash over you while you daydream.

Alice Through the Looking Glass is a truly family-friendly film that offers something for everyone. Children will be captivated by the colorful and whimsical visuals, while adults can appreciate the deeper themes of friendship, loss, and the power of belief. The movie also serves as a reminder of the preciousness of time and the importance of cherishing every moment. Through its imaginative storytelling, Alice Through the Looking Glass encourages audiences of all ages to embrace their inner child and embark on a magical journey.

So gather your loved ones and embark on an adventure like no other. Alice Through the Looking Glass will transport you to a world of wonder, where anything is possible and where the power of love and imagination can conquer any obstacle. With its exceptional cast, enchanting soundtrack, and compelling story, this film is sure to leave a lasting impression on the whole family.

No matter where you are, you can relive the magic of Alice Through the Looking Glass with the sounds that bring the film to life. So gather around, press play, and let your imagination soar as you journey through the mystical realms of Underland.

A bonnet or boater, dunce hat, fez,
A business proposition, Mother.
A cloche, coif, snood, barboosh, or pugree.
A customer with a lovely head...
A full cargo aboard, Captain.
A great man, no doubt, but one touched in the head.
A little bit hard to digest...
A nice new home.
A person with yellow hair before.
A sea captain is no job for a lady.
A token of your love which you thought he threw away.
ABSOLEM: Clumsy as always, and twice as dim.
ABSOLEM: You're Alice, of course.
Absolutely radishing.
Across the Ocean of time.
Actually he's quite angry with me.
Actually, I'm right on Time.
After all, you are the very person
After my next voyage...
Ah, Higgens.
Ah, Hinkle.
Ah, Wilkins!
ALEXANDRA: (ECHOING) It's the Kingsleigh girl.
Alice can do whatever Alice chooses.
Alice, you seem to have time all mixed up.
ALICE: Apologies for the intrusion, Lord Ascot...
ALICE: Curious!
ALICE: Hatter!
ALICE: Hello.
ALICE: Hold on, everyone!
ALICE: How could you sell our shares?
ALICE: I can't be here!
ALICE: It's like a ship.
ALICE: It's nearly 6.
ALICE: It's Time.
ALICE: No Hightopps.
ALICE: Oh, Absolem.
ALICE: Sorry!
ALICE: This is the last room.
ALICE: Wait! Your Majesty, stop!
ALICE: Where is she?
Alice! Alice!
Alice. Well. Welcome home.
All I did was laugh, Father.
All is Well.
All my horses. All my men. To the rescue.
All of Witzend laments the day of your sister's accident.
All right. Here we go. Ding, ding!
All the best ones are.
All the pieces together first, chaps.
All the way to the end.
All these years.
All will become clear in the fullness of Time.
ALL: Oh.
Along the Wu River...
Along with the bond on the house.
Along with your dearest friends.
Although, I really must be on my way.
Am I permitted to worry about tonight?
An impossible thing.
An utterance about...
And a hatterjust like him.
And a nice head deserves a very nice hat.
And all in Underland will perish.
And all that was or ever shall be.
And also a little bit of metal and wood, of course.
And bring my family home.
And do mind your step.
And do try not to break the past, present, or future.
And every day is a gift.
And give up on the impossible?
And give up the Wonder?
And he will be gone before long.
And I killed the Jabberwocky on the Frabjous Day...
And I miss him every day.
And I must find the kindergartner.
And I shall not ever forget you,
And I suppose every Second counts.
And I'd like your permission to borrow the Chronosphere.
And I'm walking on a wire Trying to go higher
And I'm wishing they'd stop trying to turn me off
And if your past self sees your future self...
And made you look a complete idiot!
And my dearest enemy.
And no matter the weather We can do it better
And no scheme of ours can raise any sort of smile.
And none of this would have ever happened.
And now he needs your help.
And now...
And people like to laugh at you
And please...
And recently he's convinced that
And restore order to the universe.
And so can l.
And that's how I know you'll believe me.
And the house is yours.
And then I shall have your head. Ta ta.
And then you'll really be you again.
And thereby save the Hatter.
And to the point.
And until the young Alice joins you for tea...
And we can wait together.
And we could rule the past, the present, and the future.
And what is your business with her?
And who might you be?
And why is it you wait for no man?
And would you please let Lord Ascot know
And you will have done nothing to stop it!
And you will receive a salary and a pension.
And you will redeem the house.
And you, Mr Harcourt.
And you're here.
And your...
And, of course, his family cannot really be alive...
Anybody here?
Are not you.
Are you all right, sir?
Are you all right?
Are you following what I'm saying?
As six impossible things before breakfast.
Astounds me.
Banished from my kingdom?
BAYARD: Hatter was perfectly hatterish.
Because if there's one thing I do not like, it is...
Because just today...
Because she is your enemy.
Because they are being held captive...
Because you see, the Jabberwocky
Because you're not from here, only you can use it, Alice.
Besides, I have a proposition for Hamish.
Bloody Big Head.
BOATSWAIN: Captain ashore.
BOATSWAIN: Lads, get those sails down!
BOATSWAIN: You did it, Captain!
BOTH: (SINGING) Twinkle, twinkle little bat
BOTH: He's mad.
BOTH: Huh?
BOTH: Where'd the cat go?
Brilliam Hinkle.
Brother, goodbye.
But a dream is not reality.
But don't you see?
But he kept it all those years.
But he's grown darker...
But Horunvendush Day.
But how?
But I can learn from it.
But I didn't listen.
But I do love you.
But I must save Hatter.
But I need it.
But I need to find your family.
But I see now that you give before you take.
But I was certain that they were here.
But I will remember you always.
But I've come to give my report.
But if I could just have a moment of your time.
But if my family's still alive...
But if my father sent you to change my mind, you won't!
But if that moment never happened...
But in time...
But it doesn't have to be forever for you.
But it is said that if it were to happen...
But it's...
But not that I'm concerned.
But please keep your bewilderment brief
But that was my father's ship.
But that...
But that's not fair!
But the years pass quickly for me now.
But there's nothing wrong with me.
But this is all that we can do for you.
But this means...
But what about the Wonder?
But you are my mother, and I only have one.
But you did! You're lying!
But you've always been Alice.
But, Hatter, that's...
But, if anything could bring the Hatter back,
But, my love, I have done so much for you already.
But, of course, you have a family of your own...
But, when I was, I thought of Father.
Button y?
By the only person cruel enough
BYE bye.
Can save us now!
Can you?
Cannot be.
Captain, the Malay pirates have us cornered.
Careful. It's swelling up.
Carve your tongues,
Cause they are all the same
Cheer up, Tarrant.
CHESS PIECE 1: He's not all he's cracked up to be.
CHESS PIECE 2: He's a mere shell of a man.
CHESS PIECE 3: Get some new material.