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The Man Who Fell to Earth

The Man Who Fell to Earth

"The Man Who Fell to Earth" is a captivating science fiction film released in 1976, directed by Nicolas Roeg. Based on Walter Tevis' novel of the same name, this thought-provoking movie explores the alienation and struggles of an extraterrestrial being stranded on Earth.

The film features an incredibly talented cast. David Bowie takes on the lead role of Thomas Jerome Newton, the enigmatic and otherworldly visitor seeking a way to save his drought-stricken planet. Bowie's portrayal of Newton is both mesmerizing and haunting, capturing the essence of an outsider desperately trying to adapt to a world that will never fully understand him. Bowie's natural magnetism lends itself perfectly to the role, showcasing his remarkable acting abilities.

Supporting Bowie are equally impressive performances from the likes of Rip Torn, who plays the eccentric and opportunistic entrepreneur, Nathan Bryce. Torn's portrayal of Bryce adds a layer of intrigue and duplicity to the story, as he becomes entangled in Newton's quest. Candy Clark shines as Mary-Lou, a troubled woman with whom Newton forms a complex relationship, serving as a reflection of the human condition and its inherent flaws.

The film's deeply atmospheric and experimental soundtrack, composed by John Phillips (of The Mamas & the Papas fame), further immerses the audience into this strange and alien world. The score incorporates a mix of eerie synthesizers and haunting melodies, perfectly complementing the ethereal nature of the story. From the hypnotic "Prelude and Rhumba" to the mournful "Subway," the soundtrack captures the emotional core of the film and adds an extra layer of depth to the viewing experience.

While "The Man Who Fell to Earth" stands as a fascinating film in its own right, it also serves as a testament to David Bowie's incredible versatility. Known primarily as a legendary musician, Bowie's foray into acting with this film showcases his immense talent and adaptability across different artistic mediums. His magnetic screen presence and ability to fully inhabit a character make "The Man Who Fell to Earth" a must-see for both Bowie fans and lovers of thought-provoking cinema.

Intriguingly, you can now completely immerse yourself in the world of "The Man Who Fell to Earth," as the film's mesmerizing sounds are available to play and download. Relive the ethereal melodies and eerie soundscapes that transport you to Newton's isolated and disconnected existence on Earth. Experience the full range of emotions conveyed through the entrancing score, which perfectly captures the struggles and alienation faced by both the film's characters and the enigmatic visitor himself.

"The Man Who Fell to Earth" remains an enduring and influential work of science fiction cinema, delving deep into themes of isolation, identity, and the eternal search for connection. With its outstanding performances, haunting soundtrack, and Bowie's unforgettable portrayal of a forlorn extraterrestrial, this film continues to captivate audiences more than four decades after its release. Experience the magic yourself by playing and downloading the unforgettable sounds that make up the heart of this astounding film.

A man like you wouldn't understand a guy like me.
A man should spend time with his family.
A new suit came in. It's not your color. It's blue.
A nice gin and tonic...
A pioneer, if you will.
A present? You know you don't buy people presents.
A prize? What for?
About you.
Ah. Well, thanks for calling, Mr. Farnsworth.
All I'm trying to say, Tommy, is that...
All of you!
All right.
All right. Here we go.
All right. I'll read it.
All right. Well, I'll send it back.
All that anyone has yet said about it
All the boys and girls are making eyes
All the boys from the South play the guitar
All the boys from the South went to boarding schools
All the time
All those fishing boats with their sails afloat
All you have to do is just prove it to 'em.
Alone that is.
Am I talking too much?
Among these dark satanic
And a callow fellow
And a corporation the size of yours has a duty to recognize that fact.
And all across the world
And candy bars and sodas and
And did the Countenance Divine
And did those feet
And grain so yellow
And have a damned good look in its mouth."
And his mama raised him right
And I didn't need the stimulation of legs and so forth.
And I don't love you.
And I don't see why you'd even consider selling off this division.
And if you remember
And now, over to our economic adviser in Washington, D.C.
And oh so mellow
And our engine and used someone who didn't weigh much to drive...
And since this is the first day of class...
And that was said by Mr. Newton's associate, Dr. Nathan Bryce, was that the mission
And the bright clouds over Minnesota and Iowa
And the concession stands were gone.
And the economic trouble stems from that fact.
And the other is an equally straightforward X ray.
And the utility dropped very slightly.
And then I think I'll have another one.
And then I'd have them send up another girl.
And then, when I was 15...
And then?
And then?
And they would sell, uh, magazines...
And they'd they'd take your body away...
And they've got a right to the facts.
And to give to me
And tomorrow, we'll go to church.
And was Jerusalem
And was the holy
And we'd go to Oklahoma City to visit Granny.
And you know how I knew that? Because I had faith in myself.
And your children they must miss their dad.
And, remember, don't throw your W.E. Camera away.
And, uh [Chuckles] It's kind of sad.
Are beginning to hint at a... fraud.
Are you a family man?
Are you all right?
Are you all right?
Are you all right? It's all right.
Are you hiding out?
Are you Lithuanian?
Are you okay?
Are you sure this is the right moment, Mr. Newton?
Are you sure you should drink?
Are you the the first?
Arthur, would you please slow down?
Arthur. Arthur, can you hear me?
As from now, I want at least 10 hours at $1,000 an hour.
As though they were between planes.
As you can see from a spiral band of clouds.
Back to man and his imagination.
Because he can't help it.
Because that's the way you get new ideas by making mistakes.
Believe me. They think you're one of us.
Bitter? No.
Bodies? Women?
Boy, that sure is a fancy lookin' pen you got there.
Boy, you're really hooked on water, aren't you?
Builded here
But by the time you get back, they'll probably be dead.
But from research done by my colleagues in the U.K., it's unclear...
But he's also the inventor of its most exceptional products.
But I know all things begin and end in eternity.
But I'd say it must be something in the area of...
But if I stay here...
But it is certainly an extraordinary one.
But my mind had developed a libido of its own...
But no one would ever believe it!
But the true mysteries remain.
But this time...
But to give to you
But, remember, we're not the mafia.
But... so what?
By authority of His Gracious Majesty, George Rex
Call it a prize.
Can I help?
Come on, Tommy.
Come on, Tommy. Show 'em.
Come on! Come on!
Come on. Tell me one thing.
Come this way.
Continental Airlines, Flight 241, the Golden Jet...
Could I listen to a track off this?
Could you help me up, please?
Damn cheap rinses.
Delivering medicine to all the floors.
Didn't think so.
Do you come from a city?
Do you have your I. D?
Do you know what I think?
Do you know what would happen if they found out your visa had expired?
Do you need money?
Do you really think I look nice? It's really good to get out, you know.
Do you see anything of Mary Lou?
Do you think I could have something to drink?
Do you trust me, Dr. Bryce?
Do you want me to go down and get some medicine?
Do you want to see what they look like?
Does he? Hmm.
Doesn't tell you everything.
Don't be s suspicious.
Don't be.
Don't bother.
Don't forget your bag.
Don't go now.
Don't take my
Don't touch my eyes.
Don't worry. I don't want to hurt you.
Don't you feel bitter about it everything?
Don't you feel that somewhere out there...
Don't you understand? They don't understand you.
Dr. Bryce? I'm Newton.
Dr. Bryce.
Durn, trying to work around, makes a right hand and staggers the Mexican out
Eastman Kodak and DuPont, for starters.
Everybody needs that a meaning to life.
Exactly like children.
Fainted? I thought you were dead.
First we'll have a drink.
For a friend of ours.
For my wife.
Forever true
Frankly, what you're suggesting sounds like interference.
Free camera with each 12 pack.
Fuck Professor Canutti!
Fuck you!
Fucking and World Enterprises.
Fuel conservation, Dr. Bryce.
Funnel clouds, hail and 100 mile an hour winds
Get out now. Leave the company, Oliver.
Get out of my mind, all of you!
Get yourself some sleep, Mr. Farnsworth.
Gin. Uh, neat, no ice.
Give it to me to the nearest $50 million.
Give me a kiss.
Give me the tweezers, please.
Give Mr. Newton another drink.
Give us another chance.
Gives me something to believe in.
Go away, back where you belong.
God bless Captain Vere.
Goddamn it.
Good bye, heart
Good evening, Mr. Newton. Would you take off your pajama jacket, please?
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
Hardest hit by the wet weather have been the Southwestern states...
Has he ever been wrong?
He seems to be in a jubilant state.
He was born in Dixie
He will be able to answer all of your questions.
He's coming, surrounded by his fellow men his workers.
He's just a family man.
He's not a well man.
Hello, Mr. Farnsworth.
Hello, Tommy.
Here we go, big guy.
Here we have the head of the World Enterprises Corporation himself manning the spacecraft.
Here you are.
Hey, fella! Come on. Hey. Come here.
Hey, fella. Come here.
Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing, you maniac?
Hmm? Go ahead.
Hmm. My interest is energy.
Holy Moly!
Honey, I'd like to try this.
How are you getting on? Have you found your feet yet?
How did you find this place?
How did you get in here?
How do you feel about the progress they're making here?
How is she?
How many years?
How many?
How'd I do?