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Secret Magic Control Agency

Secret Magic Control Agency

Secret Magic Control Agency is a thrilling and enchanting animated film that takes viewers on a magical journey through a world filled with supernatural creatures and powerful sorcery. Released in 2021, this movie offers a captivating storyline and a talented cast of voice actors that bring the characters to life.

The film centers around the Secret Magic Control Agency, a covert organization dedicated to maintaining the balance between humans and magical creatures. Led by the resourceful and quick-witted Hansel (voiced by Nicholas Corda), the agency is tasked with solving a series of mysterious disappearances in the kingdom.

Hansel is accompanied by his loyal companion, Gretel (voiced by Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld), who possesses extraordinary strength and intellect. Together, they make a formidable duo as they navigate treacherous terrains and encounter dangerous magical beings.

One of the agency's notable members is Granny Redbeard, an experienced sorceress who serves as their mentor and guide. Voiced by the talented Courtney Shaw, Granny Redbeard offers invaluable wisdom and magical expertise to the team. Her character adds depth and a touch of humor to the film.

Prince Charming is another significant character in the Secret Magic Control Agency. Portrayed by Matthew Mercer, Prince Charming is a charming and charismatic royal who seeks the agency's assistance in finding his love interest, Cinderella. Throughout the movie, audiences are intrigued by Prince Charming's unpredictable personality and his evolving relationship with the agency.

The antagonist of the film is the mesmerizing and sinister Snow Queen. Voiced by Erica Schroeder, the Snow Queen possesses an icy and calculating demeanor that poses a formidable challenge to the Secret Magic Control Agency. With her powers over ice and her ability to manipulate others, the Snow Queen becomes a memorable villain that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

The animation in Secret Magic Control Agency is visually stunning and vibrant, with captivating scenes and intricate character designs. The fantastical world created by the filmmakers is filled with unique magical creatures, each rendered with meticulous detail and imaginative flair. From mischievous imps to majestic unicorns, the wondrous creatures in the film are brought to life through impressive animation.

The film is also complemented by a mesmerizing score composed by Alexander Chorny. The enchanting melodies and epic orchestration beautifully enhance the on-screen adventures, evoking a range of emotions from awe to suspense.

For fans of the Secret Magic Control Agency, the sounds and music from the film can be played and downloaded here. Immerse yourself in the world of magic and adventure with these captivating soundtracks, featuring the lively tunes from the film's memorable moments.

In conclusion, Secret Magic Control Agency is a highly entertaining animated film that combines thrilling action, enchanting storytelling, and memorable characters. With a talented voice cast and stunning animation, this movie offers an immersive experience that will captivate audiences of all ages. So, sit back, relax, and lose yourself in the magical world of the Secret Magic Control Agency.

A bellflower will counteract the swamp mud.
A compass, scissors, a hand saw,
A license? Have a lifetime one!
A lock?
A trip to a far away tropical paradise!
About the witch who kidnapped the king going through the crowd.
Adiós, sister.
Agent Gretel is his sister.
Agent Gretel!
Agent Gretel.
Agent Gretel.
Agh! Let's go.
Ah! Ahhh!
Ah! Hah.
Ah! Here it is.
Ah! Hm!
Ah! It's not real fire. It's cold.
Ah! Ow, ow! Ow…
Ah! So, tell me, how's your life?
Ah! There's a mighty lake witch.
Ahh! Oh!
Ahh! Oof!
Ahh! Ooh!
Ahhh! Oof!
All by my own efforts!
All my life, I dreamt of becoming Best Agent,
All witches use brooms to fly.
Almost ready.
An evil sorceress has been terrorizing the whole area by the Enchanted Forest.
And a charlatan.
And anything else you and your sister need on your own.
And are bringing them here right now.
And as for you, Agent Gretel,
And careful, the passage is very narrow.
And defeated the Gingerbread House Witch by some sort of miracle.
And especially not about our secret agency.
And ever since, they can see farther than any mortal eyes.
And fight against evil,
And haven't been harmed by any other fire since then.
And her dream is to become the Best Agent.
And here is our wedding invitation.
And here's the way out.
And I can easily make Baba Yaga take the spell off us.
And I thought you had no brains left,
And in the process,
And lipstick!
And love me, too.
And made my first arrest."
And more panic.
And my fans can't see that.
And now, because of you, I get fooled like a newbie!
And reverse engineer them to create gear and gadgets for our agents.
And set fire to my hut! Rotten kids!
And the dog is evidence.
And the main course,
And the title of Best Agent of the Kingdom.
And then there is chicken legs stuffed with apples in their own juices.
And then we'll nail the kidnapper.
And this is a magic watch.
And this is my kitchen now.
And time is running out.
And we only use them to study.
And you only bring trouble anyway.
And you should have listened to me and gone to get help anyway!
And you, Agent Gretel,
And you're about to kidnap my beloved king.
And you're going to serve enchanted cookies at your wedding.
And your license has been revoked.
And, of course, dessert.
Anti stray pebbles. You'll never go astray if you have 'em.
Anyone who eats even one of her cookies will instantly become her slave!
Are officially a Royal Magician of the 80th Level.
Are you all right?
Are you out of your mind? Baba Yaga eats children.
Are you sure it's safe?
Arrest Hansel immediately and bring him to me.
As far as I'm concerned, I don't have a brother.
As soon as I become the regular me again.
At his birthday celebration in two days, it will lead to panic, chaos,
At your service.
Aw, come on.
Aw! It must be cool to have such a famous brother.
Aye, ma'am.
Aye, ma'am.
Aye, ma'am.
Aye, ma'am.
Baba Yaga's broom, you ran to get it on the roof?
Bah ooh?
Be sure that he will.
Believe me, there must be some mistake.
Bingo. Follow him!
Blown up storage?
Borrowed it from Agent Stepdaughter.
Boys! Show this lady her way home.
Bring our agents the Brothers Grimm to me now.
Bronzed turkey baked with potatoes.
Brothers Grimm, from the Public Affairs Department, reporting as ordered, ma'am.
But I can prophesy it and help you.
But I'm a special agent, and I can do this.
But I'm afraid I won't make it without my partner.
But if you still manage to find the king,
But it doesn't much matter anymore.
But not a single word about the king,
But now me and my brother are thick as thieves.
But now you should go to sleep.
But remember, if you tell anyone that it was me
But still!
But that just rocked!
But the whole kingdom.
But we are not just some regular kids, after all.
But we have to save the king!
But what king will marry that chef of theft?
But where are your parents?
But you always work alone!
But you betrayed our family and became a charlatan.
But you worked it out so that we could hijack the mortar and save ourselves.
But, no, you've grown up so presumptuous.
But, unfortunately, I can't do real magic.
But… what have I won?
By the way, your dog just reeks of vanilla.
Calm down!
Come here. I just found something.
Come on, sis. This is no way to treat family.
Congratulations, Agent Gretel. The most brilliant mission in history.
Could you please lend me one of your amulets?
Covertly watches all the magicians of the kingdom.
Daddy's been looking for you for four hours already.
Decided to run away?
Did you eat something special to be like this?
Distract them until I find the king.
Do you agree to take as your wife,
Do you have tattoos? You go clubbing?
Do you think I didn't want to become an agent…
Do you think it really flies?
Don't disappoint me.
Don't ever come back here again, rascals.
Don't fall asleep. What do we do?
Don't forget that I'm Special Agent Gretel
Don't let them in here!
Don't lie to me.
Don't listen to her!
Don't touch anything here.
Don't touch those! You don't know…
Don't write them all in your "Dear Diary for Secrets."
Don't you have, like, any personal life?
Done what? Found kidnapped kings?
Double up on the restraints, use two boots on it.
Dream on! Sleep.
Dream on. Get ready.
Even the wolves are afraid to go.
Every resident of our kingdom will know that you're nothing but a charlatan.
Every single trick you've ever pulled.
Everyone who wields some magic,
Everything gets better after a good night's sleep.
Exactly! I've always achieved everything on my own.
Exactly! The whole kingdom was just going crazy.
Exactly! Tricks!
Exactly. How did I miss this?
Feed them with my cookies!
Feeling powerless.
Finally, you're here.
Find them.
First thing they teach you in the SMCA Academy is,
Follow me.
Follow me. There's a secret passage.
For kidnapping His Majesty, you will be sentenced to life in…
For saving the kingdom from the evil witch,
For that kind of license, I wouldn't just find the king,
For the raven feather, we need a firebird feather.
Forget the king and stay here to enjoy the endless celebration.
Forgive me.
Freezing cold.
From the Secret Magic Control Agency,
Fungus Shrinkillus by Baba Yaga.
Fungus Shrinkillus!
Get 'em! Men, this way!
Get me out now!
Get me out of here!
Get out of my kingdom! Never set foot in here again!
Get them and send them to the oven.
Get up.
Getting any help from the SMCA apparently isn't an option,
Give it… no!
Give me my bag, or I'll make cookies out of your brother.
Give that to me! It's mine!
Give us back the king and we'll go easy on you.
Go away! Down! Bad dog!
Go on.
Go! [soldier grunting and screaming]