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The Last Ship - Season 2

The Last Ship - Season 2

The Last Ship - Season 2 is a thrilling television show, produced and released in 2015. It follows the epic journey of the USS Nathan James, a naval destroyer, as it continues its mission to save humanity in the aftermath of a global pandemic. Led by Captain Tom Chandler, portrayed by Eric Dane, the crew fights against a new enemy, the Immunes, who have their own secret agenda. The cast also includes Rhona Mitra as Dr. Rachel Scott, Adam Baldwin as XO Mike Slattery, and Travis Van Winkle as Lt. Danny Green, among others. With intense action, gripping plotlines, and exceptional performances, The Last Ship - Season 2 will keep you on the edge of your seat. Play and download these captivating sounds here!

A contagious cure.
A couple of a holes tried to hijack our suits.
A couple of miles from here that might have some fuel.
A couple of the old fashioned shots of the vaccine,
A Destroyer can't touch a sub.
A difficult fellow to come to terms with.
A fresh outbreak's been reported there,
A guess, sir.
A large enough number of people enough time
A sense of normalcy.
A Tomahawk missile can be sitting in your lap
Abandon ship!
About Dr. Scott, and about the children,
About every single member of that crew.
About halfway through, ma'am.
About more lawlessness,
About the medical ship, though, didn't he?
Above decks, please.
Across these sections of the country.
Activate prairie/masker air.
Active return, bearing 2 7 5! We've got incoming torpedoes!
Addressing all Americans
Admit it.
After this, the only Americans who show up
Against a sub with Spearfish?
Ahead slow.
Ain't interested in a doctor at the moment.
Ain't no freighters doing business during an apocalypse.
Ain't that right, Bruv?
Ajax was still being fitted.
Alert all hands.
All ahead full.
All curled up in a ball,
All engines ahead one third for 4 knots.
All engines ahead, flank three, aye!
All engines back full!
All engines stop. E stop all main engines.
All full ahead.
All hands, brace for shock!
All missiles now out of range, sir.
All of her troopers without our ship?
All of us together.
All personnel, quiet two.
All right, all right, I will do it.
All right, boss.
All right, boys, let's move it.
All right, get ready.
All right, guys, chow time.
All right, here he is. We have visitor in the house.
All right, it was Christmas Eve.
All right, let's get these pallets unloaded
All right, move it into the hangar.
All right, well...
All right, who's next? Don't be shy.
All right!
All right?
All right.
All staff, I want all staff 2 miles
All stations T.A.O. We're going to quiet two.
All stations,
All teams, this is Tex. I found MacDowell.
All the action's gonna be on the ship.
All the things you didn't say.
All the way from Florida, huh?
All the... Unresolved stuff...
All these people...
All those years...
All you have to do is breathe it in!
All you have to do is breathe it in.
All... Like me.
Along with the facilities she needs to make more of it.
Along with the other assets we can't afford to lose.
Already pretty spread out.
Already running through your bodies.
Always with the secrecy.
American civilians are closing in
And 111 53 27.
And are located in any of the labs listed on the CDC...
And away from us.
And barely enough AMMO for our sentries.
And based on, uh, how much louder they're getting, sir,
And because of that, four of my friends are dead.
And burning them for fuel?
And Claire?
And cut him off.
And fired point blank through the door,
And get back to the business of curing the world.
And get this van back to Avocet.
And given the state of the world, I think it's small.
And have them start sending buckets of ice?
And he's gonna sort through the crap
And head northeast up through the Main Pass.
And heading upriver means we spread the cure,
And her blessing, and I I just think it's probably...
And how did you all avoid being infected?
And how do you suggest I do that?
And I can show you.
And I'm like, Frankie, like, this is a hostile situation.
And I'm not sick.
And if all goes as planned, we'll make contact right here.
And if so... I deeply regret it.
And if someone's gonna go, it'll be me.
And if the sub bought it...
And if there's medicine to be found, he'll find it.
And if this clamp comes loose, he'll bleed out in seconds.
And if we miss, what then?
And it could take you out.
And it's clear there's been a...
And kick some ass.
And kick some ass.
And make it to St. Louis.
And my friends?
And non immunes conned by Ramsey.
And people got to use the head.
And plotted the position of all the phones.
And several thousand other people at Olympia.
And share it with them.
And she's Granderson's prisoner.
And that beacon could easily have a 30 mile range.
And the bastard is dressed like Navy.
And the moisture in your breath.
And the people on it are your enemy.
And the rest of the world begins.
And the troopers that work for Granderson,
And then you chase them out,
And there's decent hunting.
And there's no one I trust more.
And they most certainly will...
And they will.
And they're all in digi blues.
And those helos circling our ship ...
And undermine everything we've been trying to do.
And wait to hear from me, okay?
And we don't successfully spread the contagious cure...
And we got our second string A.S.W. Evaluator.
And we left you all alone.
And we never reached out to you.
And we still have great hope in the future, just as you do.
And we still have no sonar?
And we'll keep you informed.
And we're not waiting for Ramsey to make the first move.
And we're trusting their word?
And what are you talking about? Avocet?
And what I saw from the bridge wing,
And what vessel are you from?
And where is it that you're going?
And why they're trying to destroy Solace.
And will, to the best of my ability,
And with Nathan James hiding out here in the pass?
And without it?
And you feel we can trust her?
And you have victories too plentiful to count.
And you haven't hung up, so what do you want?
And you let them run as fast as they can,
And you may live to see your freedom again... One day.
And your families,
And your followers will fade into the background.
And, what ... 25 of you?
And, what, just forget the rest?
And... Sammy will be all right.
Another New Orleans on our hands.
Any information, I I promise.
Any news?
Any sign of the sub?
Any word?
Anybody else out there?
Anybody wants or needs it,
Anywhere between 1% and 5% of the global population.
Apparently, her assistant hid something important ...
Approaching 30 knots, sir.
Approximate bearing 2 3 5.
Approximately 90 seconds from now.
Are gonna get caught in the crossfire.
Are we expecting him to be in Vicksburg?
Are we hunting or evading it?
Are you expecting him to fire, sir?
Are you the lady who made the cure?
Are you with us or are you gonna keep taking shots?
Aren't you a little old for this? Eh?
Arm torpedoes.
Arm torpedoes.
Arming torpedoes, aye.
Around the next bend is where we estimated
As a lieutenant in the United States Navy,
As far as Granderson knows, her empire's still intact.
As far as I'm concerned,
As far as they know, this is just a floating warship, sir.
As far as we can tell, you're safe there.
As it turns out,
As many as 10,000 people in and around St. Louis,
As much as I'd fancy living in the White House,
As natural and as friendly as possible.
As of this moment,
As soon as the bottom drops off, we dive and fire on my order.
As soon as we cut off the flow of electricity,
As we pull in to shore, you'll all be given booster shots
As we speak.
As you're holding their hand and maintaining eye contact.
Aside from Hamada, most of the doctors and staff ...
Ask any of them ... you'll hear the same thing.
Ask for her surrender?
Assuming the civilians clear the blockade and head upriver,
At 4 knots, we'll have almost no maneuverability to evade.