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The Vow (2012)

The Vow (2012)

The Vow is a romantic drama film released in 2012. Directed by Michael Sucsy, the movie tells the heartwarming story of a woman named Paige (played by Rachel McAdams) who loses her memory in a car accident. As her husband Leo (played by Channing Tatum) fights to win back her heart and help her remember their love, Paige struggles to reconcile her past and forge a new future. With its emotional performances and poignant moments, The Vow captivates audiences with its tale of love, loss, and the power of memory. You can immerse yourself in the film's beautiful soundtrack by playing and downloading these sounds here.

A brain injury isn't like a broken bone or a laceration.
A cruel, hard, pre wedding dumping.
A few credits shy.
A guarded endorsement.
A lot to take in would've been coming home,
A moment of impact whose potential for change
About Paige is still there.
About us.
Actually end up defining who we are.
Actually, I moved back here six months ago.
Actually, I wanna talk to you about that.
Actually, that is funny.
Actually, there's something that I wanted to tell you.
After you.
After you.
After you.
All right, bye.
All right, okay.
All right, well, best of luck with that.
All right? Thank you so much.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. If you say so.
All right. No, no, no. I got it, I got it, I got it.
All right. Turn around.
All right. Yup.
All those memories just came flooding back to me,
ALL: Surprise!
ALL: To family.
And allow the brain time to heal itself while the swelling subsides.
And always call it home.
And always call it home.
And always call it home.
And being engaged to Jeremy.
And come waltzing into your office
And Dad's gonna loan me the money
And didn't I wind up having to wear a beret to the dance?
And go and live at your place?
And go to the Art Institute.
And he was, like, 80. So we thought we could.
And I can take some time off work.
And I couldn't, I couldn't,
And I didn't even wanna respond.
And I don't know your number by heart,
And I don't remember the answer.
And I got us some... (SHOWER RUNNING)
And I have weird hair.
And I just always wanted you to know that.
And I just always wanted you to know that.
And I just started to go on and on
And I know you must be drowning in debt.
And I realized in that moment that
And I started looking at all the photographs of you
And I think that it's probably time to let us take it from here.
And I was asking them if they had those special toasted ravioli.
And I'd have to come and remind you that it was night time.
And I'm a vegetarian, too. (LAUGHS)
And I'm gonna get an apartment in the city.
And I'm just supposed to get in your car
And I'm very optimistic the rest of your memory is going to improve with time.
And I've been asking her about us.
And it just hung there.
And it's crazy what my hands remember
And it's these moments that become our history.
And loves?
And my sister's name is...
And not for what you wanted me to be.
And now you get to see her reject all that.
And recover with people that she knows?
And replay in our minds over and over again.
And she just...
And talking about more shit that I don't remember,
And tell them that I can't do it.
And tell yourself it's time to walk away?
And that's the scrap pile,
And the house seemed so full of all of us.
And the ones we didn't.
And the two rebound girls,
And then a competing light element, there.
And then a right at the cul de sac,
And then he gets so amped up playing
And then it turns out you're lying to me,
And then one afternoon, I was all alone in the house,
And then we slowly wean them off it. Now...
And then you go down to your studio.
And then you... Oh, no, don't. That one's for me.
And they rebooked over at Soundspace.
And they sound just as good? Ryan. (LAUGHS)
And they were really understanding about the accident,
And they're gonna let you back in.
And to always know in the deepest part of my soul
And to always know in the deepest part of my soul,
And to have the patience that love demands.
And to have the patience that love demands.
And to live within the warmth of your heart
And to live within the warmth of your heart
And to live within the warmth of your heart
And to share the silence when they're not.
And we all know what that means.
And we all thought Paige could come home and help her out.
And we had this waiter and he said he did it.
And we hadn't been told?
And we haven't done April yet.
And we made a day of it, which was great.
And we never talked about it?
And we started waving it around
And we were getting ready for the Christmas dance,
And we're six houses in on the right.
And we've got the engagement party coming up.
And what kind of work do you do, Leo?
And you can't remember how we fell in love.
And you definitely weren't sure about me anymore.
And you moved into the city.
And you think you're gonna get her back.
And you'd get lost in a project,
And you'd rather use that time to work in your studio.
And you're gonna strangle me with my purse?
And you've been throwing yourself at Jeremy.
And you've never met my family?
And you've used my accident to rewrite the past?
And your father insisted that you stay in law school.
And your sister.
And your...
And, when we're all together, that fortune just multiplies.
Are we going shot for shot? (LAUGHING)
Are you gonna change?
Are you honestly not gonna leave me alone?
Are you okay?
Are you sure you don't remember
Are you sure?
Are you trying to make me diabetic or just fat?
As a matter of fact, I do.
As soon as your mother confronted him about us.
At least. This is a unique case. Maybe longer.
At me the other day?
Back on your terms!
Because I have been driving myself insane,
Because I've been dealing with these people forever and I know they have...
Because it's bizarre.
Because no two brain injuries are the same.
Because some patients fear
Because you used to look at me that way.
Before everything just went blank.
Before I woke up in a hospital.
Before we start, I think this evening deserves a toast.
Before you start on that,
BILL: Jeremy...
BILL: Mom can make up your old room,
BILL: You just come out when you're ready, honey.
Both my parents are dead.
Brains are much less predictable.
Breaking up with me the first time?
But come here.
But coming home to all of that,
But I also know a way out of this.
But I am not your punching bag.
But I think you have to try and fill the holes.
But I will take it.
But I'll be there. Okay.
But I'll put in a good word for you.
But I'll put in a good word for you.
But I'm already starting to see a mood.
But I'm just...
But I've been with Rose.
But if Paige is in Lake Forest with her family,
But if we go out before then,
But if you don't at least
But it must've done the trick, though,
But it was the greatest time of my life.
But Leo didn't want us to overwhelm you.
But mercifully that's rarely the case.
But my dad will say to call him Bill, but he prefers Mr. Thornton.
But now that I have a brain injury,
But other than that, I'm gonna see you in four to six weeks.
But right now they're the only thing I'm sure about.
But that's not the point.
But the thing is, she outgrew you.
But to drive you away from your family again?
But to her, it probably seemed more
But totally romantic.
But what I never considered
But what I've been trying to do
But with me, you're only getting to first base.
But you haven't had this.
But you just heard Paige's doctor say
But your dad ended it
But your show at the MCA's 12 x 12 was amazing,
But, whatever, it's still good.
Buying groceries, bad sign.
Can cause confusion or memory loss,
Can I ask you something?
Can I at least give you an awkward hug?
Can you just turn down the music, please?
Can't feel good to be the odd man out.
CARRIE: We ended up burning off half your hair.
Claiming that repeated extensions of copyright protection
Come on, seriously.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. (GASPS) What...
Come on. I know you wanna come to bed with me.
Come to bed with me.
Constitute a perpetual copyright
Control how they're gonna affect you.
Could I have a...
Dad, this isn't about you or anything you've done.
Damn it, Paige.
Demanding answers?
Did I give you your ring back?
Did I keep a journal?
Did she tell you that she threw herself
Did you just fart?
Did you know about my dad's affair?
Did you write your vows on a menu?
Dinner? Okay.
Divorce her.
Do I collage?