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Carlito's Way (1993)

Carlito's Way (1993)

Carlito's Way is a gripping crime drama film released in 1993. Directed by Brian De Palma, the movie stars Al Pacino in the lead role as Carlito Brigante, a former drug lord trying to go straight. As Carlito navigates the dangerous streets of New York City, he finds himself drawn back into the world of crime he had left behind. The talented cast includes Sean Penn as Carlito's buddy and lawyer, David Kleinfeld, as well as Penelope Ann Miller as his love interest, Gail. This thrilling tale of redemption and temptation is a must-watch for any fan of crime films. For an immersive experience, play and download the sounds of Carlito's Way here.

A lot of new faces?
A lot of push ups. A lot of wasted time.
A used to be bad guy. Joint got to Carlito.
Adiós, counselor.
After he got out, he started coming to my office and making a lot of phone calls.
After you see this shot, you're gonna give up your religious beliefs.
Ain't no more rackets out here...
All aboard!
All aboard!
All I know is he sent somebody to talk to me wearin' a wire.
All reserved on the 11:20 Amtrak Merchant's Limited.
All reserved on the 11:30 Amtrak Silver Star bound for Tampa and Miami.
All right now, take it easy.
All right, here's the deal.
All right, what happened?
All right.
All right. 10 minutes. I promised your mother we'd be there for dinner.
All right. I thought of something you might want.
All you gotta do is be there with the boat to pick me up.
Always knew I'd make a stop there...
Always sneakin' off, payin' the waiter.
Am I outta line? Just poppin' up like this after all these years?
And I come here and see this.
And I did this musical book show last year in Vegas.
And I want to thank a lot of people for that.
And I want to thank...
And I'll give you $50,000 to go along.
And I'm talkin' serious numbers.
And if I don't do it, they're gonna say:
And it's doin' good. Real good.
And look at me. Completely rehabilitated...
And standing there...
And standing there...
And the legend, me, I'm walkin' right in with him.
And we gotta know that.
And where are you gonna get the $75,000?
Any other time, that punk would die, but I can't do that shit no more.
Are you crazy?
Are you gonna...
Are you in?
Are you kidding?
As I say, you know, top drawer.
Attention, ladies and gentlemen. Final boarding on Track 17.
Attention, ladies and gentlemen. Last call, Track 19...
Attention, ladies and gentlemen. Now boarding on Track 12...
Bad start, Jack.
Be cool. I'm rackin', man. Shit.
Be good.
Benny Blanco from the Bronx.
Benny's gotta go down.
Best to just cut it clean, you know?
Big surprise.
Bill, you got no case here. You know it and I know it.
Boom, boom, in and out.
Born again, like the Watergaters.
Both of you.
Brigante? For what?
Bring these guys the best champagne we got on the house.
But Benny said...
But Davey Kleinfeld, he ain't scared no more.
But he ain't my only problem.
But he has that bad drinker face.
But I learned about women from her.
But I'm up for this play that goes this fall...
But it's like them old reflexes comin' back.
But knowing your relationship with Kleinfeld, that's a good possibility.
But now, with your help...
But she belongs to Benny Blanco now.
But some shit never changes, like Saso.
But then you get out, everybody's got a different face than you remember.
But these new kids nowadays, man, they got no respect for human life.
But you see I got rich while you were inside.
Came the big night, and right away I didn't like it.
Can I ask you a personal question?
Can I ask you for a favor?
Can I call you sometime?
Can I come in? I bought you some cheesecake.
Can't come with me on this trip, though.
Car rental guys don't get killed that much.
Carlito and me, we take care of each other. He knows. Right, kid?
Carlito, he's flaky, man. Slacked out.
Carlito, I see you was talkin' to Benny Blanco before.
Carlito, man, Death Valley out here, man.
Carlito. I heard of you, man.
Chain snatchin', jive ass, maricón motherfuckers.
Chances are, you won't even get an indictment.
Charlie, you run out of steam.
Chase me around the apartment?
Check this out.
Come back then, we'll have it fixed for you.
Come here! Come back!
Come in.
Come on in here, motherfuckers!
Come on, Carlito. I'm not making a career out of it.
Come on, Charlie.
Come on, follow me. This way.
Come on, Frankie.
Come on, let's go. We'll get him outside.
Come on, man, tell me.
Come on, man! You forget who you're talking to?
Come on, man. You had 90, 100 guys on the street. Right?
Come on, Quisqueya. What news?
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. All them people in Lewisburg and you're telling me you didn't connect?
Come on. Don't get me involved with that stuff.
Come on. Excuse me.
Come on. Let's have a drink. Come on, everybody.
Come on. Sit down.
Coño, Guajiro. Who's this?
Cop's not supposed to let anybody in. It's you, it's okay, but...
Cops ain't gonna protect you.
Couple of fuckin' kids.
Couple of months ago he wrote me and he said...
Court of Appeals' decision...
Cover everybody. Tie all the shoelaces.
Cover the doors.
Dave crossed it. I'm here with him.
Dave is my friend.
David Kleinfeld became a very big fish while you were gone.
Did it get you acquitted four fucking times? No, it didn't. I did.
Did it pull you out of a thirty year stint in five years? Did it? No, I did.
Did you ever kill anybody?
Did you hear me? Move!
Did you see that one? The one in the blue?
Didn't you ever have a dream?
Do my time with a clear head.
Do you know who it was?
Don't fuckin' do that! Fuck you!
Don't go.
Don't go.
Don't leave me, Charlie.
Don't leave me, Charlie. Not yet.
Don't stop. Please don't stop. Look at that move.
Don't take me to no hospital, please.
Don't try to talk.
Don't wanna go far.
Don't want to burn nobody, even when I know I should.
Don't work.
Don't worry about me.
Don't worry. My heart, it don't ever quit.
Don't you appreciate that, the movement, the rhythm?
Don't you ever see nobody you like in here?
Don't you think, hermano?
Dumb move, man. Dumb move.
Either way, you're gonna end up in the trunk of a car...
Even bigger than you. He's dirty.
Everybody dancin', drinkin' Dom Perignon.
Everybody pays. Okay?
Everything paid for by Kleinfeld.
Excuse me. Congratulations.
Fat guy, had the Argentine place on Madison.
Favor gonna kill you faster than a bullet.
Fifteen. Yeah, gotta be. Sure.
First time I ever heard that.
First time I saw this guy, I thought he was Italian!
Five hours left. Can I think of everything?
Five minutes from now we'll be on the streets...
For me, please, don't do it.
For whatever that's worth.
Frankie boy, hold on. You come up on the fly deck with me.
Fuck him! Don't worry about Benny Blanco. Go ahead, it's okay.
Fuckin' emergency rooms don't save nobody.
Fuckin' Lalin, man.
Fucking kids.
Gail's gonna be a good mom.
Get him a chair. Get the stupid look off your face.
Get him a chair. The man is standing!
Get him on the other side.
Get him out. Take him out the back.
Get me naked?
Get me Steffie, man. I'm lonely.
Get the fuck off!
Get the fuck out!
Get your fuckin' hands off me!
Get yourself killed.
Gettin' the shakes now.
Give me a second, please.
Give me the fuckin' gun. Since when are you a tough guy?
Go ahead and kill me, you cocksucker!
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Gonna stretch me out in Fernandez Funeral Home on 109th St.
Good night.
Goodbye, you two.
Got out of the joint a couple of years ago.
Gotta be somewhere to hide.
Gotta know for sure.
Gotta listen to my instincts...
Great. I'll advance you $25,000.
Guajiro, wait here for me.
Guys went down, yeah, but it ain't like, you know, you just...
Have a glass, man.
He bought the lease on this bankrupt disco. Beautiful place.
He dances like an Italian!
He don't have his hands over her ass.
He got a safe in the office with stacks of hundreds just waitin'...
He got out, he went down there, put it together.
He has nobody left.
He has nobody.
He is my brother.
He just got out of Lewisburg, man.
He saved my life!
He says he doesn't get $25,000, he's gonna lose his lease.
He thinks I stole a million dollars from him.
He used to be partners with Rolando Rivas.
He used to talk about it all the time in the can.
He used to work in this private gamblingjoint on West 87th.
He wants to send a bottle of champagne over...
He was always one of us. That was a guy. That's who he is.
He was kind of a greeter for the place, set guys up with broads.
He was right. I'd never get an indictment with what I had.
He was workin' as a clerk for a big mob lawyer.
He went down to the Bahamas, Paradise Island...
He's a fucking cockroach.
He's a fucking cokehead!
He's been leaning on me too, about other shit.