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Evan Almighty (2007)

Evan Almighty (2007)

Evan Almighty is a comedic film released in 2007, starring Steve Carell as the protagonist. The movie is a sequel to Bruce Almighty (2003) and follows the story of Evan Baxter, a news anchor turned congressman who is given a divine mission by God, portrayed by Morgan Freeman. Encouraged to build an ark in preparation for a flood, Evan faces numerous challenges, both personal and public, as he embarks on this extraordinary task. The movie features a talented ensemble cast including Lauren Graham, John Goodman, and Wanda Sykes. If you are interested in reliving the laughter and excitement of Evan Almighty, you can play and download the sounds of this unforgettable comedy right here.

A flood? Rolling out.
Access is just a word you're using to hide what's really going on here.
According to my source, the show hasn't even started yet.
All right, boys! Let's go! Let's go!
All right, Eugene, Congressman Long's bill. What is it?
All right, everybody! Say escrow!
All right, see you later!
All right. So our little Marlboro Man moment didn't work out so well.
All right. Well, let's just start over.
ALL: Baxter! Baxter!
ALL: Baxter! Baxter! Baxter!
ALL: Change the world!
ALL: Change the world!
ALL: Escrow!
ALL: I pledge allegiance to the flag
ALL: Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
Alpha and Omega Hardware?
Also, the new Congressional plates just came in.
An alpaca. They rarely spit at people unless frightened or abused.
An ark is huge! I don't even know where I would begin!
An increase in domestic commerce. If you happen to like those things,
And a shrimp's heart is in its head. Really?
And Congressman Baxter.
And Congressman Baxter's coffee habits?
And eight lots? What are you going to do with eight lots?
And I don't think the big man himself could do a better job. Pretty cool, huh?
And I get my own room, right? Yep.
And I know that with great power comes great responsibility.
And if anybody asks, tell them a flood's coming.
And it's in!
And Jordan was very precise.
And let me tell you something, you guys are gonna love this place.
And maybe a couple weekends after that.
And now you are going to hold my dishes.
And one more jackass.
And pulling the down payment out of your home equity? Very gutsy move.
And that I am now in a position of great power,
And that I am now in a position of great power,
And the adverse effects it may have on your bill?
And the next seven days, no showers, no storms.
And then passed out the surrounding lands to a group of private investors.
And they finally fixed the phones. My new extension is 614.
And to the Republic, for which it stands...
And when you finally show up you look like the fifth Beatle.
And when you were a little boy, you were afraid of Gumby.
And with the land use bill, he's gonna do the same thing with the national parks.
And you know what? I think there's something for our fishermen up there.
And you say we're going to have a flood?
And you're seeing live images of New York Noah's ark
And you're still sucking up.
And, by God, it's gonna happen. Now you look down there.
And, ultimately, man must
Are birds.
Are you gonna run with the pack or are you gonna lone wolf it?
Are you kidding me?
Are you okay? I'm fine.
As soon as you're feeling up to it, of course. You get yourself better.
Aviaries, sir.
Baxter's only a freshman, sir, but I think you'll find he is locked and loaded.
Beautiful, isn't it? I remember creating this valley.
Because if I could be like one man, it'd be him.
Because the rain and the floods are coming.
Because we didn't leave our lives in Buffalo so you could sail the S.S. Depression.
Because you strike me as the type of guy who knows how to hit the ground running.
Birds follow you.
Board the ark! Save yourselves!
BOTH: Change the world!
BOTH: Leg power!
BOTH: We are hamsters!
Boy or girl? A little boy. And here he is.
Boys, will you excuse us, please? Your father and I need to have a little talk.
BOYS: Yup.
Build the ark.
Build your boat.
Building an Ark the Old Fashioned Way.
Busy, busy, busy, busy. Nice meeting you. Take care. Oh, and...
But before we sign off, we'd like to congratulate our very own Evan Baxter,
But don't worry, sir, he's definitely not way mean.
But how...
But I got to get going, because, frankly, I have an ark to build.
But if you survive, they give you a bigger den. Have a seat.
But my husband says God told him to do it.
But today is the day! It has to be. This just doesn't make any sense!
But we got into this as a family
But what's interesting is how it got into private hands.
But you want to stop progress to save the Earth. Go for it.
But, Evan, we have to talk about the ark. It has to come down.
But, two by two, animals of all kinds are working with Godspeed to build this ark.
Bye guys Bye bye
Bye, guys! See you later.
Bye. See you. Good luck, honey.
Can I go to the bathroom? Me, too?
Can I tase him?
Can you at least tell me what you're building?
Care to join me?
Careful pulling out. Pedestrian in the crosswalk.
Cold today, huh?
Come on, BMIC, Big Man in Congress. Evan Baxter, the shark on the move.
Come on, Dad, why can't we keep him? I mean, we've got a new house.
Come on, Evan, be reasonable. You got to get rid of that beard.
Come on, Evan, this is it! This is why we came here!
Come on, let's go.
Come on, Rita!
Come on.
Come on. I mean, a beard? A beard's so dirty.
Come on. Just let it go, just let it go.
Come on. We're in here!
Coming right up.
Congressman Jenkins, Congressman Whitehall, Congressman Freeman,
Congressman Jim Dodd, head of Ways and Means.
Congressman Long did this? Did you say neighbor?
Congressman Long eating your hot dog.
Congressman Long got the approval to build a dam
Congressman Long's assistant just dropped this off.
Congressman Richard Stamp, head of Commerce,
Congressman, I'm sure St. Francis would be envious.
Congressman, your name is being removed from this bill.
CONGRESSMAN: No, of course not.
Congressman! Hey, Marty!
Congressman! There you are!
CONGRESSPERSON: Will the Chairman yield?
CONGRESSWOMAN: I pledge allegiance to the flag...
Cover me up! Keep me dry! Cover me up! Keep me dry!
Dad, guess what? I got all your stuff packed up so that we can...
Dad, I don't think that's the rains.
Dad, we can do this, but we're gonna need some help.
Dad, what are you doing? I'm watching this.
Development means the advancement of jobs,
Dictate what happens in this country.
Did you fall in a mine shaft?
Did you just come out of a coma?
Did you say build a boat?
Do me a favor. Love me less.
Do the dance.
Do we have anything unleavened?
Do you have a point, Congressman?
Do you hear that? The rains are upon us!
Do you know what happens when one of these wolves decides to fend for itself?
Do you see him?
Do you smell anthrax?
Do you want to explain yourself, Congressman? What is going on?
Does God know he's going to get you fired?
Does this mean we're moving back home?
Don't worry about it, you guys. Come on, eat up.
Don't you dare take that ark down.
Dropped like a leaf during the Pledge of Allegiance.
Dylan, get back inside! It's too dangerous.
DYLAN: Dad, there's a note.
Dylan! Jordan! Check it out! Your mom's building an ark!
Eight pounds, 11 ounces.
Either him or Kareem.
Enjoy that office.
Enough already!
EUGENE: He was actually right.
Evacuate immediately! You have three minutes!
Evan Baxter! You have gone from newsman to congressman to caveman.
Evan Baxter. Born June 15, 1962.
Evan, even if it kept raining, it's not like it could cause a flood in a day.
Evan, faith will not fight this bill. The CINPLAN vote is today!
Evan, sit down.
Evan, talk to me.
Evan, that was brilliant. Risky, but brilliant.
Evan, think of the kids.
Evan, what happened to you?
Evan, what happened?
Evan, what is going on?
Evan, what is happening to you?
Evan, you did it. You built the ark.
Evan, you got to tell me these things. Think of the publicity angle on this!
EVAN: Baxter family, this is what's called a scenic vista.
EVAN: Careful, everyone. In the ark! In the ark!
EVAN: Come on, do the dance. DYLAN: I'm not doing the dance.
EVAN: Gentlemen, I have saved the best for last.
EVAN: Here it is! Welcome to the good life.
EVAN: Here we go. RYAN: Oh, my God!
EVAN: Keep it straight.
EVAN: Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes day one
EVAN: Pretty amazing, isn't it?
EVAN: These too heavy? It's all right? JORDAN: No, it's fine.
EVAN: Well, I guess they don't want to go.
EVAN: Wow.
EVAN: You guys all right?
EVAN: You psyched? Are you ready?
Everybody! Please! Get on the ark!
Everyone, up the ramp! Onto the deck! Come on! Hurry, hurry, hurry!
Excuse me. Are you all right?
Excuse me. Can I get a refill, please?
Excuse me. Do I know you?
First things first. I have been asked to junior cosponsor a bill.
Fish follow you.
Forget it! Many a man's been humbled by his first day in Congress.
From now on, let's keep the surprises to a maximum of, say, none. Understood?
Gave that dog a home.
Gen 6:14.
Gene, plates, now. And Alex at the Buffalo office had her baby.
Gene! Heel!
Genesis 6:14.
Genesis 6:14.
Gentlemen, good to see you.
Gentlemen, I'm sure you're all wondering why I've assembled you here today.
Gentlemen, welcome. What an honor to have you here.
Get it out, son. It's the beginning of wisdom.
Get off the boat now or you will be removed by force.
Get on the ark! Everyone, on the ark now!
Get that ball in position! We're clearing them out!
Get the door! Get the door!
Give me a minute. Lets see if I can convince Noah
Go back to the Hill and show them that you can and will fight this bill.