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The Da Vinci Code (2006)

The Da Vinci Code (2006)

The Da Vinci Code (2006) is a captivating mystery thriller film directed by Ron Howard, based on the bestselling novel by Dan Brown. It follows renowned symbologist Robert Langdon, played by Tom Hanks, and cryptologist Sophie Neveu, portrayed by Audrey Tautou, as they investigate a centuries-old secret that could shake the very foundations of Christianity. With an ensemble cast including Ian McKellen, Paul Bettany, and Jean Reno, the film takes audiences on a thrilling journey filled with historical puzzles and hidden symbols. You can download and play the sounds of this intriguing masterpiece here. Enjoy the suspenseful ride!

A beat cop of history.
A bishop of my order called me.
A cryptex.
A cute dog. You know, a little dog.
A decoy, I'm sure.
A dramatic late night arrival.
A guardian of the Holy Grail.
A hot potato?
A knight whose funeral was presided over by the Pope.
A living descendent of Jesus Christ...
A magic cup. The source of God's power on earth.
A map that will lead us to the Holy Grail.
A mortal man.
A P P L E.
A pentacle.
A pity you couldn't wait for morning.
A rose line is any line that goes from the North to South Poles.
A scar on the face of Paris.
A senechal. A guardian of the Grail right here in my own home.
A tad more than petty cash. Wouldrt you say, bishop?
A toast to our success, Teacher. The end of the journey is near.
A treasure hunt.
A very long time ago.
A. Pope. His first initial. How did I miss that?
About how your parents died?
Absurd. There was a formal announcement of his promotion.
According to all of this...
Accurate within two feet anywhere on the globe.
Actually, I didn't think he liked me very much.
Actually, in those days, the word "companion" literally meant "spouse."
Adorned in masters' loving art, she lies
Adorned in masters' loving art, she lies.
After me, please.
Aiding and abetting two murder suspects.
All right.
All the oppression of the poor and the powerless...
All the same, send an officer to the station.
All this confusion, violence, vanishing property...
Allow an old man his indulgences.
Almost everyone on earth has.
An anagram.
An artifact, it was said, the Church would kill to possess.
An orb.
Anagram is right.
And about the Priory.
And also with you.
And at this council...
And because the war finally draws to a close.
And bring her to the sight of the Almighty.
And by then whatever Sauniere wanted you to tell me will be useless.
And codes?
And do all the drivers wear a Rolex?
And even if I did, I wouldn't tell you.
And he basically knocked the more distant gods out of the game.
And he must have sung you the riddle songs.
And he who keeps the keys to heaven rules the world.
And here, it is said, she gave birth to a daughter, Sarah.
And in 325 anno Domini...
And in this case, a woman who carried a secret so powerful...
And it turns out, she makes an appearance right there.
And its meaning?
And maybe I didn't know him at all.
And maybe you're a knight on a Grail quest.
And now the third and most grave of inquiries:
And one that has been going on forever.
And one... Two are praying.
And that the Priory are here to protect you now...
And that throughout history, they seek out and kill...
And that's enough?
And the chalice resembles a cup or vessel or, more importantly...
And the heir?
And the star on his skin?
And the zealots pursued her still...
And there's just one place to bury a Templar knight in London.
And these dots. These dots are read by a laser.
And this Council of Shadows tries to destroy proof of the bloodline.
And this is from the Gospel of Mary Magdalene herself.
And this is you, isn't it?
And to strengthen this new Christian tradition...
And two tickets to Brussels paid for with Langdors credit card.
And what drink?
And what I saw my grandfather doing...
And what's your longest account?
And with you.
And you travel with a maiden, it seems.
And, of course, you will deliver us.
Any ideas, professor?
Any Priory story ends in bloodshed. They were butchered by the Church.
Anything ritualistic in nature?
Anything you do say will be given in evidence.
Apparently, it was his dying wish that we meet.
Apparently, you lost your tongue along with your truck.
Are they?
Are you a God fearing man, professor?
Are you the Teacher?
Armed police!
Armed police!
Armed police! Put your hands in the air!
As it never has.
As long as there has been a one true God...
As the legend foretold:
As the pagans would have wanted.
As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words...
As you know, my request for funds...
At 3. Around 3. Three.
At the chateau, you said, "It hides beneath the Rose."
Attention! All of Collet's units to Chateau Villette.
Backwards. In the style of Leonardo himself.
Bad tip.
Be careful.
Be careful.
Because I don't think he was your grandfather.
Because of your expertise?
Because you will stay.
Before your parents were killed?
Beneath the Rose.
Big crowd out there now.
Bishop Aringarosa has been kind to me.
Bishop, how would you know this killer's name?
Bless you, Silas.
Blood is being spilled because true Christian values lie in ruins. No more!
Bonjour, professor.
Bring the suspect to the crime scene and hope he incriminates himself.
Built by the Templars themselves. Named for the original Rose Line.
But a growing religious turmoil was gripping Rome.
But before that, I have an urgent message for Professor Langdon.
But by the way you've been looking at your hero...
But first, a test of honor.
But give me a moment.
But how could Christ have a bloodline, unless...?
But I was only a girl when I lived with him.
But I won't leave you alone in all this.
But I'm getting...
But if you had to...
But it is a fact the papacy declared these Priory knights...
But our accounts date back to the beginning of banking itself.
But she always had her Knights.
But so late?
But the Templars were created to protect the Holy Land.
But there are many tomorrows.
But this says nothing of marriage.
But to you, Sophie, we are friends of the man who raised you:
But we are all united in God's work around the world.
But what secret?
But why can't I?
But you need a good cover to fly into Italy these days.
But you...
But you've done enough.
But your name was never Sauniere. It's Saint Clair.
But, Sophie, the only thing that matters is what you believe.
By poison.
By poison.
By the 1300s, the Templars had grown too powerful.
Caller was male. Claimed your two murderers...
Can you believe how well I did?
Can you keep secrets?
Can you know a thing and never say it again?
Capitaine Fache is waiting for you.
Captain Fache, obviously I can't tell you why.
Captain, look at this.
Careful. Careful.
Centuries after his crucifixion...
Chateau Villette. Yes.
Check your jacket pocket.
Christ be with you.
Christ loved her more than all the disciples...
Christ sacrificed his life for the betterment of humanity.
Christ, give me strength.
Christianity was on the rise. He didn't want his empire torn apart.
Church of Saint Sulpice.
Come along, Sophie.
Come back in 10 minutes.
Come on, 30, eh?
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come, Rem...
Come, you saints of God.
Compounding keywords:
Confirmed by all.
Considering both the Bible and standard Grail legend...
Constantine did not create Jesus' divinity.
Could we take the stairs?
Crazy old man.
Crazy old man.
Crypto called. They identified the code.
Da Vinci.
Dear God.
Demons. Omens. Codes. Monks. Ranks. Rocks.
Destroy it.
Devil's pitchfork.
Did he never tell you?
Did he pass down the fleur de lis? Is that how you found this?
Did it occur to you that could be dangerous?
Did that old cannabis charge finally catch up with me?
Did they find it, this buried treasure?
Did you kill Jacques Sauniere?
Did you kill Jacques Sauniere?
Did you kill my grandfather?
Didrt say you had a boyfriend.
Do not move, woman.
Do not test me!
Do you have a message from Sauniere?
Do you have any memories of your grandfather before the accident?
Do you have the bonds, bishop?
Do you know it, Sister?
Do you know it, Sister?
Do you mock me?