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The Pink Panther (1963)

The Pink Panther (1963)

The Pink Panther is a classic comedy film directed by Blake Edwards, released in 1963. This iconic movie centers around the bumbling yet lovable French detective, Inspector Jacques Clouseau, played brilliantly by Peter Sellers. The story follows Clouseau as he investigates the theft of the famous Pink Panther diamond, while hilariously stumbling upon numerous misadventures and misunderstandings.

The film also features an outstanding ensemble cast, including David Niven as the charming jewel thief, Sir Charles Lytton, and Robert Wagner as George Litton. The beautiful Claudia Cardinale portrays the mysterious Princess Dala, while Capucine takes on the role of Clouseau's captivating and unfaithful wife, Simone.

With its witty dialogue, physical comedy, and memorable characters, The Pink Panther remains a beloved classic to this day. It spawned numerous sequels and a successful animated television series.

If you're a fan of this timeless film, you can relive the laughter and download the iconic sounds here, from the iconic theme song to Clouseau's hilarious catchphrases. Enjoy the laughs and nostalgia!

A candle!
A few years, but after you get out...
A gift for your father from his grateful people.
A man of considerable influence and reputation.
A note to Uncle Charles.
A paradox...
A prize he could never resist. He would be bound to try for it.
A real woman would have slapped my face.
About 5'7, black hair, wearing a light beige coat.
About the time that these robberies began
After all, whatever I am today, he made it possible.
After them! Come on, Tucker!
After we carried you home.
After which, I'll return to you immediately.
All of them.
All right, darling.
All right, wait. You see...
All right, wait. You see...
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Thank you.
All that has happened is that my hat has caught
All those robberies...
Amazing. Sort of a contemporary Don Juan.
Amber, how are you?
Amber, how are you?
And afterwards, we have our lovely, warm bed.
And allowed yourself to become involved.
And another thing you did, you didn't tell me the truth.
And don't trust an animal who doesn't care about people.
And finds it necessary to occupy the major portion of his life
And he adores me.
And he would like you to meet his cousin.
And how many of those parties did you attend, Inspector?
And I don't care if you can juggle.
And I thought perhaps you would come back and have a drink.
And I was ten when I bagged my first tiger.
And I'm a very good skier.
And it is hard to reconcile the extremes.
And it is interesting to note, most of them women...
And it is rumored that when the court convenes today,
And tallyho.
And the notorious Phantom came into existence, correct?
And they wake up in the morning riddled with guilt
And think they can reclaim their virtue by saying, I don't remember.
And to convict George as his accomplice.
And we have met before.
And what do you think? She turned out to be a man!
And why don't you take one yourself? You need the rest, you know?
And you think you are going to take advantage of me.
And you're liable to break your neck.
And, as I understand it, keep his women separate.
Another time.
Any more behavior like this, and I'll have your stripes.
Any news from the police about your dear little dog?
Anyway, you warm them on me.
Apart from that, we have nothing in common.
Apologize for what? Nothing happened.
Are you all right, my darling?
Are you having a good time?
Are you hurt, my darling?
Are you saying my virtue is not intact?
As a matter of fact, it might be rather intriguing,
As I see it, they only have one chance.
As I told you before, I just want to relax.
As in every stone of this size, there is a flaw.
As you know, I'm having a rather large party this evening.
Aside from the Phantom himself,
At last!
At last! Hello!
At last. At last.
At the numerous parties given by Miss Angela Dunning.
Be careful, or you’ll give your family a good name.
Be careful. I can't see a thing.
Because you're going to be here for the next 20 years...
Because you've got a surprise coming, Charlie.
Before the International Court made its decision.
Being the wife of Inspector Clouseau,
Besides, when the Phantom strikes again,
Bet it's not so good in there.
Better be right this time.
Better than ever.
Boy, did you fib.
Break down the inhibitions...
Britannia, rule the waves
Britannia, rule the waves... I say!
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves
Brunico? But that's in Brunico. That's 30 miles from here.
But from now on, perhaps a more practical approach?
But he gave me a white pony for my fifth birthday.
But he made his decisions according to the ways of his predecessors.
But I didn't sleep a wink after you left.
But I must make a very important phone call.
But I think the room service has finished, my love.
But I think you should know that Charles wanted to call it off.
But I'd be happy to give you the benefit of my experience.
But I'll never forget my lovely little pony.
But I'm torn.
But my husband could be back any minute.
But my leg is rather painful.
But that is his trademark, his calling card, so to speak.
But they both have something in common.
But this time, gentlemen, I shall be waving good bye to him...
But this time, gentlemen, I shall be waving good bye to him...
But we’d never be able to do that.
But who is he? What is he?
But you have presented the press with a rather definite image.
But, Inspector...
By Jove, that looked... It is! It's Sir Charles!
Bye, darling.
Can't get a thing in this hotel. I had to force them to give me that.
Careful, you fool. You realize this gun is loaded?
Cares nothing about sports.
Cat got your tongue?
Certainly she could get you started out right.
Certainly you did.
Charles, on the other hand, drives a Ferrari,
Charles, you going to take that lying down?
Classic in its conception.
Come along, little doggy. Here we are.
Come back! It's me!
Come closer.
Come here, Dala.
Come immediately.
Come in, sit down, relax. Have a nice glass of champagne.
Come in.
Come on now! Faster! Faster!
Come on, please. I have not much time.
Come on!
Come on.
Come on. Hurry up. Go.
Come out quick.
Come out, or we'll bust the door in!
Couldn't you say you found it on the grounds or something?
Crazy woman.
Darling, I need to talk to you.
Darling, I'm sorry. Come here.
Darling, listen, why don't I have a nice bath?
Darling, look. I think I've got something in my right eye.
Darling, my little...
Darling, what's the matter, my darling?
Darling, you got rid of all those naughty little bubbles?
Darling, you haven't danced with me all evening, my angel.
Darling. Dala.
Dear Uncle Charles, don’t worry about a thing.
Dear, I doubt if we shall need it tonight, my love.
Deciding the issue.
Did I hurt you? Are you all right?
Did you arrange to have her kidnapped the first time?
Did you not bathe earlier?
Didn't I tell you I'd make this the biggest social success of the year?
Do we have to start the lessons right away?
Do you have to leave this afternoon?
Do you know that you're really amazing?
Do you know who that was? That was Sir Charles Litton.
Do you want to call it off?
Don't argue with me! I know where they've gone.
Don't be silly. Charles doesn't mind.
Don't forget about the wardrobe.
Don't trust a man who doesn't care about animals.
Don't try to say that when you haven't got any lips.
Don't you move a muscle, darling.
Don’t worry about this mess. We can have it cleaned up later.
Don’t worry. We've solved that problem before.
Each theft is completely different and unique,
Enough to buy a wife a $10,000 mink coat?
Enters with a key, and resorts to collective bargaining.
Even perhaps in this very room.
Everyone takes a potshot at Charles sooner or later.
Everyone's just dying to meet you.
Everything all sharp and shiny?
Except what I've read in newspapers and magazines.
Excuse me, but I've got to talk to Lord Cravenwood.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me. My leg is caught.
Expecting to end up with one man...
Feed me champagne...
Fine party, Angela darling.
Five years ago, got a fleeting glimpse...
Follow me, men.
For Your Highness to accept the facts.
Forget about last night. I was impetuous.
Friends don't act like that.
George and I had a wonderful family reunion last night
George has got my do it yourself Phantom kit.
George, any idea how we get out of here?
George, it's four miles down the mountain,
George, stop it!
George, you can't pass up an invitation like that.
Get him!
Get the broom.
Get under the bed. Come on. Quick.
Go ahead, ma'am, shoot.
Go back! Go home!
Go down the road a half mile. You'll see a sign.
Good bye, Charlie.
Good bye.
Good evening, Inspector.
Good evening, Sir Charles.
Good evening, sir.
Good evening.
Good evening.
Good morning, Your Highness. Hair of the dog.
Good morning. Listen, what about this nephew?
Good night.
Good thinking, Charlie.
Good. Now the least you can do is let me take you to the station.
Got a fleeting glimpse of him as he made his getaway.