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James Bond: The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

James Bond: The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

"The Spy Who Loved Me" is a 1977 James Bond film, continuing the iconic spy franchise. In this action-packed adventure, Agent 007, portrayed by Roger Moore, joins forces with Russian agent Anya Amasova, played by Barbara Bach, to investigate the mysterious disappearance of nuclear submarines. As they delve deeper into the plot, they uncover a grand scheme orchestrated by the megalomaniac millionaire, Karl Stromberg, portrayed by Curd Jürgens.

Directed by Lewis Gilbert, this James Bond installment captivates audiences with its thrilling escapades, exotic locales, and glamorous espionage. The film's iconic soundtrack, composed by Marvin Hamlisch, perfectly complements the high-stakes action. If you're eager to immerse yourself in the world of James Bond, you can play and download the incredible sounds of "The Spy Who Loved Me" here.

Note: Since the prompt does not explicitly mention any specific sounds or songs, it is assumed that the emphasis is on the general audio experience of the movie rather than any particular tracks.

A break out by some of the prisoners.
A marine biologist is never on holiday. Can we offer you a drink before we go?
A new and beautiful world beneath the sea.
A sitting room... And two bedrooms.
A submerged nuclear submarine in exactly the same way, by its wake.
A/I personnel clear of the flight deck platform.
Aboard this vessel, Commander, I am Major Amasova of the Russian army.
Activate Number Two Dock.
Actually, sir, it is in Sardegna.
Admiral Hargreaves, Flag Officer Submarines.
After the Karl Marx, of course.
Agent Triple X
Agent Triple X, acknowledge and verify.
Ah, yes. Mr and Mrs Sterling. Booked from Cairo.
Ah. Maybe I misjudged Stromberg.
AII6 ? A/I6?
All I need is the detonator.
All right, Stromberg. You've made your point. How much do you want?
All the same, I think it might be better if I did.
All those feathers and he still can't fly.
Alone at last.
And as a sign of Russian good faith,
And disclose the stage on which the drama of a civilization took place.
And from where I sit, I fancy you will find the lady's figure hard to match.
And I am he, the Pharaoh.
And I believe you're familiar with Major Amasova.
And in surroundings with which I can identify.
And nobody does it better
And nobody does it better
And now you will pay the penalty.
And shared bodily warmth.
And surrender your ship.
And Talbot, the captain of the submarine.
And that it will help to make Anglo Soviet cooperation a reality.
And that, I think, concludes our business.
And the typeface is an Italian one.
And the voice of the desert has crossed the centuries.
And the woman is Major Amasova, a Russian agent.
And then kill them.
And there is death.
And you.
Andrews, James, Marshall, Purvis! Follow me!
Any man who drinks Dom Pérignon '52 can't be all bad.
Anything at all...
Anything at all...
Are you quite sure I can't persuade you to stay the night?
Are you sure you know what you're doing?
As soon as my mission is accomplished.
As urgent as my appointment is, I'd hate him to walk in and surprise us.
At 12 noon they will have reached firing positions.
Attention all personnel.
Baby, baby
Baby, you're the best
Baby, you're the best
Baby, you're the best
Baby, you're the best
Barton. That package for Commander Bond, bring it in quick.
Before you go, however, I very much regret to inform you
Bond, what do you think you're doing?
Both crews aboard, sir. Missile onload completed.
Brace yourself.
Bring her.
Bring those two prisoners here.
But it appears he'd become involved in a British Secret Service operation.
But just keep it comin'
But like heaven above me
But like heaven above me
But somehow you found me
But somehow you found me
But that means they can totally undermine our Western defence strategy.
But what a catastrophe, Comrade Chairman.
But you have a tendency to violence that has to be controlled.
But, James,
But, James, I need you.
Buy you a drink, Major Amasova?
By the way, thanks for deserting me back there.
Call him over.
Called Jaws? Make no mistake, Mr Bond.
Calling Agent Triple X You will report to headquarters immediately.
Can detect a nuclear missile in flight by its tail fire.
Can I persuade you to accept a bed for the night?
Can you play any other tune?
Can you swim?
Cancel transfer of 20 million dollars. Inform next of kin that a tragic accident
Captain wants you to keep 500ft.
Captain, sir. Our best solution for the target is 120, speed three knots.
Cease fire!
Change the circuit.
Close it.
Come in.
Come in.
Come on!
Come on! Let's go!
Commander Bond, sir. Mr Frederick Gray, Minister of Defence.
Commander James Bond,
Commander, you have precisely two minutes to open your hatches
Complete nuclear missile loading.
Containment Crews, take up positions.
Control, Manoeuvring. We're losing electrical frequency.
Control, Sonar. Total power supplies failure.
Could he operate the tracking system from there?
Darlin', you're the best
Darling, you should look at this model. It's beautiful.
Dead. So are we unless we get out of here fast.
Death lies waiting.
Did you kill him?
Disembarkation Crew moving into position.
Do you ever get the feeling somebody doesn't like you?
Do you have any messages for me?
Do you recognise him?
Dock Officer to Operations. Mobilization Crew entering dock area.
Don't bother with it. It's useless. I examined it on the boat.
Don't look up. You're on Candid Camera.
Don't move.
Down scope.
Egyptian builders.
Emergency stations. Emergency stations. Captain to the control room.
Enough to know which cigarettes she smokes.
Every person who even comes into contact with that microfilm
Every woman for herself, remember?
Excellent. We have been granted an audience.
Except that the vital technical information has been taken out.
Excuse me, Major. I'll be back in a moment.
Excuse me.
Farewell, Mr Bond.
Five more minutes.
Food is also very important.
For me, this is all the world.
For that, Major,
For the gentleman, vodka martini, shaken not stirred.
From COMSUB Atlantic, sir.
Get Roberts to the gyro unit.
Get that man at all costs!
Get those fenders cleared! Forward and aft!
Give me the key.
Good evening, Mr Bond. I've been expecting you.
Good God!
Good morning, sir.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning. Major Amasova, we are facing a most delicate situation.
Goodbye, Mr Bond.
Goodbye, Mr Sterling. And if we don't meet again,
Goodbye, Mr Stromberg.
Half as good as you
Half as good as you
Half as good as you
Handsome but deadly.
Happily enough, so do I.
Has met with considerable success.
Has resulted in the deaths of Professor Markovitz and Dr Bechmann.
Have a seat.
He has just left. He has just left Over and out.
He just dropped in for a quick bite.
He must have it, or you wouldn't be here.
He was cutoff... Permanently.
He was in Berngarten three weeks ago.
He won't be joining you.
He's on a mission, sir. In Austria.
Heat signature recognition most likely.
Here in the depths of this tomb
Here is the great pyramid which he built to defend himself against death.
Here on the plateau of Giza
Here we are.
Here, I'll give you a hand.
Hey! Stanna!
High? Astronomical.
Hope you enjoyed the show. Good night.
How about this?
How did you know about that?
How do you do? This is my wife, who also happens to be my assistant.
How does that grab you?
How far would you say?
How much? Whatever do you mean, Mr Bond?
However, we now have the situation under control.
I am a Pharaoh's companion,
I am the faithful warden at the foot of his Lord,
I assure you it is quite genuine.
I cannot find the words.
I congratulate both you, Doctor, and you, Professor,
I didn't realise you had such a healthy appetite.
I got this signal from the Pentagon.
I had lunch, but... I seem to have missed dessert.
I have never failed on a mission, Commander. Any mission.
I have the oddest feeling we'll be meeting again sometime.
I intend to change the face of history.
I must go. I have to be in Austria tonight.
I mustn't touch the impulse conductor circuit.
I never had any problems knowing what you were going to do, Hosein. Shukran.
I really feel I...
I regret to inform you, Major, that Agent Sergei Barsov has been killed.
I remember when...
I say again, 25m to run.
I see you know your subject, Mr Sterling.
I should very much like to meet whoever was responsible for his death.
I stole the blueprints of this car two years ago.
I think we should take a closer look at that tanker, don't you?
I think you can.
I think you will find this interesting, Mr Sterling.
I tried to hide from your love light
I tried to hide from your love light
I want another look at that Stromberg laboratory.
I want that microfilm and I'm going to get it.
I want that ready for Ahmed's tea party.
I wasn't lookin'
I wasn't lookin'
I went on a survival course in Siberia.
I will accept the judgment of posterity.
I wish to conduct my life on my own terms
I wish you luck with your research.