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Van Wilder (2002)

Van Wilder (2002)

Released in 2002, "Van Wilder" is a comedy film directed by Walt Becker. It follows the comedic misadventures of the titular character, Van Wilder, a charismatic and notorious party animal who has been attending college for an unusually long time. Starring Ryan Reynolds as Van Wilder, the film also features Tara Reid as Gwen Pearson, Kal Penn as Taj Mahal Badalandabad, and Tim Matheson as Van's father, Vance Wilder Sr.

With its uproarious humor and light-hearted tone, "Van Wilder" has become a cult classic among comedy enthusiasts. The film delves into Van's extravagant and outrageous attempts to fund his never-ending college experience and his pursuit of true love. Filled with hilarious moments, absurd situations, and memorable characters, it provides a fun and entertaining watch for audiences.

If you're in the mood to relive the laughter or experience it for the first time, you can easily play and download the sounds from this film here. Whether it's Van's witty one-liners or the uproarious classroom pranks, the sounds of "Van Wilder" are sure to leave you chuckling.

A collective GPA of 52,000?
A Delta?
A dilemma has arose up front.
A friend of yours...
A good soldier does not leave his commander...
A good writer gets her story no matter what.
A party people will actually show up to.
A party we can be proud of...
A perfect match, connected forever.
A pro.
A ritual, if you will, that allows me...
A story that nobody's been able to get.
A time to say good bye to the parents once again...
After this weekend, we should have sufficient funds...
Air dry that shit, yeah.
All doctors.
All right, everybody?
All right, look.
All right, sister. Enjoy yourself. Power to the people.
All right, thank you, man. Enjoy yourself.
All right, things to remember commerce and trade
All right, Trapper. Stay cool.
All right, Wilder, let's dance.
All right.
All right. Gwen, all right! You're just in time.
All right. So... am I here for a physical?
All you need are the three fundamentals scented candles...
Always check the quality of the turf before you step onto the field.
Am I right?
And a few that weren't mine. Stepped into the wrong one.
And all of our athletics those are all so minuscule?
And also correct.
And another $39,000 for your son's tuition and housing this semester.
And Barry White.
And cut your losses.
And Dr. Smelnick.
And each article skipped over by the majority of the student body.
And get it waxed. I want to wax it. Wax it!
And I am really enjoying the present right now...
And I guess so is a promise...
And I just wanted to bring my A game.
And I quote, Van Wilder is a party pimp.
And I would like to be your assistant very much...
And I wouldn't want our future children to be tainted...
And I'm gonna help you put the bang in Banglapur.
And I'm ready to move on.
And if Milty Mingleton can shove himself...
And in reaction to this lynching...
And it hurts when I
And it's okay. You just had to get it out of your system.
And just as I expected...
And just like that, Topless Tutors was born.
And just so we're clear, I'm telling you to go fuck yourself!.
And just the right chromosomal anomalies.
And leave Coolidge with a degree.
And my 9:45 till Wednesday.
And of course, Gwen's father.
And Ran Over My Heart With a Big Metaphorical Truck.
And say hello to a few new student bodies.
And smother it.
And state his or her case within 48 hours of being discharged.
And suggest an alternative punishment.
And that guy she's with all kinds of wrong for her.
And the Bloated Belly Beer Bash to Battle Bulimia this semester.
And then I don't know how.
And then I am in!
And then I broke the boredom.
And then we bumped uglies.
And we talked it over.
And you know something, Timmy?
And your time is up, Mr. Wilder. Pencils down.
Any student may appeal an expulsion before the university judicial board...
Anything at all?
Apathy is the glove into which evil slips its hand.
Are we gonna get in trouble for being in here?
Are you and Richard in the same fraternity?
Are you insane? You know my midterm and finals ritual.
Are you okay?
Are you stalking me? Because that would be super.
As a story, I think...
As for me, well...
As smashed as I am, I'm pretty sure that's my room, wasn't it?
As well as our most valued client.
As you're all aware, Van was almost expelled.
At the Hillel House, I broke bread.
At which time I must return to my home country...
Au contraire, mon frères. Girls!
Awesome work, sisters.
Baby, I'm about to culminate. Now, get over here.
Barry White.
Basically, we're saying we won't blow the job, Van.
Basically, we're saying we won't blow the job, Van.
Be happy for both of us. The Richard and Gwen life plan is kicking in.
Because I didn't want the students to know I threw the party.
Because I wanted to cut loose and shake my rump...
Because if word gets out that I read, my reputation
Because Mommy went slumming one night back in college.
Because of her article, everybody wants to have a party thrown by Van Wilder...
Because they love each other?
Because they're compatible.
Because this morning I placed a stop payment on this semester's check.
Because you have the potential to be great.
Because you'll die a lot of times.
Before settling down with my fiancée, Gwen.
Being bad seldom is.
Believing for so long
Besides, babes that fine
Big finish.
Bikini clad judges for a fund raiser? That's pretty ingenious.
Biology, English Lit, Calculus, Economics...
Blue. Brings out your eyes. Kid's got killer eyes, not unlike yourself.
Brilliant, Pearson.
But aren't you glad we did?
But hurry. Interview's in a half hour, other side of campus.
But I believe in you.
But I hear ”milk, I think giant jugs.
But I see that now.
But I think it's crucial we like minded people get to know one another.
But I was wrong. It took a man by the name of Van Wilder to teach me that.
But make sure you see he's raised $5,000 to give the swim team a next season.
But not without a W tonight.
But right now I am prepping for the biggest moment of our lives.
But sadly I don't do interviews. Never have, never will. I do lunch.
But she is just so damn good.
But sometimes guys can do some pretty childish things.
But sometimes you gotta let your heart lead you...
But that would mean one of them would have to be dead.
But we gotta talk, guys.
But you have wasted enough of your time and my money.
But you know what I've learned in my seven years here at Coolidge...
By a pathetic, egomaniacal frat boy...
By all means. Come in, please.
By parting ways as a graduate.
By the way, can you tell me if there'll be any international travel?
Bye. Thanks for coming.
C los, get your ass off my shirt.
Call me nuts...
Cancel my guest lecture at the Wharton School next week.
Carry the two Yes, that's correct.
Casey. I'm just using Gwen's computer.
Cash, Visa and full frontal nudity.
Causing acute achondroplasia...
Come on!
Come on. We got a ball game to win.
Commerce and trade, so forth and so on.
Congratulations, Taj! Your first blow job.
Congratulations, Van. I knew you had it in you.
Coolidge College was established in 18
Could use some extra income.
Crazy kids with their crazy VD.
Created and Encoded by Bokutox of www.YIFY The Best 720p/1080p/3d movies with the lowest file size on the internet.
Crimson and blue for nearly a decade.
Dad, what are you doing here?
Dad! I can't believe you're here.
Damn hot!
Damn it, Gwen, pick it up. I know you're there.
Damn it!
Dear God, that's wretched.
Dear Van
Decorated in early fuck.
Definitely be out of the question unless they all agreed with us...
Delta Iota Kappa rules!
Depression: Is Prozac really the answer?
Desi told me how she and a few of her grad school pals...
Desiree is the foremost connoisseur of chili con carne...
Did you sit behind me two semesters ago?
Dine at just one American pink taco stand.
Do you realize that?
Do you want my hot tub, or should I just give it to Milty?
Does that allude to me being the plain, boring type?
Don't be a fool. Stay in school.
Don't even sweat it, Taj. I've got a plan.
Don't pick at it. Moving on.
Don't sugar coat it, Taj.
Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out alive.
Don't tease me.
Don't thank me. Thank penicillin.
Don't worry about the money. I'll figure something out.
Don't worry, Van. We'll get you out, man.
Don't you? I mean, look around you.
Dope song. What's it called?
Dorsal appendage. Gwen.
Dr. Fine.
Dr. Pearson?
Each article well written and researched by our own Gwen Pearson...
Ease up on the medical terms. Just keep it simple and terrifying.
Easy, sailor.
Either way...
Equals... six?
Even if I tell you it's gonna be on the front page of the graduation issue...
Even if you know it's someplace you know you're not supposed to be.
Everybody just file out in an orderly fashion.
Exactly how much money do you have?
Except that guy.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
Excuse me. Can you tell me...
Excuse me. Where can I find Van Wilder?
External occipital protuberance.
Famine Crisis in Rwanda.
Fill this out. It's a standard payment plan extension form.
Fine. Maybe your friends can pay your tuition.
Finished his written exam in only 20 minutes. This kid is a dynamo.
First, my bitch turns down my proposal. Then she runs into that loser's arms.
Five finals in the can with Professor McDoogle's advanced econ final to go.
For either of you.
For some reason, my editor thinks you're a story.
For the better part of a decade.
For the school newspaper.
For the story.
Forget him. Let's crap in the chapter room and make the pledges clean it up.
Freshman year. I'll get the others.
Freshman year. I'll get the others.
Fries their brain cells, man.
From the sisters of Sigma Theta Tau. Dig in, guys.
Fuck you, Van Wilder!
Fuck you, you you you