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The Godfather: Part III (1990)

The Godfather: Part III (1990)

The Godfather: Part III is a critically acclaimed movie released in 1990, directed by Francis Ford Coppola. It is the final installment in The Godfather trilogy. The film continues the saga of the Corleone family, focusing on the life of Michael Corleone, brilliantly portrayed by Al Pacino.

The story takes place years after the events of the previous films. Michael, now an aging mafia boss, seeks redemption and to legitimize his family business. However, as he tries to distance himself from the criminal underworld, he is drawn back into the dangerous world of organized crime.

The stellar cast includes Diane Keaton as Michael Corleone's ex-wife, Kay Adams, and Andy Garcia as Vincent Mancini, Michael's nephew and protégé. Talia Shire, Eli Wallach, and Joe Mantegna also deliver captivating performances.

The Godfather: Part III masterfully weaves themes of power, corruption, and family loyalty. Its gripping storyline, powerful performances, and Coppola's impeccable direction make it a must-watch film for fans of the franchise.

You can now immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of The Godfather: Part III as you play and download the movie's iconic soundtrack here.

A bastard.
A blood bath in Atlantic City left New York a mess.
A Corleone knows the value of such a friend.
A habit born of a long contemplation of eternity.
A law degree is like taking out insurance.
A two bit punk who works for me.
A very talented man.
A wise and good man... very influential.
According to the Lateran Treaty, the Vatican vote must be ratified here.
Accusations against your Archbishop. It was difficult for me.
After tonight, you won't see me anymore.
Against the Corleone control.
Ah, what bread!
All businesses having to do with gambling.
All my life I wanted out.
All my life I've kept trying to go up in society.
All right, I'll stop.
All right, I'll stop.
All right. You are what you are.
All to make money for the rest of the families.
Alla salute!
Almighty God, bless the insignia of Saint Sebastian the martyr,
Also missing was a large sum of money and several documents.
Although I entrusted your education to your mother for your own best interest,
An old and respected European company.
And cessation of all activities.
And fallen in love with her cousin.
And had been in poor health for the last several months.
And he'll make his operatic debut in Sicily, in Palermo this Easter, so...
And I haven't seen you as much as I would like to.
And I ordered men to be killed.
And I ordered men to be killed.
And is particularly dedicated to the resurrection of Sicily.
And now it is time for us to dissolve the business relationship between us.
And one time Al Neri and other bodyguards took me and Tony away.
And she loves you.
And smile. Don't forget to smile.
And still pressure the Vatican deal?
And that from time to time, we can all see each other at family functions.
And the body cries out.
And the Vatican Bank is the guarantor.
And the Vatican vote is necessary for control.
And then later, you were in danger.
And then you got married.
And this is the reason you've come today?
And told me about the family business.
And you guarantee that they don't deal drugs?
And you know...
And you?
And... I learned it for you.
Anthony... finish the law degree.
Anyway, I remain your loving father.
Archbishop Gilday,
Are you okay?
Arrange a meeting.
As for Don Corleone,
As your family's oldest friend, I'm always chosen to bring you messages.
Ask Altobello to speak to me. To further the marriage.
Bacio la mano, Don Altobello.
Be reasonable. Let's try not to hurt each other.
Because he hires Blacks, which shows he has a good heart.
Because I can't do it anymore.
Because that's America.
Bella cugina... Tesoro mio.
Blessed is the peacemaker, for he can be called the child of God.
Bravo, Don Corleone!
Bring him in.
Bullshit! You deceitful old fuck!
Buona sera.
Buongiorno, signora. At your service.
But a little expensive, wouldn't you say?
But Christ has not penetrated. Christ doesn't live within them.
But I also want to make a move into legitimate enterprises.
But I do have a little surprise. Al?
But I loved him and he was in danger. What could I do?
But I must please the world around me.
But I'm here.
But it's finished.
But the higher I go, the more crooked it becomes.
But the water has not penetrated it.
But these friends used the good name of the Church to feed their greed.
But they say he never fails.
But they still expect good, rather than bad, will happen to them.
But they're unhappy.
But with him out of the picture we must step in.
But you became my horror.
But you're cousins, after all. Michael was always a little old fashioned.
Buy yourself a raffle ticket, maybe you'll win a Cadillac.
By what name do you wish to be called?
Call a meeting, my friend, so there are no debts or grudges.
Calo will pay him a visit at his home.
Can I attach my name to the Vito Corleone Foundation,
Can you get me an interview with Corleone?
Cent'anni! Cent'anni!
Check the bar. I'll check the top floor.
Closer to the center, sir.
Come on outside. Take a rest and don't think about it.
Come on, Michael.
Come on.
Come, let's go and sample some of that old vino.
Command me in all things.
Command me.
Congratulations, Michael. That's quite an honor.
Cut her throat! Right now!
Cut the crap.
Dad, I want this to bring me closer to you.
Dad... Why are you doing this to me?
Descend upon you and remain with you forever.
Did he kill his own brother?
Died last night at 9:40 p.m.
Do it!
Do the donkey for me.
Do you accept your election as supreme pontiff?
Do you hear me?
Do you love me?
Do you remember stories about our fathers? The old days?
Do you swear?
Do you think he's going to let Uncle Michael survive? Would you?
Do you understand?
Do you want to do it?
Do you, Michael, promise to be faithful
Don Altobello tells me that you have a strong character. A man of respect.
Don Corleone,
Don Corleone,
Don Corleone...
Don Lucchesi, my friend.
Don Lucchesi.
Don Vincenzo Corleone...
Don Vincenzo...
Don't do anything. Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open.
Don't dread me anymore.
Don't ever again give that kind of order. Not while I'm alive.
Don't forget to buy your raffle tickets.
Don't hate your father.
Don't let me work for this guy, let me work for you.
Don't spend it all in one place.
Don't worry.
Drop the knife. Drop it!
Drowned. It was God's will.
Due to ill health.
E tu, Vincenzo...
Enjoy the opera.
Enjoy yourselves.
Every family has bad memories.
Everyone says that you control Immobiliare.
Everything will be out in the open if Corleone dies.
Excuse me.
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Father, where are you going? Would you like a ride?
Foolish of me? It's a little foolish of this guy, don't you think? Right?
For centuries they have been surrounded by Christianity,
For money, for pride, for family.
For several years, the bank and its companies
Frederick Keinszig, known as God's Banker”, has been reported missing.
Friendship and money...
Genco Olive Oil. That's where our grandfather started as a delivery boy.
Get everybody to the cars, quietly.
Get off the car! Do you have a raffle ticket?
Get the fuck off this car. I'll break your fucking balls.
Give me a chance to redeem myself...
Give me some time to pray to the Lord.
Give me the order!
Give me the order.
Give up my daughter.
Given for my charitable work.
Gives grants to artists, funds medical research,
Go get us some water, I'm thirsty. Come on.
Go in the other car. I'll ride with Michael.
Go on, my son.
Go on, my son. Go on.
Go on.
Go see Dad.
Go, go, go.
Godfather, this is the cake for you and your family from Enzo the baker.
Good boy, Sackface. Go for a walk.
Good boy. Sit down, I want to talk to you. It was a wise choice. Sit down.
Good. I'm in. What do you need?
Good. Then it's my problem.
Good. Vincent, help me to my bed. I want to talk to you alone for a minute.
Good. You got him.
Good. You will not give, so I'll take!
Goodbye, my old friend.
Hail Mary, full of grace...
Happy birthday. You're 80, but don't look more than 60.
Harmless noise!
Has made an endowment of 100 million dollars.
Has today blessed Michael Corleone. Do you know better than the Pope?
Have been the object of allegations of disreputable business practices.
He can change things.
He controls all of them: Altobello, the Archbishop...
He did the right thing. He got Zasa's name!
He died before I was born, but I've heard a lot about him.
He dips his bullets in cyanide.
He gets the Esquire Magazine award for the best dressed gangster.
He has kept the peace between our Sicilian and American friends.
He is famous.
He is, I admit, an important man.
He makes it very clear to me today that he is my enemy.
He may not survive anyway.
He needs your support!
He should be careful. It's dangerous to be an honest man.
He throws his life away. He throws greatness away.
He was last seen leaving the Rome offices of Vatican owned Immobiliare.
He who builds on the people builds on mud.
He would do anything for me. But his temper...
He'd never believe me.