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Our Brand Is Crisis (2015)

Our Brand Is Crisis (2015)

"Our Brand Is Crisis" is a gripping political comedy-drama film released in 2015. Directed by David Gordon Green, the movie tells the story of a political consultant, 'Calamity' Jane Bodine, portrayed brilliantly by Sandra Bullock. The cast also includes Billy Bob Thornton as her rival, Pat Candy, and Anthony Mackie as Ben, a fellow campaign strategist.

Set in Bolivia, the film follows Jane as she is recruited by a struggling presidential candidate to help him win the election. Operating in a world of media manipulation and political spin, she relies on her unconventional methods to influence public opinion. As the campaign intensifies, the battle between Jane and Candy becomes increasingly fierce, showcasing both their determination and personal demons.

With sharp wit and intense performances, "Our Brand Is Crisis" provides a thought-provoking commentary on the nature of politics and the power of persuasion. The movie's soundtrack, filled with evocative and atmospheric sounds, perfectly complements the intense storylines and characters. You can enjoy and download these sounds by visiting our website.

A big crisis: social, economic, and political.
A father wants his children to be proud of him.
A great man once said,
A leader must be a father to his people.
A long time ago, when, uh, they made you president.
A lot of bad associations.
A man of no experience, an everyman opportunist,
A man's strengths flow from the same well as his weaknesses.
A nuclear holocaust that would just blow up the world.
A president must be sensitive.
A president must travel the whole country, listening to his people.
A source close to Rivera's campaign has said...
A story started circulating
A woman came up to him after a rally one night and said,
Abort it. Abort it. Don't do it. Don't.
About his own candidate's daughter being a coke addict, right?
About the choices facing them.
About the daughter of my own candidate being a drug addict,
ABRAHAM: (IN ENGLISH) Castillo, he wants to bring in the IMF.
According to the story,
Accusing her of, get this, violating election laws.
Actually, we met before, sir.
After carryin' shit for three months and sittin' on my knees five hours a day,
All over her neighborhood in Miraflores.
All right, we can't get comfortable.
All right.
All right.
All right. There's a crisis. There's no time.
All that white collar crap that you cut with a smile
ALL: (CHANTING) Castillo! Castillo! Castillo!
ALL: Salud!
Am I right?
Amazing. Unbelievable.
Among the disenfranchised and hopeless. Okay?
An inherently corrupt system here.
And a voice for globalization.
And apologizing isn't him.
And assume the presidency.
And Calamity is...
And ended that young girl's life, don't we?
And experience is important because the problem...
And get that beating on tape.
And he lies.
And he says, I know. I just wanna hear him deny it.
And he's got balls, and he is the only choice.
And huge controversy.
And I am pissed.
And I don't think that modern democracy
And I'm giving you another shot at the title.
And I'm not gonna be able to get in the damn house.
And I'm not gonna stand here and watch you ruin it.
And I've learned that they show tremendous wisdom
And if anyone has any qualms about this,
And if she messes it up,
And if you look at the...
And if you stare into the abyss too long...
And in the darkness, somewhere in the background,
And it was over. Finished.
And it's about to do a lot more talking.
And last minute surprises will kill.
And let me tell you, Bodine is right.
And like I said, we had a low budget on the effects.
And not empty words!
And not empty words.
And now I'm being very straightforward with you about what I need.
And now I'm gonna be gettin' home at midnight,
And now I'm voting for Velasco.
And now you're getting ready to smear shit all over us.
And our brand,
And pretend like I can take care of every tiny little problem?
And real deep,
And record voter turnout is expected.
And right now you make people feel like you're gonna shoot them.
And Rivera has been doubly blessed.
And she might spill the truth for once.
And Stevenson said, Madam, that's not enough.
And that alone is another fight.
And that includes my mistakes.
And that is why I brought my oppo out.
And that jacket, I tell you, is very nice.
And that you do not think you can fly.
And that's exactly what I was doin'.
And that's final.
And that's what makes you so dangerous.
And that's why I think that
And that's why I'm here today: to say that we have a plan
And the manager said, Nobody's gonna believe that.
And the nasty, terrible things that I've done,
And the third reason you're 30 points behind
And the truth is, it was your son who was a member.
And then I met them.
And then she can have some candy.
And then we do a slow dissolve to you feeding the llama,
And then you give it to 'em,
And then you profit from it.
And then you say, Llamas supply...
And then, if you get that spile in real good
And there's no one at the wheel. I don't know!
And there's pyramids all over and hieroglyphic... Hieroglyphics.
And there's the haphephobia.
And they are extremely complicated.
And wasn't a popular move for him.
And we are going to spoon feed them their Rivera story.
And we are gonna look for ways of using it against him.
And we don't have any say on that.
And we find you, right in the guts of the favelas,
And we wanna grab that brass ring.
And we won't stop until we pass fifty percent.
And what I need from you is for you to use your connections.
And what were you doing in Japan?
And when she doesn't get her way, she makes noise.
And who is this people's person?
And you came and you picked me up.
And you don't think you can fly?
And you regret that it's drawn the focus away from the issues
And you've got 'em turning back to some old guy
And, apparently, she doesn't have a first or a last name either. It's just LeBlanc.
And, well, he's... He's leading the field.
Another fight? Really?
Any idea where that might've gone?
Anyway, enjoy yourself as much as you possibly can.
Apparently some flyers are being circulated
Appeared to be a landslide in the hands of Victor Rivera.
Are you a member of the Cult of the Cosmic Wind?
Are you close to your son?
Are you headin' home? Yeah?
Are you okay?
Are you sure it's from them?
Are you the guy that jumped in front of, uh, Castillo after the debate?
Are you thinking about
Arms slightly away from your hips for empowerment.
As am I!
As deputy of Potosí,
ASSISTANT: I raise him from he was a baby.
At least the Brits don't block the goddamn road.
Attack your enemy where he is unprepared. Appear where you are unexpected.
Bad news for Rivera and Velasco.
Bad, bad boy. You actually are a crook.
Basically, he doesn't relate to the Bolivian people.
Because he believes the same things I believe.
Because he's got the whole package.
Because if we do, you need to tell me.
Because if you defend democracy, you are the voice of the people.
Because if you've got some kind of trick up your sleeve,
Because the poorest people are the people who are going to suffer the most.
Because the problems we face are social and economic,
Because there's only one wrong in this.
Because you've already broken my windshield.
Before a loan request can be put to the executive board.
Ben, how do you pronounce these, uh, indigenous, uh, people?
BEN: Buenos... Buenos días. NELL: Buenos días.
BEN: Buenos... Buenos días. NELL: Buenos días.
BEN: He won. Twice.
BEN: Hey, Jane, get in the car!
BEN: Hey, Jane, the car's comin'.
BEN: If I can finish this, if you look at this last graph,
BEN: It's a presidential campaign in South America, Jane.
BEN: It's time for change. It's their slogan, sir.
BEN: Jane, get back in the car.
BEN: Jane, this isn't safe, all right?
BEN: Jane? Wait. NELL: Oh, Jane!
BEN: Let's do one round. Then we'll leave.
BEN: Looking sharp, Buckley.
BEN: Marco, no! No, no, no, Marco!
BEN: Nell?
BEN: No cliff! No, no, no! No cliff!
BEN: No, no, I know what it is. No, thank you.
BEN: No. Jane, he can't make these promises.
BEN: Pando hasn't come in yet, either.
BEN: Rich, new question. Senator, how do you respond to people
BEN: Rich's process is to get... Wow.
BEN: That's a huge mistake. NELL: Well done, Senator.
BEN: That's good. You win. You win.
BEN: They are in the camel family.
BEN: This makes no sense.
BEN: Trying out the crisis message in the polls, sir,
BEN: Wait, Jane! Jane!
BEN: Well, that's not good enough, sir. CASTILLO: This is all part of the past.
BEN: Where the hell are we, Nell?
BEN: Why'd you make the little girl cry?
BEN: You have to do something to make this guy seem more likable to human beings.
BEN: You win. All right, okay.
Ben! Buckley! Nell! Five points up!
Ben's not gonna fix the Wi Fi.
Blackmail, manipulation, sex, embezzlement, extortion, racketeering,
Bloody coups, tanks on the street.
Bolivia. Very interesting.
Born in Bolivia, raised in America.
Bringing in the International Monetary Fund
BUCKLEY: to this, you know, hippie guru,
BUCKLEY: Do you have any lotion?
BUCKLEY: Great quote. All right, I need a Vicodin. That was awful.
BUCKLEY: I love 'em. They feel good on the skin.
BUCKLEY: I need to get me a pair of those. Amazon?
BUCKLEY: Is there something wrong with her?
BUCKLEY: It's all about extremes in Bolivia.
BUCKLEY: It's gotta feel like you've lost everything,
BUCKLEY: It's his smile.
BUCKLEY: Jane. LEBLANC: Act normal.
BUCKLEY: Jane's got a great ass!
BUCKLEY: Jeez. This thing with Candy.
BUCKLEY: Looks a lot like a camel to me.
BUCKLEY: Marco! Oh, my God! Shit!
BUCKLEY: My condo has got all new clickers for the front gate,
BUCKLEY: My hands are so dry. CANDY: I don't think so.
BUCKLEY: Please call him Senator. NELL: Senator?
BUCKLEY: See you Monday. NELL: Yes, very good.
BUCKLEY: Sir, your car's downstairs.
BUCKLEY: Snuggle up. NELL: Watch the purse, Eddie.
BUCKLEY: That's what's most respectful.
BUCKLEY: They are unisex, though, right? JANE: I have no idea.
BUCKLEY: This is the last thing I need.
BUCKLEY: Those pants, too.
BUCKLEY: Um, you know, I wouldn't.
BUCKLEY: Walk with me.