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Jerry Maguire (1996)

Jerry Maguire (1996)

Jerry Maguire is a critically acclaimed romantic comedy-drama film directed by Cameron Crowe in 1996. The movie tells the story of sports agent Jerry Maguire, played by Tom Cruise, who has a crisis of conscience and writes a mission statement advocating for a more personal approach to his career. He is promptly fired and must rebuild his career from scratch, with the help of Dorothy Boyd, portrayed by Renée Zellweger, and the charismatic football player Rod Tidwell, played by Cuba Gooding Jr.

This heartfelt and inspiring film showcases themes of love, ambition, and personal growth, all underscored by an unforgettable soundtrack featuring artists like Bruce Springsteen, The Who, and Tom Petty. If you are a fan of this movie and want to relive its memorable moments, you can play and download the sounds of Jerry Maguire here.

A crowded restaurant... so there won't be a scene.
A drink, please.
A first down at the 19 yard line.
A football player? I'm a school teacher about to womp your ass!
A little speech before I go.
A lot. We've got a big fax. We need this commission.
A night like this doesn't come along very often. I seized it.
A song for the lovers?
A suggestion for the future of our company.
A tough hit on Tidwell.
A very, very big night.
Act natural.
All I know is that I found someone and he was popular and charming, and not so nice to me, and he died.
All of them ran a distant second to a good book and a warm bath.
All right, I shoplifted the pooty.
All right, thank you, Marilee.
All right, thank you, Marilee.
All right.
All right. Wendy, shall we?
Alone! Alone, alone.
America still sets the tone for the world.
And do you, Dorothy Boyd, take this man to be your husband?
And for the first time, I'm part of something I believe in.
And he sure does like me a lot.
And I can't live like that.
And I don't tell a man who just screwed up, "Oh, poor baby."
And I've got an energy bar. This will keep you up all night.
And it's stronger than oak.
And now, I just...
And then it happened...
And this. The finest cigar my club has to offer.
And we work in a business of tough competitors.
Anybody else would have left you by now, but I'm sticking with you.
Are you Calvin Nack? Can you sign my card?
Are you okay?
Are you sure we want to do this?
Arizona Cardinals. It's the team Rod plays for.
At a time like thls, you just hope his familly is not watching this.
Avery will be at the B gate at 4:15.
Baby, this is us. You and me. We determine our worth.
Be the first man in the family not to say that, and we'll let you live.
Because a hockey player's kid made me feel like a jerk.
Because... I'm back.
Before I go back to Denver, let's put something down on paper.
Blink! Wake up!
Bob Sugar says I'm missing out being with you.
Bob Sugar? He's... entertaining, funny...
Bobbi Fallon, BPI. I'm producing the Coke commercials.
Boo fucking hoo!
Breakdown? Breakthrough.
Breathe, Jerry.
Broke! Broke, broke, broke.
But from second and one they've gone to third and seven.
But I do love you.
But I know that she knows that I was going to propose.
But I still love the enemy.
But it wasn't complete.
But it's not every day you say goodbye to a woman like that.
But let me tell you something about Jerry Maguire.
But mostly, I just want to be inspired.
But no one wants to listen. You know that feeling?
But that's why you love me, right?
But this guy isn't yelling, "Show me the money!"
But those players you mentioned, are marquee players.
But you can see he's got talent and I know the right people...
Call me sentimental, but the fish are coming with me.
Call waiting. Who could be calling me now?
Can you handle it? It's just a question from a friend.
Can you hear me? Do you know where you are?
Can't you be loyal to your brother? Get the hell out of my house!
Carlo, you pay 25% of your endorsements to SMI. I'll take 18%.
Chad... how are you?
Come here. Tell me, let me help.
Commercial! Show me what's wrong with my husband.
Congratulations, you're still my agent.
Cush saves all.
Cush, Matt, we have a decision to make.
Dallas 17, Arizona 14.
Dennis Wilburn is faxing his offer for Tidwell on Thursday morning.
Dennis, I'm asking you... for a favour.
Did I ever tell you about my Reebok story?
Did you know that my neighbour has three rabbits?
Didn't we arrive in a limo?
Do I know everything there is to know here, Matt?
Do whatever you can. Please, Jerry.
Do you know he's broke and working for you for free?
Do you know those child exams cost $150, and that's if he's well.
Do you know your name?
Do you love her...? Don't tell me you don't know.
Do you need a ride? Do you need a lift?
Do you, Jerry Magulre, take this woman to be your wife?
Do your job. Don't you tell me to dance.
Does that make me a bad person?
Dolla makes me holla
Don't be a shoulder for him to cry on, either.
Don't cry at the start of a date, just cry at the end, like I do.
Don't do it.
Don't ever stop fucking me!
Don't leave my little boy alone with your divorced women's group.
Don't make this harder than it is.
Don't panic. We're gonna be okay.
Don't use those. Use the frosted glasses.
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
Dorothy Boyd, you are with the Lord of the Living Room.
Dorothy, while I go look for him, you grab this gentleman here.
Dorothy, your... boss is here.
Dorothy... good morning, darling.
Down he goes for a slx yard loss.
Driving us out to Manhattan Beach. All those tiny streets.
Erica Sorgi. You'll see her ln the next Olympics.
Even the cover looked like the "Catcher in the Rye".
Ever since you've met me, I've been...
Ever, ever... ever!
Everybody cries on this show.
Everything... grew from there.
Finally, somebody said it.
Find out what's gone wrong and fix it .. . alone.
First of all, single mothers don't date.
For a moment down there, you got that chip off your shoulder.
For you, it's a pleasure. This is Cush.
Fuck you!
Function, function... Forward motion is everything.
Get back to the guy who first started playing this game.
Give me a call, Rod. Say hi to Marcee.
Glad. He said glad.
Go ahead and go.
Go back and read what you wrote.
Go kiss Daddy.
Go to Texas. Keep one star, and they'll all follow.
God, Chad...
God, help me.
Good catch.
Good evening, I'm looking for Dorothy Boyd.
Good luck.
Good morning, Jerry. Marcee's here and she's in a hurry.
Good move.
Good, that'll put him to sleep early.
Good! We're just getting started on the things you need to know.
Good. See you there.
Great at friendship, bad at intimacy.
Great at friendship, bad at intimacy.
Great! Did you really need to do this?
Happy for us.
He can't be alone.
He deserves the big four: Shoe, car, clothing line, soft drink.
He had a meltdown. I've talked to Doritos about you.
He just said, "You complete me".
He likes you.
He must go number one in the draft, and I want him to play.
He shouldn't hear a strange man's voice in the house.
He won't hurt him. You've got such a good heart.
He'll either surf or ski.
He's coming over. He just lost his best client.
He's my most important client.
He's not the guy for you. How's your mom?
He's trying to get up. He is getting up.
Hello, Tee Pee.
Hello, Tee Pee.
Hello? Hold on. It's Jerry Maguire.
Hello. You're just the way I pictured you.
Here it is.
Here's a guy who's normally very truculent with the media.
Hey, Dorothy, come here. Ladies and gentlemen...
Hey, it looks like you've got a fan.
Hey, kid, throw the ball.
Hey, old college buddy. Congratulations.
Hey, Rod, how are you doing? How's it going?
Hey, Shannon. Great column this morning.
Hi, baby.
Hi, Jerry.
Hi, Jerry.
Hi, Ray, aren't you supposed to be in bed?
Hi, Ray. Hi, you. I'm double parked, let's go.
Hi... I'm Jerry Maguire.
How do you think it feels firing you?
How you doing, Rod? Tough game.
I ain't gettin' no love from Nike.
I am a role model. I have a family to support!
I am a survivor.
I am a valuable commodity. There's dudes out there trying to kill me.
I am an athlete. I am not an entertainer!
I am fucked! 24 hours ago... I was hot!
I am going to take my one client, and we are gonna go all the way.
I appreciate that. I didn't know if I should write it.
I ate some bad pizza, went to bed and grew a conscience!
I broke up with that loser, and then he started stalking me.
I can be in Indiana by 11:30 Tuesday morning.
I care about the job, of course.
I climbed El Capitan in 18 hours and 23 minutes. I can make this work.
I could be out in five years. What's my family gonna live on?
I couldn't escape one simple thought.
I couldn't hear your voice.
I couldn't laugh about it with you.
I couldn't share it with you.
I decide not to propose. The mood isn't right.
I did a rundown on where you stand financially.
I did this, and at least I can do something about it now.
I didn't ever want to hurt you.
I didn't shoplift the pooty.
I dig that about you.
I do not dance and I do not start pre season without a contract!
I do! I love him, and I don't care what you think.
I do.
I don't believe they taped this.
I don't cry at movies, or gush over babies.
I don't have all the answers.
I don't know if it was drugs, but the guy freaked out.
I don't know...