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Oliver & Company (1988) Comedy

Oliver & Company (1988) Comedy

Oliver & Company is a delightful animated comedy film released in 1988. Set in New York City, it tells the tale of a brave and mischievous kitten named Oliver who becomes part of a gang of street-smart dogs. Together, they embark on a hilarious and heartwarming adventure filled with daring heists and unexpected friendships.

The classic voices of this timeless film include Joey Lawrence as Oliver, an adorable and lovable kitten with a spunky attitude. Billy Joel lends his voice to Dodger, the streetwise and charismatic dog who takes Oliver under his wing. Bette Midler gives a memorable performance as the sassy and glamorous poodle named Georgette. Other notable voices include Cheech Marin as Tito, Dom DeLuise as Fagin, and Richard Mulligan as Einstein.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Oliver & Company with its fantastic cast of characters and catchy musical numbers. If you're looking to relive the magic, you can play and download the sounds of this animated masterpiece right here!

A cat!
A well known enemy of the four legged world.
About sharing those hot dogs?
Accident! Ooh hoo hoo!
Actually, I've got something much better than money.
After you, my little croissant.
Ah. I know you're growing attached to the little fellow,
Ahh, Fagin. Do come in. I'll be right with you.
Aiee hee! Hey, Dodger, man! Do you see her anywhere?
Ain't it great the way it all begins in New York City
All alone in that big house with only his money to comfort him.
All right, all right. I'm coming.
All right, kid. What'd I tell you guys?
All right, knock it off! Enough! What's the matter with you guys?
All right, listen up. We checked it out. All we gotta do is...
All right, Winston. I gotta practise now, kitty.
All right! Check it out! Heh!
All right! Check it out! There you go. Relax, hey.
All right. Get 'im! Get 'im!
All right. There's gotta be some way in.
All you gotta do is learn some moves.
Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ignacio Alonzo Julio Frederico de Tito.
Alonzo, darling, could I see you for a moment... privately?
And do you have any idea whose home this is?
And even when I cross that line
And even when we cross that line
And fetch!
And for ze kitty, the house specialty.
And hightail it outta here.
And how about Tito and Miss Six Time National Champion?
And I think you're in serious need of some professional guidance.
And if you don't bring the money,
And makin'friends
And nine lives, all of them hungry.
And once you got the beat, you can do anything.
And ran toward Bumper barking loudly. "
And someone who loves me.
And the number is three.
And then something caught his eye.
And then, what's what's the last thing you do? You put on the cement shoes.
And you, tubby, off the bed!
And you're uglier than him! And you're Ugly, Part 3!
Are your parents all right?
Aren't you a clever kitty?
As you march off to do your duty,
Aye! Look, just look out the window.
Bearing the brunt of our futile endeavours.
Because Sparky was not that kind of a dog."
Believin'that you're the guy
Body slam! Body slam! Oh, come on, you fool!
Boy, once you get it down
Boy, once you get it down
But But, uh, are you sure?
But do try to understand.
But everything from the doorknobs down is mine!
But he's not the only one out there.
But I don't think you really appreciate the situation.
But I got street savoir faire
But I... I mean, maybe he...
But if you're tough and always use your head
But listen... if you're busy, we can drop by some other time.
But look at the poor thing.
But Sparky would never catch him or hurt him...
But there was a little girl. I just wanna go back.
But we've got street savoir faire
But when all the world says yes
But, wait! Wait. You're not being fair!
But... it's... me
But... it's... me
But... Well, I, I have another home now.
Bye, Mr Fagin, and thank you.
Bye, Winston. Goodbye, Oliver.
Check ya later.
Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on!
Come on, DeSoto.
Come on, let's watch some boxing. I wanna see some action.
Come on, sweetheart. We're late.
Come on, you guys don't scare me. I'll kill you both.
Come on.
Come on. Where you goin'? No! No!
Coming, Alonzo?
Company. Nice doggies.
Cool it, guys. It's just a cat.
Did they use the buffer on it, because I can see myself.
Did you have to fight, man? Did you fight? How many were there?
Didn't order any pizza.
Do you know what happens when I don't see my money, Fagin?
Dodger, razor sharp claws?
Don't ask a mutt to strut like a showgirl
Don't be silly. Just push the door.
Don't come any closer! I knew this would happen one day.
Don't worry, kitty. I'll take care of you.
Don't you think a tin of kitty chow would have sufficed?
Don't you understand?
Dreamin'is still how the strong survive
Eighth and Broadway. The crowds hustling.
Einy. Get outta there!
Every boulevard is a miracle mile
Everything goes Everything fits
Fagin, it's you. Why didn't you say so?
Fagin's not gonna be too happy about this. Francis, you got the food, right?
Fairs are for tourists, kid. Consider it a free lesson in street savoir faire...
Fifty six blue ribbons.
Find a way or not to stay alive
First, we'll spring the kid.
For the con... confer..."
Forever with me
Forget it, DeSoto. We gotta go.
Fourteen regional trophies.
Francis, is the coast clear? Francis!
Francis, Rita, Tito, vamonos!
Francis. Francis. Francis!
Georgette is not going to like this.
Georgette, help me find Oliver.
Georgette, I wouldn't go in there if I were you.
Georgette, something terrible has happened.
Get away from me, you little bug eyed creep!
Get out of my way, Dodger.
Get outta here!
Get outta here. Shoo! Get outta here. Go on, kitty.
Get your sausages. All right, let's go, folks.
Gimme a break. Speak English, Frankie.
Girlie, I'm warnin'ya.
Good grief.
Good night, Oliver.
Gosh! Can I be one too?
Got to look out and open your eyes
Happy birthday dearJenny
He comes at me, eyes burning. I knew my time had come.
He's a spy, man! Come on, let's eat him. You're dead meat, kitty.
He's gonna kill me.
He's not here.
He's probably worried sick about you.
Heh heh! Hey, man, you're ugly!
Here we are. Here we are. Chapter seven. [Clears Throat]
Hey, check it out, man. Beep, beep.
Hey, come on. What we need is some good quality stuff, man.
Hey, get off my back, woman! I'm driving!
Hey, hey, but, wait. I I I don't understand you guys.
Hey, hey, hey! There is a lady present.
Hey, hey, Roscoe. Look what I found.
Hey, I think there's hope for you yet.
Hey, it's a beautiful day, eh? Come on, folks.
Hey, keep it down, guys. The game's on.
Hey, man, check it out.
Hey, man, this stuff is boring, man.
Hey, no way, Dodger, man. I've been barbecued too many times, man.
Hey, Rita, they never laid a paw on me.
Hey, stop hasslin' me, man. I only got one more wire, okay? [Grunting]
Hey, sure he is! He's back with his Uncle Tito.
Hey, Tito, cool it, man.
Hey, uh, Dodger, man, uh, lighten up.
Hey, wait! I helped you get those!
Hey, whoa, kid. Do you think you can handle the champ?
Hey, you're Revenge of the Ugly! [Laughing, Gasps]
Hey! Dog.
Hey! Get off me! Hey! Get outta here. Go on!
Hey! Heigh ho, heigh ho
Hey! That's... Hey, that's him! O Over there.
Hey! You're okay... for a cat.
Hey. "Absitively," kid.
Hey. Hey, Tito. Tito, there's somethin' back there.
Hey. It'd be a snap, kid. I'm an expert at these things.
Hey. When you got your pals, you got all ya need.
How am I ever gonna come up with all that money? [Crying]
How stupid of me. You must be the friends he keeps talking about.
Huh, this place looks pretty nice. I mean, how bad off could it be here?
Huh? Yeah.
I came to find my kitty.
I can improvise
I do feel it! When are we gonna get those hot dogs?
I don't eat cats. It's too much fur.
I don't know; take a look. Maybe he's yours.
I don't think you grasp...
I don't wanna put any undue pressure on you, but...
I don't want your garbage, Fagin!
I got street savoir faire
I got street savoir faire
I have your hearts and you have my pity
I I just wanted some of the sausage I helped him get.
I I saw him come down.
I I'm sure they'll be home for your birthday.
I know. And what kind of a person would steal a poor, little kitty?
I know. My public awaits.
I like cats. I like to eat 'em.
I may not have a dime
I mean, do you even know who I am?
I ransom the kitty, and you get paid in full tomorrow.
I said, push!
I saw DeSoto's nose. Who did that?
I thought I'd never see you again.
I was happy there. Why did you guys take me away?
I was just on my way out.
I was just saying this to your two lovely,
I, um, hope you won't think me rude,
I... I... I followed this dog.
I... thought it was Jenny's.
I'd help you, but I'm kind of busy right now.
I'd like to introduce you to... your dinner.
I'd like to play with him, all right! The little fur ball!
I'll be waiting.
I'll even toss in a little extra for your patience. [Guffawing]
I'll get you! [Groans]
I'll handle that ruffian.
I'm beauty unleashed Yeah
I'm not goin' back there again.
I'm street smart
I'm street wise
I'm sure you two are gonna be the best of friends.
I've been watching you,
I've got an airtight k kitty... plan... plan!
I've got great news. Mom and Dad just said I could keep him.
I've got New York City heart
If it's always once upon a time in New York City
If Mr Sykes don't see some cold, hard cash soon, we are Doberman chow.