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Absolutely Anything Trailer

Absolutely Anything Trailer

Absolutely Anything is a British science fiction comedy film, directed by Terry Jones and released in 2015. The film follows the story of Neil Clarke, played by Simon Pegg, an ordinary Earthling given the power to do absolutely anything by a group of eccentric aliens voiced by the legendary Monty Python members, including Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin, and John Cleese. The cast also includes Kate Beckinsale as Neil's love interest and Rob Riggle as the villainous Grant.

In this hilarious adventure, Neil must navigate the consequences of his newfound abilities, as his every wish, no matter how absurd, instantly becomes reality. Chaos ensues as Neil discovers that having unlimited power is not as fantastic as it may seem.

The Absolutely Anything trailer offers a glimpse into the wacky and imaginative world created by Terry Jones. From outrageous situations to witty dialogue and brilliant visual effects, it promises a delightful and laugh-out-loud experience for audiences of all ages.

You can watch the Absolutely Anything trailer and find more information about the film on reputable movie streaming platforms or the official movie website.

By the power invested in me by the intergalactic council
For Syria, the deficit, Israel and the Middle East,
Give me the body of a great man.
Here are the briefing papers
I can make things happen. Clothes, get dressed on me.
I could solve every problem in the world.
I hereby pronouncing a destruction order on the planet Earth.
I love you, Neil.
I would be able to see Catherine from downstairs.
Let me have a really great body.
Me be president of the United States.
Not that big! Obviously!
Nothing else matters! Even if I wouldn't mind shagging your leg right now.
Oh, my God!
Pretend to be a dumb animal.
To prove he can use absolute power for good...
What the...
Will be pick up random
Denis, speak. Biscuits!
Have you thought this thing through? Dog mess, clean yourself up.
Shut up, Dennis! Shag her, Neil!
The usual test. One earthling
What? Biscuits! Please!