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Howard the Duck (1986)

Howard the Duck (1986)

Howard the Duck is a cult classic film from 1986 that combines sci-fi, comedy, and adventure. Directed by Willard Huyck, the movie stars Lea Thompson, Tim Robbins, and Jeffrey Jones. The story follows Howard, a sarcastic anthropomorphic duck who is accidentally transported to Earth and finds himself in a series of absurd situations. Although the film was not well-received upon its release, it has gained a dedicated following over the years. You can play and download the sounds of this unique film here.

A house in the suburbs?
A thing... Hansen?
A truck? I knew that.
A world almost exactly like ours...
Across a sea of stars! Look up in the sky!
Alien specimens are arriving in laboratory in three minutes.
All I know is I need that laser machine to get me home.
Alright, get the mechanical. We're gonna release the big wave 0.
An evil unlike any you can imagine is about to engulf the Earth.
And as duck climbed up the evolutionary ladder...
And B: How I'm gonna get back?
And he can destroy you and the Earth, everything.
And I brought a pizza.
And I decided to educate myself in the real world, on the streets.
And I'm obviously in some sort of terrible nightmare.
And since you are supposed to be the water expert I asked for...
And that's because B, I've already got a theory.
And, Jenning caught the full force of the blast this time.
And, you're no longer their manager!
Anyway, Howard, I was talking to some astrolo physicists.
Are we like all in the same discussion here?
Are you all right?
At least I thought it was a little kid.
Be gentle.
Because Cora Mae always places her interviewee.
Because there are papers to be written, there's research to be done...
Because, right now...
Beer? Right, beer, right.
Before I get really mad!
Better watch out, he's a master of quack foo!
Bev, get dressed. Aren't you gonna see me off?
Bev, let's be realistic.
Bev? I'm not a real sentimental guy.
Beverly, listen, I never bad mouthed others...
Big, big, baby.
Big, big, big...
But if every hunter could blast 15 of those **** in the sky...
But if that's the way you want it, then so long, ducky!
But is this gonna delay my take off?
But, he would have to leave tonight while the alignment still exists.
But, Howard...
Can I bite your nose off with my super bill?
Can I give you a hand with that?
Can you bend this?
Can't you take a joke? Geez, you broke my head.
Can't you understand? I'm telling you I saw something!
Carry on, Dr. Chapin.
Carter showed me something here once that might do it, if we can find it!
Ciao for now, Howie.
Cigarette lighter? That's really disgusting!
Come on in.
Come on, Bev, run!
Come on, give us a break! Don't close your eyes.
Come on, Howard, I was just kidding.
Come on, let's watch David Letterman.
Come on, Philsey, move! Let's crank her up!
Come on!
Come on.
Come on.
Coming through!
Countless worlds upon worlds. Worlds without end.
Cro Magnon Duck, who ultimately evolves into Howard.
Cue and ready. Cue and go!
Cut it out, Howard.
Dark Overlord, I want you!
Death from the sky to all duck hunters!
Desperate ducks commit desperate acts!
Did you finish cleaning up the specimen lab?
Did you lose something?
Do it!
Do you wish to bring the laser to full power?
Do you wish to bring the laser to full power?
Doc, you're in shock from the explosion.
Don't flutter off in a huff! Beverly, listen...
Don't you think that would be a little conspicuous?
Don't, don't listen to them, Howard. I have got you booked on A.M. Cleveland.
Down here, doll.
Dr. Jenning is in charge of the Astro Physics Lab at Dyna Technics.
Dr. Jenning, I repeat:
Duck kabob!
Ducky, I can't believe this!
Eat claw, duck!
Every duck's got his limit, and you scum have pushed me over the line.
Every school duck knows this stuff!
Excuse me. Getting off. My stop.
Extremely dangerous.
Fly, Howard! Find your instincts. Trust your birdness. Fly!
Fooled you, didn't I?
Four minutes to arrival.
Geez, Howard, it sort of sounds like you sold out.
Geez, I thought I lost you.
Geez, you must be K.C.!
Geez! All this smoke, it's murder on the sinuses.
Geez! It looks like an airplane.
Geez... You're all hairless apes? That's really disgusting.
Get a rock or something and break this window.
Get me down from here! I've done enough flying. Philsey!
Get them out of here! Head for the emergency exits!
Get them!
Gimme that code key. That's my ticket home!
Give her the keys to the cuffs, flatfoot!
Go ahead, say something, dummy!
Go! Go!
God, I can't believe this.
God... Listen, everybody, this is it! I've just seen it!
Goddamnit, Hansen, get in here and get this friggen duck suit off this nut!
Good boy, stay back! Stay back. Oh, boy!
Good night.
Good point.
Goodbye, Duck World. Get outta there. Run!
Got a place to stay tonight?
Goudall the gorillas. I had a duck.
Guess I slipped.
Hands off my feathers! Put me down! Put me down right now!
He begins to develop. Beverly?
He had nothing to do with it. Howard, Howard is just an innocent...
He won't even give us the money he owes us.
He's a duck terrorist! He hijacked the plane!
He's armed. That means he's got a weapon, right?
He's gonna bring down another Dark Overlord.
He's gonna bring down more of his buddies. He's got big plans.
He's my boyfriend!
He's taking her back to that science lab.
Help me! Help! Somebody help me! Please, help me!
Help! Somebody help me, please! Help!
Here. Why not take a shot of New Shorts Blaster?
Here's another one already lift.
Here's couple number three, our lovely Latin dance team...
Hey Phil, don't talk to him like that. He's just as smart as you are.
Hey, another car. No big deal!
Hey, boy!
Hey, buddy, what's the rush?
Hey, come on!
Hey, is he like one of those TV Evangelists or something?
Hey, over here.
Hey, Ricky's back with you again for lots more Dance Frenzy excitement!
Hey, we've got a saying on my planet.
Hey, what about me?
Hey! Shorty!
Hey! That costume don't fool me. No kids allowed.
Hi, honey, this is your mother. Listen, I know you're very busy...
Hi, sorry I missed the show. I came to watch you undress, though.
Hi, there. How are you? Good to see you.
How about hitting my living room? Talk about an invasion of privacy.
How am I supposed to run a class...
How the hell am I gonna explain a manhunt for a duck?
Howard may be a duck but you people are animals!
Howard, I didn't buy that theory either, so I did some research...
Howard, I got arrested at the plant. I'm gonna have a criminal record.
Howard, I was just kinda wondering...
Howard, Jim here. We still set for racquet ball on Saturday?
Howard, quit holding out. I want you to concentrate...
Howard, that's it. Maybe that's why you're here.
Howard, this door doesn't have any handles...
Howard, you have to get into firing range without him seeing you!
Howard! Here!
Howard! Howard!
However, part way through the experiment, there was a deviation and...
I also got him to agree that it was time for him to step aside as your manager.
I am not Howard anymore.
I am now one of the Dark Overlords of the universe.
I can explain how you got here.
I can't believe this planet! Fried eggs. Yuck!
I can't swim!
I could have been a contender.
I don't know who's more desperate for dates, you or me.
I don't know.
I don't need any more of your sympathy, your charity!
I don't understand anything you're talking about.
I feel much better.
I got a feeling you're gonna take to this job like a duck to water.
I got no intention of being stranded here.
I gotta get back.
I guess you must be the girls' manager. And if you are...
I had a group in high school. Howard and the Heartbreakers.
I have developed a greater appreciation...
I heard something about that on the news.
I hurt! Need energy.
I just can't resist your intense animal magnetism.
I just have one giant question. Where am I?
I just wanna know: A: What I'm doing here?
I know it's a drag...
I know my rights. Where's my baseball cap?
I mean, I've never even had any pets or anything, you know?
I mean, my apartment's zillions of miles from here.
I mean, my apartment's zillions of miles from here.
I need a beer bad. Gotta find a waitress.
I need this like I need another tail!
I no longer need human food.
I quit!
I said out of the way!
I suggest you find a new manager.
I think he needs come coffee. Come on.
I think you're all gonna find this very interesting.
I told you, bird brain, I am not Jenning any more!
I wanna know what they're doing with Howard...
I want the girls' money.
I want you to look into the future and tell me what you see.
I was barking up the wrong tree. I knew that.
I will now bring down the other Dark Overlords.
I wrote that.
I'd like a word with those so called scientists out there!