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The Dark Crystal (1982)

The Dark Crystal (1982)

The Dark Crystal is a cult classic fantasy film released in 1982, directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz. Set in a mystical land, the story follows a young Gelfling named Jen on a perilous quest to heal the broken Dark Crystal and restore peace to the world. With remarkable puppetry and imaginative landscapes, the film transports viewers into a mesmerizing fantasy realm.

Captivating performances are delivered by the voice talents of Stephen Garlick as Jen, Lisa Maxwell as Kira, and the iconic Frank Oz as Aughra. The atmospheric soundtrack composed by Trevor Jones compliments the stunning visuals, immersing the audience in the epic adventure.

Experience the enduring magic of The Dark Crystal and relive its enchanting sounds by playing and downloading here.

A dying race ruled by a dying emperor...
A dying race...
A Gelfling alive?
A live Gelfling
A shard of the Crystal
A Shard. A Crystal Shard
A slave
A thousand years ago, the Crystal cracked
A thousand years ago, there was a Great Conjunction
A thousand years ago, this land was green and good...
A tree. My mother puts me right inside, and we...
Ah, there it is
Ah, yes. Essence of Gelfling
All of you, get down!
All right. Alone, then
All right. Together, then
All the secrets
Am friend
Am I supposed to take it somewhere?
Am outcast
And a journey must begin...
And here, far from the castle...
And I can nearly forget everything that happened
And I must leave you
And now, the prophecy...
And our world split apart
And restored the true power...
And sacrifice...
And talk with flowers and all the living things
And that everything must be done before the three suns join in one
And two new races appeared:
And what are those funny marks?
And you are part of it
And you have no time
And, Master, you showed me the whole valley stretching out
Another Great Conjunction coming up
Another time...
Another world...
Anything could happen
Are you a Gelfling?
Are you afraid of me?
Are you Aughra?
Aren't these the people from your memory?
As for the whimpering Chamberlain, return his robes to him
As the first sun climbs to its peak...
As we all are part of each other
At the time...
Aughra holds the Shard
Aughra, what do I do with the Shard?
Aughra? Follow the greater sun?
Away! Away!
Awful. So awful
Bad things happened in here once
Because of the prophecy, we must kill the Gelfling!
Before the three suns meet
Better have your Shard before that, Gelfling
Better when we used Gelflings
Big change
But Aughra knows
But how do I choose?
But how?
But I am friend, save you from Garthim
But I thought I was the only one
But Master, I'm only a Gelfling
But not again in this one
But there is a prophecy
But they were Gelfling...
But today...
But what do I do with it?
But you donít know what to do with it
But you're a Skekses
But, sire, you could drink her essence
By Gelfling hand, or else by none. "
By Gelfling hand? Do you know what that means?
Chamberlain, no. Wait. Stop. You can't
Chamberlain. Chamberlain, get out
Come and look! Such an ugly monster!
Come on
Come on
Come on, Kira
Come on, slaves! Pull!
Come on, then
Come on. Run
Come, we'll show them. Gelflings live with Skekses together in peace
Come. Please
Come. Yes
Crystal bats, fly!
Dangle and strangle to death!
Dear friend, be well
Dear, dear Master...
Dessert! Crawlies!
Do not be afraid. I am here to help you. Yes
Do you want a Shard? Here
Don't be afraid
Don't leave me
Don't move
Donít know
Donít know
Down, down. Fizzgig, no
Easier to send your crab brained soldiers, burn my home!
Enchanting meal
End of Aughra
End, begin. All the same
Essence. Drain her essence
Everything in the heavens is here...
Everywhere I go, I learn the shapes of kindness
Feel the power of the Dark Crystal
Fight them. Fight
Find that Gelfling now!
First Aughra's, then your village
First thing I remember is the kind one
Fizzgig, come on
Follow the greater sun for a day...
For a single piece was lost...
For a thousand years they have ruled...
For the prophecy says...
For this is the way of the Skekses,
For today his master lies dying...
For today his master lies dying...
Garthim soldiers, find the Gelfling!
Garthim, death to Gelfling!
Garthim, get out!
Gelfling, no
Gelfling, you die!
Get back, spithead!
Get down, Fizzgig. Quiet
Get him
Get off!
Get out
Get out there! Move!
Give us the Shard, and you can go tree
Go kill the Gelfling!
Gone! Gelfling gone. Stupid Garthim
Good hit, Lord Chamberlain!
Hail to the new emperor!
Hang on
Hang on, Jen. They go fast
Harder! Pull!
Has escaped, huh?
Have made us whole...
He picks me up. He makes the monsters disappear, and I'd be safe
He saved us from his own Garthim
He shows me numbers and things called words
He'll come, make you crawl, like the worms you are
He's here! Close it, slave!
Heal the Dark Crystal
Hear it almost
Heís nervous
Here he goes
Here, Skekses are watching always. We must go
Here. I'll help you out
Here. This moss'll make it better
Hold her to you
How did you get out there?
How do you say "thank you"?
How else can I make the prediction?
I am emperor!
I am safe
I am still emperor
I can feel something
I challenge
I don't like this
I don't understand
I donít have wings
I donít think anywhere is safe anymore
I fear, to death
I hate your whimper
I have caught her. I bring you the Gelfling
I have told you of the Skekses
I know, but we have no choice
I learn from them all, except there's no one here like me
I like those gray ones that go mushy when you put them on your fork
I love them all, except I need to find...
I miss the other masters with the old, old magic and chants
I never loved them enough
I should've told you these things...
I suffered horrible, searing pain
I thought I was
I thought it went on forever. Kira, watch out!
I want to go back. I smell death here
I was there
I was wounded
I wish I'd never heard of this Shard
I... I have done this
I'll find the Shard
I'll get my eye to you
I'll show them
I'll show you
I'm not a hero, not the way you wanted
I'm not ready to go alone
I'm taking it
If I make peace, am outcast no more
Iím having a bath
Imprisoned within themselves in a dying land
In a blur of forgetfulness
In our arrogance and delusion...
In the age of wonder
In the valley of the Mystics...
Is fulfilled
Is that all you want? A Crystal Shard?
Is that it, Gelfling? You don't know?
Is that the Crystal?
Is that what you want to know?
It always worked...
It is time...
It not, Skekses rule forever