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All right fifty bucks I can hit over the highway
Almost nine o'clock
Alright bye
Alright i'm outta here
Alright i'm outta here I hear that asteroids machine call my name from the game room so peace
Alright so no matter what i'm going to get some money
Alright you make love
Believe me i'm ready
Bring it on
Go back to work
Go to a happy place
Golf requires goofy pants and a fat ass
Ha ha ha
Hang on i'll be right down
Happen it just happened it give it a little tappy tap tap tap a roof
Happy gilmore
He should have been standing there
Headlight up see if you can drive the amazing follow worker guy
Hey I got a hockey record I set my skate off and tried to stab somebody i'm the only guy ever did that
Hey i'm a hockey player but i'm playing golf today
Hey if I saw myself and clothes like those that have to kick my own ass
How about I just go eat some hay I can make things out of clay and lay by the bay I just made what do you say
I fail OK
I gotta go
I'm happy you're more stuff
It is about time I mean I just couldn't get the ball in the whole I wanted to but I did couldn't do it
My name is happy gilmore
Now i'll just beat him now
Oh boy
Oh i'm sorry about that
Oh my god
Oh no no no no no I i got I gotta go
Say my girlfriends dead you know she fell off a cliff and died on impact
That's cool
That's nice of you to say
The price is wrong bitch
Three hundred sixty four more days till next year sachitra
Yeah alright i'll see you guys there
Yeah good call
Yeah nice to meet you man